10 Captivating Portraits of Colmar, a City like Venice in France!

10 Captivating Portraits of Colmar, France

Venice is a city in Italy whose popularity is worldwide. The city, dubbed the City on the Water, has water canals complete with gondolas passing by it. Homes, restaurants, and shops also surround Venice’s water canals.

Eits, who would have thought that France also has a city like Venice in Italy? This is Colmar, a small town in France filled with beautiful traditional buildings. This city has a Little Venice area complete with water canals, you know! Come on, take a look at 10 beautiful portraits of Colmar!

  1. Colmar is a city located in Alsace, northeastern France
  2. This city of 67,000 inhabitants is thick with a typical French rural atmosphere
  3. Even though it is located in France, Colmar has a residential area like Venice with the name Little Venice, you know!
  4. The water canal with passing boats surrounded by half-timbered houses is reminiscent of the Italian city of Venice
  5. Colmar also has a unique building called the House of Heads, a hotel and restaurant decorated with 106 carved heads on its facade
  6. This is the Maison Pfister, a renaissance-style building that is almost 500 years old and includes a historic building in Colmar
  7. Colmar is dubbed as the wine capital of Alsace due to the many vineyards and famous winemakers in the city
  8. Visit the Unterlinden Museum, a medieval monastery that houses a historical collection dating back 7,000 years
  9. Want to shop for groceries? Visit Covered Market, a traditional brick-walled market that dates back to 1865
  10. Spend your time relaxing and visiting the cafes, boutiques, and shops that dot the streets of Colmar

Wow, it turns out that Colmar is no less beautiful than Venice, huh! Besides Little Venice, this city also has other beautiful tourist destinations that you can go to. After the pandemic is over, Colmar can be one of your vacation destinations, here!