18 Interesting and Instagrammable Tourist Attractions in Avignon, France

1Interesting and Instagrammable Tourist Attractions in Avignon, France

The European continent is one of the tourist sites that can be said to be quite famous among the world community. This one continent always has something that can attract everyone’s attention. We can find various things in every country in it. However, one thing that is quite interesting is about several tourist attractions in Europe that are quite famous.

Europe is indeed one of the most important tourist destinations in the world. Every day a lot of foreign tourists who come to enjoy the beauty of this continent. There are many people who say that at least come to Europe once so you won’t regret it. This one continent does save a lot of amazing beauty.

Of the many tourist sites and countries in it, basically there are several locations that we can visit. one of which is several tourist attractions in France, this city is indeed quite interesting with its beauty. What we will discuss this time is closely related to this country, namely regarding some of the tourist attractions in Avignon. There are several locations that we can visit such as

  1. Palais des Papes
    Palais des Papes Tourist attractions in Avignon which we will first discuss is one of the most famous tourist sites in France. In fact, this one castle is one of the most beautiful castles in Europe located in France. At the beginning of its construction which was carried out in 1252 was a castle that was used as the residence of the Pope. For those who don’t know that there are periods that state that Pope did not live in Rome or the Vatican.

However, prefer to stay in Avignon. Until finally the Pope returned to the Vatican, and the Palais des Papes was then left behind. The castle is thick with a Victorian gothic atmosphere in its time to have a very big influence. Now this one building has become a UNESCO World Heritage site.

With the historical value in it, it is not surprising that this tourist area has become very famous. This castle stores various types of historical objects that are closely related to the reign of the Pope in France.

  1. Avignon Cathedral
    Avignon CathedralAvignon is one of the most beautiful churches in Europe which is quite famous. Of the many tourist attractions in Avignon, then one of them that we can visit is Avignon Cathedral or which in French is called the Cathédrale Notre-Dame des Doms d’Avignon. The cathedral building itself adopts the Romanosque architectural style of the building. In addition, this church was built in the 12th century, with various changes and renovations made to this day.

This church building does have a different beauty than the others. If we enter, we will be greeted with a room dominated by gray, which seems to add to the majestic and special impression of this room. although it is still often used for worship, the Cathedral remains an attractive destination for sightseeing.

  1. Musee Requien
    Musée Requien As one of the tourist cities in France, it is not surprising that Avignon has its own uniqueness. One of the unique things that we can find is a museum called Musée Requien. As one part of the tourist attractions in Avignon, this museum is indeed different from the others, especially regarding some of its collections. This museum can be said to be a museum that contains various things related to botany. Various works belonging to famous botanists in France, such as Jean Henri Fabre can be found here.

This museum does not only offer a beauty to the visitors who come. However, they also offer knowledge and knowledge that is quite interesting. The museum area itself can be a suitable and appropriate location for traveling while studying, especially if you come with your family.

  1. Tour Philippe le Bel
    Tour Philippe le Bel As one of the few historical places in the world, it is not surprising that the Avignon area has many historical sites. One of the historical sites that is also a tourist destination in Avignon is the Tour Philippe le Bel. This building is a monument that is used as a boundary. Its position on either side of the Rhine was used to separate the area controlled by the French Empire and the area controlled by the papacy.

The construction of this monument itself was carried out on orders from Philip IV. The construction of this tower was carried out from 1292 to 1303. During the French Revolution, many buildings were abandoned, and some parts of this tower complex were destroyed and torn down. Now this building is one area that is quite dancing to be visited and sought after by tourists.

  1. Pont Saint Bénézet
    Pont Saint BénézetFor those of you who don’t know, Avignon itself has been named as one of the few romantic places in France that is always crowded to visit. One of the tourist attractions in Avignon that can be categorized as romantic is the Pont Saint Bénézet. This one building is a bridge that has stood since the Middle Ages. At the beginning of its construction in 1177 to 1185, this bridge is made of wood that crosses the Rhine. However, the bridge was destroyed during the Albigensian Crusade.

Then in 1234 the bridge was rebuilt, but using the main material of stone which is much stronger and sturdier. This bridge has now become a world heritage site designated by UNESCO in 1995. Now this bridge is one of the most famous locations as a place for pre-wedding photos in Avignon. Some even say that it feels incomplete if visiting Avignon without coming to this location.

In addition to some of the tourist sites mentioned above, there are still other tourist locations that are no less interesting, such as:

  1. Jardin des doms
  2. Musée du Petit Palais
  3. Place du Palais
  4. Fort Saint-André
  5. le de la Barthelasse
  6. Halles d’Avignon
  7. Musee Calvet
  8. Musee Angladon
  9. Avignon city wall
  10. Frigolet Abbey
  11. Musée lapidaire d’Avignon
  12. Lambert Collection in Avignon
  13. chartreuse Notre Dame du Val de Bénédiction

Those were some of the tourist destinations in Avignon that you can visit. each of these tourist sites will certainly provide an interesting and different experience than the others. surely everything will be very satisfying your vacation. I hope this information is useful