10 Beautiful and Cool Tourist Destinations in Bordeaux France, Stunning!

Top Tourist Destinations in Bordeaux, France

If you hear the word France, surely what comes to mind is the city of Paris with the beauty of the Eiffel tower. However, there is a city in France that is no less beautiful, you know! The city is called Bordeaux, the sixth largest city in France.

Located in the southwest of France, Bordeaux is famous for its wine, so there is a wine museum, you know! Well, not only the wine museum but there are also some other cool and interesting destinations in Bordeaux. Come on, see the reviews!

  1. La Cite du Vin

Wine fans aka wine must visit this place, you know! La Cité du Vin is a wine museum that will take you into the world of wine production, wine history, and of course the various types of wine. There is also a multifunctional building that can be used as an exhibition or show venue.

  1. Place de la Bourse

Place de la Bourse is an icon of the city of Bordeaux. Its splendor managed to bring it to the UNESCO World Heritage List. Built-in the 18th century, the construction process of this building took 20 years, you know! This magnificent courtyard complete with a fountain is framed by the Hotel des Fermes and the Hotel de la Bourse. Very Instagrammable!

  1. Bordeaux Cathedral

The European continent is famous for its many magnificent cathedrals with luxurious classical architecture. This cathedral with gothic architecture is a Catholic church in Bordeaux. Not inferior to Place de la Bourse, Bordeaux Cathedral is also included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

During the time of the French Revolution, the cathedral had its tough times and much of its decorations were stripped. Until now, many of the decorations in this cathedral come from other buildings.

  1. Bordeaux Botanical Garden

If you want to enjoy a beautiful natural atmosphere, Bordeaux Botanical Garden is the right choice! The garden has six different sections and each section has a different collection of plants. In this garden there are more than 3 thousand species of plants and also more than 85 thousand species of plants in the herbarium, you know!

  1. Musee d’Aquitaine

If Paris has the Louvre Museum which is famous for its Monalisa paintings and magnificent architecture, Bordeaux has the Musée d’Aquitaine which is no less beautiful! Extensive galleries containing relics and relics dating back nearly 30,000 years are ready to welcome you to the Musée d’Aquitaine. Stone carvings, gold coins, treasures, and many other collectibles will amaze you.

  1. La Base Sous-Marine

La Base Sous-Marine was once a giant submarine used during the second world war. Previously, these submarines were used as bunkers to protect German ships from air attacks. The strong concrete structure and beautiful sea views are the main attraction for visitors to travel to La Base Sous-Marine.

Today, it is used for exhibitions, music concerts, operas, and other events.

  1. Jardin Public

The combination of magnificent 18th-century buildings, gardens, shady trees and ponds is indeed very beautiful. You can find the perfect mix at Jardin Public. Founded in 1746, this location has become one of the favorite places to relax, jog, or just walk and enjoy the beauty of the gardens and classic buildings.

  1. Victory Square

This place can be called the heart of Bordeaux. Starting in the 18th century, this area is now full of shops, restaurants, and bars that are perfect for spending your day in Bordeaux. In addition, Victory Square is also often used for outdoor themed concerts and shows.

  1. Rue Sainte Catherine

For those of you who like shopping, you can’t miss Rue Sainte Catherine! This 1.2 km long street is the main shopping street in Bordeaux. Along the way, you can find many shops in classic buildings on your right and left.

If you want to visit Rue Sainte Catherine on the weekend, be prepared to be jostled with many other visitors!

  1. Place des Quinconces

This 12-hectare square is the largest in Europe, you know! Place des Quinconces is often used as a venue for shows, concerts, circuses, and some other events. One of the distinctive buildings in this place is the Monument aux Girondins which is a fountain complete with typical European statues on it.

The list of tourist attractions above makes you even more impatient to visit France!