10 Portraits of Plateau de Valensole, Stunning Lavender Fields in France!

Plateau de Valensole, Stunning Lavender Fields in France

In addition to the Eiffel tower, France also has another charm that is no less alluring, namely the lavender fields whose beauty is very charming. These tens of hectares of lavender fields are very beautiful and instagrammable, perfect for those of you who like to take selfies.

You must be familiar with Plateau de Valensole because various portraits have been captured by tourists in various parts of the world. So, to know more about this beautiful field, let’s continue reading below!

  1. This purple sea of ‚Äč‚Äčlavender flowers is located in the city of Provence, France. This city is like a piece of heaven that spoils the eyes!
  2. Not only beautiful but you will also be served with the scent of lavender flowers that evoke a sense of peace and calm the soul
  3. If you are lucky, there will be a beautiful sunset dish that will make you chuckle in awe of its beauty
  4. There are so many cool locations that you can use to beautify your Instagram feed with your loved ones, one of which is this heart-shaped tree!
  5. France is known as the most romantic place. Not only the Eiffel tower, but this lavender field is also often used as a peaceful and aesthetic prewedding location!
  6. The view of lavender fields when viewed from a height, its beauty is like a fairy tale!
  7. The local community also organizes festivals and tours of lavender fields that are in full bloom from July to August. You will find various products from locally made lavender flowers
  8. Lavender flowers are used in the manufacture of cosmetics, and perfumes, and even processed as a spice in local restaurants, lavender flowers are even called the soul of the city of Provence!
  9. You can enjoy the beauty of this lavender field by bicycle, car, or on foot while inhaling its soothing aroma
  10. You can also invite your loved ones to this romantic place together, to carve memories and enjoy its beauty together and immortalize it in a portrait

Those were 10 beautiful portraits of lavender fields in the city of Provance, France. It’s a beautiful joy. How are you ready to pack up and visit here? Happy holidays!