5 Destinations in Montpellier France, Make Your Vacation So Cool

Destinations in Montpellier France

As one of the countries on the European continent that is a destination for tourists from various parts of the world, France is home to very beautiful and beautiful cities such as Paris, Lyon, to Marseille which are one of the tourism centers in the country.

However, you need to know, that there is a city in the south of France called Montpellier. Although not as popular as the three cities above, the charm of this one city is also worth emphasizing. The reason is, that Montpellier has a variety of interesting and exciting tourist destinations, which of course are rich in historical value.

What are some popular tourist destinations in the City of Montpellier? Come on, see the following review.

  1. L Cusson

L Cusson is the historic center or can be said as the old town of the Montpellier region because it is filled with very classic medieval buildings and is one of the main attractions of the city.

The old town also has several small alleys that connect several other destinations in the City of Montpellier. However, never forget to read the directions and don’t be shy about asking questions. Although beautiful, the alleys are like a maze where you can get lost at any time.

  1. Fabre Museum

The museum, which was built with funds raised by artists from Montpellier in the 1820s, is now one of the most interesting museums with a collection of more than 800 works.

These works came from the top artists from France at that time, such as Frédéric Bazille to Pierre Soulages. The collection of paintings and sculptures displayed in a baroque style is guaranteed to amaze anyone who visits the Fabre Museum.

  1. Promenade de Peyrou

Located west of the old walls, the Promenade de Peyrou is a large square that is now a square. This place was built during the reign of King Louis XIV when construction was stopped due to riots and was completed in the early 18th century.

In the middle of the Promenade de Peyrou, there is a statue or historical monument of King Louis XIV depicted riding a horse. The statue itself was built in 1828 to replace an earlier statue that had been melted down into a cannon.

  1. Place de la Comedie

Place de la Comédie is one of the most popular and popular areas in Montpellier. Located next to the old town of Montpellier, this area has many cafes, restaurants, and shops that make it like a market.

You can also see a fountain in the middle of the old Place de la Comédie building. The fountain, which was built in 1790, has a statue in the shape of the goddess Kharites from Greek mythology, which symbolizes the city of Montpellier itself.

  1. Montpellier Cathedral

Montpellier Cathedral was formerly a Chapel or Monastery until the diocese of Maguelone was transferred to Montpellier during the reign of François I. The cathedral has also survived the damage caused by the Interfaith Wars in France in the 16th century.

The charming Gothic style of this cathedral is equipped with a magnificent entrance and decorated with two pillars with a diameter of 4.5 meters making Montpellier Cathedral one of the most beautiful places of worship in France.

Those are some of the best destinations in Montpellier, from the old town to monuments, to places of worship, all of which exist and are witness to the history of the city. Interested in visiting it?