5 Best Destinations in La Rochelle France, Presents the Charm of History

France is indeed one of the big countries in Europe that has a long history and still exists to be one of the countries to be reckoned with in the world. Therefore, many historical places in this country are interesting and present a certain story.

One of the cities that are also interesting to visit is La Rochelle which is located in the north and has direct access to the Atlantic Ocean. This city has a variety of beautiful ancient buildings and it’s a pity to miss.

Well, for those of you who are planning to visit France, then you should check out some of these historical tourist destinations in La Rochelle.

  1. Old Town of La Rochelle

The Old Town of La Rochelle or Vieille Ville is one of the favorite places for tourists, which is located in the city center. Various historical buildings are presented in this place, with various architectural forms that are typical of France. One of the interesting buildings here is the City Hall building, St Sauveur Church, and many others.

In addition, it is located in the center of the city making it easier for tourists to visit while seeing the various cool buildings. And there are various kinds of restaurants, hotels, and other facilities that can be visited around this area.

  1. Vieux Port

Vieux Port is also a must-visit historic site in La Rochelle, which is not far from Vieille Ville. This place is an old fishing port that forms a fairly wide bay. Interestingly, to go to this place, you will be greeted by two ancient medieval towers, named Chaîne Tower and St Nicolas Tower.

In addition, to go to this port area can not be passed by motorized vehicles, and can only be passed by pedestrians or bicycles. So it’s fitting to enjoy the atmosphere of the harbor with the ocean and cool old buildings.

  1. Bunker La Rochelle

Next, there is another interesting place that must be visited, namely, the La Rochelle Bunker which is located in La Pallice which is located in the city center. This building is a bunker left by Nazi Germany that was used by top Nazi Navy officers and sailors on U-Boot ships.

Currently, this place is used as a museum containing dioramas of the Nazi Navy soldiers in La Rochelle. And there are various relics in the form of weapons, uniforms, and others belonging to Nazi soldiers.

  1. Musee maritime de La Rochelle

The Musée maritime de La Rochelle is located south of the Vieux Port and uses a white ship with the French flag on it. This museum is very interesting because it presents various collections about the history of La Rochelle Harbor.

Formerly the port of La Rochelle became one of the main ports in France to transport passengers who wanted to go to America or Africa.

  1. La Rochelle Cathedral

Finally, there is La Rochelle Cathedral, which is located in the downtown area and has become an ancient building that has been included in a national monument since 1906. This Roman Catholic Church was first founded in 1648 but was hampered by many problems until it started again in 1742. The architectural form of this building is so unique with a beautiful Neoclassical style.

So, that was a series of historical tourist attractions in La Rochelle which serve up cool ancient buildings that can’t be found anywhere else. Where do you want to visit first?