The 7 Best Landmarks in Reims, France that You Must Visit

Reims is a city in France that is located in the north and is the largest city in the Marne department. The city with a population of more than 180 thousand people is known as one of the main cities in France and has been around since the 19th century.

This city is also known as one of the historical cities and was the main city during the Roman Empire in France. It is not surprising that Reims has a variety of stunning historical landmarks and buildings and has been designated a UNESCO Cultural Heritage.

For those of you who want to travel to France, especially Reims, your vacation is not complete if you haven’t visited some of the following landmarks in Reims.

  1. Palais du Tau

One of the main and must-visit landmarks in Reims is the Palais du Tau or Palace of Tau. This palace building was founded in the 6th century and became one of the residences of the King of France and is located near the Notre Dame Cathedral.

This building is also very unique because it presents a very distinctive Baroque architectural form. Unfortunately, this palace was destroyed by a fire in 1914 and was only renovated after the end of World War II.

  1. Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral is one of the main landmarks in Reims which served as the main venue for the coronation of the King of France. This Catholic church is the main and largest church in Reims which has been built since the 13th century AD.

This cathedral can indeed be regarded as the main building in Reims that must be visited because it has a unique shape and Gothic architectural style. The uniqueness of this building can also be seen in its two towers which are filled with intricate ornaments.

Meanwhile, this building was damaged due to the impact of the outbreak of World War I. However, in the 20th century, this church was renovated again while maintaining its architectural form.

  1. Porte de Mars

Porte de Mars is a historical monument located in the center of Reims City. This building is a relic of the Roman Empire which has been included as a cultural heritage since 1840.

The building, which is named after the Roman god Mars, is thought to have been around since the 3rd century AD. This monument is a gate that has a height of 13 meters with a width of 33 meters.

  1. Basilique Sainte-Clotilde

The Basilique Sainte-Clotilde is a historic church building that has been erected in 1896. Meanwhile, the building for the Catholic worship place in Reims has a very unique architecture by presenting the Neo-Byzantine style on its facade.

The construction of this church was carried out to coincide with 400 years of the coronation of King Clovis. An architect named Alphonse Gosset was credited with building this church. He is best known for designing the Grand Théâtre in Reims.

  1. Place Drouet-d’Erlon

Place Drouet-d’Erlon is an open field located in the center of Reims, France. This square is quite famous and is a major landmark in Reims because there is the Fontaine Subé monument located right in the center.

Besides being able to witness the splendor of the Fontaine Subé monument, visitors can also do various activities here. The reason is, that this field is right in the middle of a commercial area and beautiful buildings typical of French architecture. Suitable for those of you who like to walk in several places at once.

  1. Musee Saint-Remi

Next is the Musée Saint-Remi, formerly the Abbey of Saint-Remi, which is not far from the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Palais du Tau. This building is known to have been used since the 17th century and was successfully included as a UNESCO Cultural Heritage since 1991.

Although it was once used as a place of worship, it now functions as a museum of archeology and art in Reims. In addition, this museum also stored various kinds of relics of the city. Lovers of culture and history will feel at home for long here.

  1. Opera de Reims

Lastly, there is Opera de Reims. The landmark is an old building that is still in the vicinity of downtown Reims. This building has been around since 1873 and was designed by the French regional architect, Alphonse Gosset, in collaboration with Narcisse Brunette.

This building is still used as a venue for concerts, theater, and other artistic performances. This Italian architectural style building has a capacity that has been enlarged from 100 to 1,200 seats. While the facade of the Opéra de Reims is known to fully adopt the Neo-Classical architectural style. However, the decoration of this building adopts the very popular Art-Deco style.

After reading this article, surely you will know the main landmarks in Reims which are too bad to pass up. In your opinion, which of the seven buildings above would you like to visit first?