5 Most Crowded Tourist Attractions in Lille-France, Interesting!

Tourist Attractions in Lille, France

Lille is a city located in the north of France, which can be an alternative for the next tourist destination. The fourth largest metropolis in the country is certainly very interesting to visit.

The area is complete with interesting buildings of various colors that are certainly very eye-catching. Here are five tourist attractions in Lille-France that you must visit. Nothing to lose, okay!

  1. Old Stock Exchange

The Old Stock Exchange is a tourist destination located between the Place du Général-de-Gaulle and the Place du Théâtre. This place is significant because it served as a place of commercial exchange from 1653 and also still has a role to play in Lille’s life.

The inner courtyard is lined with new and used book stalls and florists. This place is a stunning building and visitors can also enjoy a variety of dishes in the restaurants located in the vicinity. The location is also interesting for sightseeing and for collecting some antiques to take home.

  1. Vieux-Lille

If you are a fan of the Old Town, then Vieux-Lille is one of the best places to visit. Visitors will love walking on the cobblestones while watching the red brick buildings.

The location is dominated by restaurants, bars, and boutiques. Tourists can also visit the City Museum and Notre Dame de la Treille Cathedral which is the main attractions. The location is also an ideal place to visit on a sunny day when you want to shop, enjoy local and international dishes, or simply enjoy the charms of Vieux-Lille.

  1. Lille Zoo

Lille Zoo is an ideal location for those who love animals. This place can also be a place of entertainment for children who are curious about various animals, such as rhinos, parrots, zebras, frogs to snakes.

Even though the zoo is not that big, it is still one of the tourist destinations that should not be missed while in Lille. Seeing the behavior of animals, of course, can be entertainment for some people.

  1. Grand Place

Every city usually has a square where many people relax. Lille also has the Grand Place which is a large square and makes for an amazing place to visit any time of the day.

The location is surrounded by cafes and restaurants as well as shopping malls. Visitors can also see the stunning old buildings in various colors or sit back and relax by the fountains.

  1. Palais des Beaux Arts

For those who want to have fun while learning about the history of the city, then you can visit the Palais des Beaux-Arts. This is a city museum dedicated to modern art as well as antiques. It is also one of the largest art museums in France which is worth visiting.

The building is beautiful and features an amazingly eclectic collection of paintings and sculptures. There is also a plaster map in the basement which is worth checking out.

All sections of the museum are well organized and visitors can refer to the short descriptions of each work in French. For those who cannot read the language, there is an audio-visual guide that can be taken from the multimedia section.

Lille, which is a metropolitan city in France, has a variety of uniqueness and undoubted beauty. There are many best spots in various corners of the city that you must explore while on vacation there. Interesting right?