The 9 Best Nature Destinations in France

Best Nature Destinations in French

Being a favorite country for travelers, France offers a lot of interesting things that can be enjoyed by its tourists. Many of you may imagine France only with the Eiffel tower, or perhaps its fine art and culinary galleries. This country has more charm than that. Here, you can find truly amazing natural beauty.

From the scent of lavender fields in Provence to the splendor of the Alpine Peaks in Chamonix, the following series of destinations are worth a visit. And for sure, these places will satisfy your adventurous spirit. To find out what the place is, just take a look at the following summary.

  1. Gorges du Verdon
    Nicknamed the “Grand Canyon of Europe”, Gorges du Verdon is a canyon with spectacular views located in Provence, France. With a length of about 21 kilometers and a depth of 700 meters, this canyon has been named one of the largest canyons in Europe.

There are many ways to enjoy the view of this place. To get a wider landscape portrait, you can take a hike. However, if you want a different perspective, you can explore this place by kayak or canoe along the Verdon River.

  1. Dune du Pilat
    Did you know that the highest dunes in Europe are located in France? Yup, this is a fact, you know. The dune is Dune du Pilat or in English called the Dune of Pilat.

As reported by France-Voyage, the dune is estimated to have a height of between 100 and 115 meters, a length of 2.7 kilometers, and a width of 500 meters. At this height, you can enjoy the stunning landscape from the top, which includes expanses of ocean, expanses of pine forests, and more!

  1. Iles Lavezzi
    Your journey is not complete without experiencing the exotic sensation of the Mediterranean Sea. Iles Lavezzi is one of the spots in France that offers this sensation. Situated on the Bonafacio Strait, Iles Lavezzi is a collection of coral and granite islands that offer paradise-like views.
  2. Camargue
    Camargue is the perfect spot for tourists who want to experience the sensation of the wild firsthand. With an area of ​​about 930 square kilometers, the Camargue is the largest wetland area in France. In this place, you can find about 540 species of vertebrates, which include fish, birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians.
  3. Lavender Fields in Provence
    France, apart from being synonymous with Eiffel, is also synonymous with the beauty of its lavender fields. When spring is at its peak, from mid-June to mid-July, Provence is filled with the sweet scent of lavender flowers blooming in the fields. When viewed from above, this place looks like it is enveloped by a giant purple carpet.
  4. Mont Blanc
    If you go to France, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the splendor of the Alps’ highest peak, OK? Yup, Mont Blanc, which in Indonesian means “White Mountain” is the highest mountain in the Alps. As reported by WorldAtlas, this mountain is on the border of two countries, namely Italy and France. The northern part of this mountain area passes through Argentiere, Chamonix, and Les Houches in France.
  5. Lake Annecy
    Lake Annecy or in French referred to as Lac d’Annecy, is a lake in France located in Haute-Savoie. This lake is the third largest lake in France, with a maximum depth of 82 meters and an area of ​​​​about 27 square kilometers.

In addition to the lake, the view of this place is also dominated by the beauty of Mount Tournette around it. There are so many activities you can do in this place. From water sports, to simply strolling around Annecy Town while enjoying a warm croissant, it’s all fun.

  1. tretat
    This is one of the beauties that you should not miss when visiting France. tretat, a commune located in Normandy, is famous for its limestone cliffs that have an unusual formations.

It’s so unique and beautiful, that some famous artists, such as Monet and Boudin, made this location the object of their paintings. This place is also the perfect spot to relax, fish, and take walks while enjoying the sunset.

  1. Cascades du Hérisson
    After discussing lakes, beaches, mountains, and rivers, it doesn’t feel right if you haven’t discussed waterfall tourist spots. Yup, this last tourist destination is a tourist spot consisting of seven series of waterfalls. This spot is Cascades du Hérisson, located in Jura, France. The view of the waterfall in this place is very impressive, so it is very suitable as an object of photography.

How, does France turns out to be that awesome, right? Don’t forget to note the row of natural tourist destinations above. So that it can be a reference when you travel to France later.