Strolling the City of Nimes France Where the Matadors Are

Strolling the City of Nimes, France

The city of Nimes is a city in the Occitanie region of Southern France. The city is located between the Mediterranean Sea and the Cevennes mountains. The city of Nimes has a very long history, especially during the Roman Empire when it was home to 50,000-60,000 people. Several famous monuments are located in Nimes, such as the Nimes Arena and Maison Carree. While in Nimes City there are several popular places that you can visit, including:

  1. Amphitheater de Nimes

Arena Nimes is a Roman amphitheater, located in the city of Nimes, France. This amphitheater was built around the 7th century BC and in 1863 it was renovated to be used as a bullfighting arena. This bullring is held every 2 years during the Nimes City Festival, and this place is also often used for other events.

The amphitheater is an elliptical building with a length of 133 m and a width of 101 m forming a ring with 34 rows of seats. The amphitheater can seat about 24,000 spectators and since 1989 the amphitheater has been equipped with a removable cover and heating system.

  1. Maison Carree

Maison Carree is one of the ancient buildings in Nimes, Southern France. Maison Carree is one of the best relics of the Roman Temple found in the former territory of the Roman Empire. The Maison Carree is also a vivid example of Vitruvian architecture.

  1. Carre d’art

D’art Carre de Nimes is a museum of contemporary art and the city’s library. The building is made of glass, concrete, and iron. D’art Carre is also the face of Maison Carree. The Carre d’art was designed by British architect Norman Foster, and the building opened in May 1993.

  1. Park de la Fontaine

Taman de la Fontaine is a public park located in Nimes. There are 2 buildings which are the oldest in this city, namely the Diana Temple and the Magne Tower. Park de la Fontaine was one of the first public gardens in Europe and is still one of the most beautiful gardens today.

Although Nimes is a small town where exploring this city can be done on foot, 1 day is not enough to explore all the places of this city.

To go to the city of Nimes if from Paris can be reached by taking the TGV which takes about 3 hours from Paris Gare de Lyon Station. Travel costs between 20-120 euros depending on the time of reservation and the holiday season. If using the bus from Paris for about 11 hours at a cost of about 15 euros.