16 Tourist Attractions in Aix En Provence Favorite by Historians

16 Tourist Attractions in Aix En Provence, France

When talking about world tourist destinations, Europe is a continent that is always busy with tourist sites. This one continent has a lot of tourist sites that will certainly never disappoint. We can enjoy various types of tourist destinations, ranging from a variety of interesting natural tourist sites to locations that have high historical value.

Starting from a variety of shopping tourist destinations that can spoil anyone. to a variety of culinary tourist locations that can certainly make us full. Of the many countries in Europe, France is one country that can be said to be very interesting. A country that has always been a honeymoon destination in Europe.

This time we will discuss tourist attractions in Aix en Provence. A tourist city that has a lot of interesting locations and course it would be a shame to miss it. There are several locations that we can visit in this city, such as

  1. Musee Granet

Musée-GranetThe first tourist attraction in Aix en Provence we will discuss is a museum. The Musée Granet is a museum building located in the Mazarin quartier area which is right in the center of the city.

This museum is one of several tourist destinations in France which is quite famous. There are so many interesting collections that we can find in this museum. As part of the tourist attractions in Western Europe, the name Musee Granet may not be widely known. However, the collections in this museum cannot be taken lightly.

This museum has a collection of various world-famous artists, such as Jean-Dominique Ingres, Rembrandt, Anthony van Dyck, Paul Cézanne, Alberto Giacometti and Nicolas de Staël. Collections ranging from various kinds of sculptures, paintings, and archaeological objects can be found in this museum. The building of this museum itself has a classic architectural style that is very typical of the Middle Ages. For those who like visiting museums, this location is a must-visit.

  1. glise Saint Jean de Malte

Eglise-Saint-Jean-de-MalteThis one building is one of several historic buildings in France. A church that if we draw a line backward has existed since the 12th century. This church has a building style that is very thick with Romanesque gothic nuances this church is the first church in Provance.

Along with historical developments, this church has undergone many changes in function. During the industrial revolution in France, this church was a place to be hunted and a lot of paintings were stolen.

In addition, this church was once a military place at that time. This church stores a lot of objects of high artistic value.

You can find various paintings from famous painters here, one of which is a painting by Eugène Delacroix. In addition to a variety of beautiful and interesting paintings, this one church also has a wide collection of windows filled with beautiful carvings. ha is one of several collections owned by Eglise Saint Jean de Malte. The location of this church itself is not so far from the Musée Granet.

  1. Aix Cathedral

Aix-CathedralThe next tourist attraction in Aix en Provence is a very beautiful cathedral with historical value. Aix Catedral or also known as Cathédrale Saint-Sauveur d’Aix-en-Provence, is a Roman Catholic church in France.

Aix is ​​one of the few historical places in France that has a lot of history. One of the historical values ​​that this city has is Aix Cathedral. The cathedral building itself was first built in the early 12th century but its completion could only be done in the 16th century. However, until the 19th century, the cathedral itself often underwent significant changes.

Several theories state that this church was built on a Roman temple dedicated to Apollo. If we enter the interior of this cathedral, we will be spoiled with a variety of architectural beauty which will certainly be very amazing.

  1. Pavillon Vendme

Pavillon-VendômeAix is ​​one of several historical places in Europe that has a fairly high historical value. There are so many historical relics that we can find in this beautiful city. As one of the tourist cities in France, the name Aix de Provence is a location that would certainly be a pity to miss. If you come to visit, don’t miss one of the tourist attractions in Ais en Provence, namely the Pavillon Vendôme. The building was built between 1665 and 1667 by Pierre Pavillon. One of the things that get the attention of this building is the garden which is very thick with the French formal garden style. This symmetrical garden form is an official design of the garden at the Palace of Versailles.

This one building is a building that has been declared a historic building belonging to France since 1914, while the garden it owns has been the subject of history since 1953. Now this building itself is a very beautiful museum in Aix, a lot of works of art are displayed. we can find in this museum. One of the painters whose works are in this museum is Jean-Baptiste van Loo, a French painter who is quite famous.

  1. Camp des Milles

Camp-des-MillesThis tourist spot in Aix en Provence is one of the locations that have a fairly dark history. This building was first a former ceramic factory. However, what is very concerning is that this building was once a very important concentration camp.

Lots of famous figures were arrested and locked up in this one building. Several well-known figures such as Fritz Brugel, Lion Feuchtwanger, William Herzog, Alfred Kantorowicz, Golo Mann, and Walter Hasenclever have experienced the atmosphere of this concentration camp.

In 2015, this building was used as a new office belonging to UNESCO. This office will serve as a place for research into the Holocaust and the genocide. In addition to being a UNESCO office, this building also functions as a museum with various photos and collections of relics of this camp prisoner.

In addition to the locations mentioned above, there are still several other locations that we can visit, such as

  1. Cezanne’s studio
  2. Knowledge Results
  3. Hôtel de Caumont
  4. Château La Coste
  5. Musée du Vieil-Aix
  6. Fontaine de la Rotonde
  7. Place des Quatre-Dauphins
  8. Place d’Albertas
  9. Foundation Vasarely
  10. Parc Jourdan
  11. Gallifet Art Center

Those were some of the tourist attractions in Aix en Provence that you can visit. We can find many tourist sites that have high historical value in this one city. Various art relics that are neatly stored in the existing museums are indeed very interesting for us to observe and visit. Hopefully, the information was useful.