11 Tourist Attractions in Saint-Malo You Must Visit

Tourist Attractions in Saint-Malo, France

Do you already know about the tourist attractions in Naples? If you have, then this time you should also know that there are several tourist attractions in Saint-Malo which are one of the busiest places to visit in Europe, especially when the holiday season has arrived.

Saint-Malo is a small town in France where there are several famous ones which we have discussed at the same time on tourist attractions in France in the previous explanation. The city is famous not only for being a place with historical value but there are also for natural views that you should not miss which will be the best holiday experience for you and your family.

But before you decide to visit the city, we would like to suggest that you learn some of the important points contained in the travel tips to France. The goal is to help you to get the best, most comfortable vacation, and not experience any obstacles that will take up your time.

  1. La Halte des Plerins

The tourist spot in Saint-Malo that you should visit first is La Halte des Plerins. You need to know that the tourist spot that you are going to visit is more of a place that is specifically designed to welcome every guest who visits Saint-Malo. This is one of the favorite places for foreign tourists.

When you visit La Halte des Pèlerins, you will see how friendly the owner of this place is who will also often provide a little humor or joke to entertain the tourists who come here. One of the things that tourists want when they visit La Halte des Pèlerins is the wine that is specially prepared for the tourists in attendance.

You can taste the wine, both white wine and red wine, although later you will be asked to pay a certain fee. But you don’t need to worry because the price you have to spend is not expensive, moreover you will feel getting friendly service as if you were a visiting king.

  1. Lac des Nations

The second tourist spot in Saint-Malo that you shouldn’t miss is visiting the Lac des Nations. For those of you who are currently in Sherbrooke, you don’t need too long to get here because it is only approximately 3.5 km away. Lac des Nations is indeed famous as one of the tourist attractions with amazing natural scenery.

The best time for those of you who want to come to Lac des Nations is in the spring because you will witness the amazing natural scenery with the cool air. Of course, your vacation here at Lac des Nations will be one of the memorable holidays that you will always remember for the rest of your life.

In addition, in Lac des Nations there are also several places to eat that sell some of the famous foods in Paris, some of which are typical food from France. Guaranteed you will not regret spending your vacation time visiting Lac des Nations.

  1. Sanctuaire De Beauvoir

For those of you who currently want to visit one of the historic buildings in France, then we suggest that you start visiting the Sanctuaire De Beauvoir. This place has indeed become one of the historic buildings in France in general and in Saint-Malo in particular.

Sanctuaire De Beauvoir is a church that in ancient times was used as the only center of worship for the Catholic community.

For those of you who can’t visit Sanctuaire De Beauvoir for religious reasons, you don’t need to worry because you can still capture the moment of your visit here as proof and memento that you’ve visited Sanctuaire De Beauvoir which is one of the historic churches that is in Saint-Molo.

Sanctuaire De Beauvoir is not far from the city center which only takes approximately 20 minutes. Around the Sanctuaire De Beauvoir, you will also find several places that offer natural beauty that you can see from above. We guarantee that you will be addicted to visiting Sanctuaire De Beauvoir because you rarely find tourist attractions that have historical value as well as have amazing natural views.

  1. Mont Orford

For those of you who like hiking or climbing, then we recommend that you visit Tourist Attractions in Saint-Malo. Mont Orford is a hill with amazing natural views that will make you comfortable even though you need more energy because you have to climb it first.

Usually, this place will often be used by tourists who like climbing and exploring while later they can see the sunrise or sunset from the top of the hill. In addition, Mont Orford is one of the locations for romantic tourist attractions which is also not inferior to romantic tourist attractions in Germany, which we previously discussed specifically for you.

Meanwhile, the best time for those of you who want to come to Mont Orford is in the fall because you will see amazing natural scenery with falling leaves so that it will be of special value to capture your vacation moments with your partner. Many tourists take advantage of Mont Orford in the afternoon because they want to watch the sunset view which will make the whole area here turn red.

  1. Mount Pinnacle

For those of you who want to visit tourist attractions that offer a comfortable and calm sensation, then we recommend that you visit Mount Pinacle.

Like Mont Orford, if you want to come here, you have to climb first, but don’t worry because the climb you do doesn’t require a lot of energy or will not make you tired.

Even so, the area to get to Mount Pinacle is indeed quite steep compared to when you visit other tourist attractions so we suggest that you be careful not to experience things that are not desirable. For those of you who don’t want to walk to get here, then you can reach it by bicycle even though you will have to pay a certain fee later.

For those of you who want to come to Mount Pinacle, we recommend that you come in autumn because it will make this place have a better view. The best time to visit is in the afternoon because you will also have the opportunity to watch the sunset. Many tourists take advantage of their moments here by taking pictures or making videos.

Below are some tourist attractions in Saint-Malo that you also shouldn’t miss:

  1. Epopee de Capelton
  2. ASTROLab du parc national du Mont-Megantic
  3. Foresta Lumina
  4. Promenade de la Gorge de la Rivière Magog
  5. Musee De La Nature Et Des Sciences