5 Portraits of the Most Charming Villages in France, Beautiful Like a Fairy Tale

Most Charming Villages in France

France is always interesting to explore. It’s not enough just to visit the romantic city of Paris, the villages there whose beauty is like a fairy tale are also a pity to miss.

One of the most interesting spots, when you visit a village in France, is the houses of the people. Each house is colorfully painted with flowers hanging in pots on the front wall of the house. There are even some villages that are drained by canals.

Well, to be clear, here are five recommendations for villages in France that are famous for being very beautiful.

  1. Riquewihr

Riquewihr is located in the Alsace region of France. It is about 11 km from Colmar. Riquewihr is famous for its historic old buildings.

Visiting the village of Riquewihr you will be transported back to the Middle Ages. Don’t miss the opportunity to go hiking as you explore Riquewihr’s vast vineyards. You can also see various wine cellars which are located underground.

  1. Eze

The next beautiful village that must be visited in France is ze. The location is not too far from the city of Nice. Just like Riquewihr, coming to the village of ze you too will be transported back to the Middle Ages.

The village of ze stands on a rocky peak overlooking the Mediterranean sea so that it can offer beautiful views that are hard to forget. The remains of ancient fortifications from 12th-century castles can still be found here, one of which is the famous Jardin Exotique castle.

  1. Eguisheim

Located in the province of Alsace, the village of Eguisheim can be reached about 5 km from Colmar. The houses of residents in the village of Eguisheim look very colorful and the front of them are overgrown with various kinds of colorful flowers. The road made of stone is quite narrow and winding. And just like Riquewihr, Eguisheim is also surrounded by vast vineyards.

  1. Mittelbergheim

If after being satisfied with your visit to Riquewihr you want to continue your journey to the village of Mittelbergheim, you have to travel quite a distance, which is 38 km. The village of Mittelbergheim is famous for producing the best wine.

Guaranteed you will not regret it if you visit one of the most beautiful villages. Located right at the foot of Mount Saint Odile, the village of Mittelbergheim offers a quiet, serene, and comfortable rural atmosphere. Even though the location is in a mountainous area, you can still find shops, restaurants, and hotels.

  1. Veules-Les-Roses

Veules-Les-Roses is the oldest village in France and has been inhabited since the 4th century. The picturesque village of Veules-Les-Roses is located on the banks of the smallest river in France called the river Veules. The houses here are made like huts with thatched roofs that make them look charming. The nuances of history still feel very thick. In addition, in the village of Veules-Les-Roses, there is also a small beach, which is flanked by sturdy cliffs.

Those are the five most beautiful villages in France with fairy tale views. Interested in visiting here? Don’t forget to bring your partner, OK?