27 Romantic Places in France that You Must Visit

Romantic Places in France

Romance is an atmosphere that is sought after by many people. Usually, romantic words are sought after by those who are in pairs. There are so many tourist destinations that are considered romantic. When a tourist place is said to be romantic, there will be lots of tourists to come and see and feel the romance for themselves. If you connect the word romantic with a tourist destination, many countries can be said to be romantic.

Every country must have its romantic place. However, not many countries are recognized by many as romantic country destinations. One country that is recognized as a country that has a lot of romantic places in France.

This time we will discuss some romantic places in France that you can visit. A tourist spot that you can use as a honeymoon location, or just go to visit with your partner. There are several romantic tourist destinations that you can visit in France, such as

  1. River Seine

The Seine River, France is well known as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. it is not surprising indeed if this one country has always been the target of tourists. Many things make France so famous and popular among tourists. Starting from the various types of delicious culinary tours, and various branded goods that we can offer.

However, one of the very important things is a romantic place in France that is never forgotten. One of the many romantic places on the River Seine. This location is a river that flows through the city of Paris. As one of the tourist destinations in Paris, the name of the Seine river is very famous.

To be able to enjoy the beauty of this river, we can rent a boat to go down the river. Make sure if you want to go down this river, do it at night. Don’t do it in the morning or afternoon if you want to enjoy the beauty and romance of this one river. The sparkling night lights on the edge of the river will further add to the romance of your atmosphere. Not a few of the tourists make this river, one of their places to propose to their respective partners.

  1. Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower If we talk about the names of tourist attractions in western Europe, then we will not be able to leave the country of France. Moreover, if we are looking for a honeymoon place in Europe, then surely France can be one of the main choices.

There is a building that has always been used as a symbol of French romance, namely the Eiffel Tower. One tower is always the main destination if couples are on their honeymoon in this country. it is not wrong and not wrong. The building, which is also the pride of the Parisian people, is indeed very beautiful. If you want to feel the romantic atmosphere that this tower has. You should come at the time of the evening.

Where when the garden lights and tower lights are turned on. When the lights are turned on, this tower will change from what initially looks dashing to being elegant and romantic. Many of them always use this tower as the background for their photos when they are with their respective idols.

  1. Little Venice

Little Venice Surely we are all very familiar with the name of the city of Venice, one of the best tourist cities in the world that we can visit. However, it turns out that France itself also has a tourist city similar to Venice. The name of the tourist location in Little Venice is located in Colmar. When we come to visit this place, we will be greeted with views of buildings that have an old architectural style, and have a variety of colors.

The attraction of this one place is the canal that divides the area. We can rent a boat to go down the canal while seeing the beauty of the surrounding buildings. When we walk down the canal, we seem to be pulled back into France in the past. Beautiful and beautiful is a word that can be used to describe the scenery of this place. make sure this location is included in the list of locations that you will visit later.

  1. Château de Villandry

Chateau de Villandry This romantic place in France will invite us to return to enjoying the natural atmosphere a little bit. You can visit this location at any time, you can get the romance of this one place whenever you come to visit. This tourist location is a very beautiful park. Various types of plants are arranged and shaped in such a way with interesting patterns.

As one of the world’s historic tourist attractions, the name of the Chateau de Villandry itself has always been a romantic tourist destination since the first. This park itself has existed and was built since the 14th century, based on the existing history, this park is always changing ownership and always changing shape and arrangement. However, even though this one park has changed a lot, its beauty is still famous. Because of the beauty and history behind it, this park itself has been inaugurated as a World Heritage site by UNESCO.

  1. Paul de Vence

Paul de Vence Romantic place in France this one is an ancient city complex. We can still feel and see the remains of the buildings at this location. This place itself is on a beautiful and beautiful hill. from the hill, we can see the full view of the city. This city itself is one the cities that is famous for the many artists who have lived.

We can find various types of art in this city, from painting to romantic poetry. We can just walk along the city streets in the form of small alleys. The road is still made of stone and the walls of the house are made of stone structures and some vines make the atmosphere even more beautiful. Lots of couples always take their time to enjoy the beauty of this place for a moment. If you and your partner feel tired, you can stop for a moment and enjoy a meal at roadside cafes.

Apart from the locations mentioned above, there are several more locations such as

  1. Locronan in Brittany
  2. Albi in the Midi-Pyrenees
  3. Carcassonne in Languedoc-Roussillon
  4. Eze on the Côte d’Azur
  5. Epernay in Champagne
  6. Megève on the Rhone Alpes
  7. Iles Sanguinaires
  8. Le Mur des Je T’aime
  9. Ilet Oscar in Martinique
  10. Château de Chenonceau
  11. Squirrel Island
  12. The Phare de Baleines
  13. Les Saintes
  14. The Jardins de Giverny
  15. Saint Valentine
  16. Miroir des Quais in Bordeaux
  17. Pont des Arts
  18. Jardin du Luxembourg
  19. Louvre . Museum
  20. Sacr Cœur
  21. Le Marais
  22. Arc de triomphe

Those were some romantic places in France that you can visit. Make sure you can visit these locations with your partner. Guaranteed that you will get a very interesting experience. Hopefully, the information was useful.