15 Most Popular Portugal Foods You Simply Must Try

How much food from Portugal have you experienced so far? Even without leaving Brazil, we managed to find some good restaurants that serve uniquely Portuguese dishes. However, there’s nothing quite like a fine gastronomic immersion. So, if you have an accompanying trip to the land of Cabral, serve the stomach, thanks to this article eat with your eyes!

  1. Code
    You can’t start the list any other way, it has to be with that, “rice fiesta”: cod. It’s hard to choose a recipe that you should try mainly because it’s prepared in some ways so it’s even better to open the list just for cod dishes. With bread, braised, toasted, Spiritual, with cream, form a salad with chickpeas… Mainly, don’t let the plane input come back without tasting at least one type. Or two. Okay, it could be.
  2. Francesinha
    It’s already popular and there’s an article on this site devoted to it. The francesinha is a beautiful, delicious, and calorie unique Porto sandwich that brings steak, sausage, sausage, ham, lots of cheese, eggs, and sauce that makes all the difference.
  3. Tripas Moda do Porto
    And since we’re talking about Porto, why not bring the popular guts to our list too? This dish is the same as feijoada, with just enough white beans, some meat, carrots, lots of cilantro, and, of course, guts. Don’t squeeze your nose before tasting it because it’s very valuable.
  4. Octopus to Lagareiro
    Mollusks are very much in Portuguese cuisine and surely octopus should turn out to be one of your main Portuguese dishes to taste. Like cod, it can also be prepared in some ways, but Lagareiro is at least the most common. The tentacles are baked in the oven with some olive oil, garlic, onion, bay leaf, and salt. for accompaniment, some sweet potatoes for hitting. Delicious
  5. Green broth
    Some are useful for turning into inputs, some for making food, and even broth. That’s not a problem. What’s special is the different benefits this year. It’s a broth that brings potatoes to the base with shredded cabbage and sliced ​​chorizo, which makes all the references on the palate.
  6. Grilled Sardines
    The high season of grilled sardines is in June, turning into a unique dish from the Famous Saint. However, on other occasions, it is also possible to arrange grilled fish, accompanied by roasted peppers and boiled potatoes. Simple but delicious!
  7. Bethlehem Cake
    Different books cannot be removed from the Portuguese food list. Authentic Bethlehem cakes you only get in Lisbon. Across the country, reconciliation of candy, which is known to turn into a creamy paste, is offered. Get ready to serve delicious cream in puff pastry that melts in your mouth… Don’t forget to sprinkle cinnamon inside for a complete experience.
  8. Queijadas of Sintra
    Going to Piriquita? Go to a sweets shop in the heart of Sintra with the country’s selected traditional dairies. Sweet is a type of cake made with eggs and curd, a combination that is not very appealing at first glance but with surprising results.
  9. Cavacas de Resende
    And back to the north of Portugal, more clearly the land of cherries, we have the traditional cavacas. They only have 3 ingredients: eggs, sugar, and flour. But don’t be fooled, simplicity requires a secret that is only recognized by people on the spot. In fact, after that, it looked good.
  10. Soft eggs from Aveiro
    You may have noticed that eggs are a constant feature in Portuguese cuisine, especially in sweet recipes. You can find soft eggs in some places, but the real ones come from Aveiro, Portuguese Venice. The delicacy requires egg yolks wrapped in the same as a very tentative biscuit. Who’s next has been proven this is addictive.
  11. Duck Rice
    With a few simple ingredients, but a unique blend of feelings, duck rice deserves your attention. Duck meat is processed before being combined with rice to make it as soft as possible. Served on a plate, it is usually served with cheese and chorizo ​​on top.
  12. Converted to Portuguese
    This dish has so much news that you will get tired of just reading the ingredients. Several types of pork sausage, beef, chicken, beans, kale, and carrots are some of the components. The chosen one is a very rich broth. We advise you to invest in this option when you are very hungry and without great inspiration to rest afterward.
  13. Cheese from Serra da Estrela
    Those who love cheese will love this Portuguese butter magic. It is impossible to list Portuguese food without mentioning the popular Serra da Estrela cheese. It’s made with sheep’s milk and looks more like cream which looks great with bread or toast.
  14. Bifana in bread
    Portuguese fast food is bifana on bread! Nothing special: pork steak fried in bread with a tantalizing sauce, nothing different. Every place has a little secret to making this appetizer delicious.
  15. Ginjinha
    And close the list, one that is not good food, but is a part of the banquet and you can’t fail to prove. Forget wine for a few days and enjoy a drink that has an amazing alcohol content made with cherries, like cherries. The suggestion is to taste the drink in a chocolate glass, but in moderation, thanks to the higher alcohol content compared to Port wine.

So, that’s some food from Portugal that you must enjoy when you go there, but don’t worry about not being able to enjoy the food, if you want to enjoy it, you have to go to Portugal… Just look for a Portuguese restaurant in your area, so that’s it from me to give you info about delicious food from Portugal.