8 Unique Celebrations of Eid in the World that are Most Phenomenal

Celebrations of Eid in the World

Eid or Eid al-Fitr is one of the biggest religious celebrations in the world. Celebrations that are mostly carried out by Muslims can be found almost all over the world. This celebration, which is held after 30 days of fasting, has many forms and unique features. And not even a few who sometimes make the celebration of the holiday a long-awaited celebration.

The celebration of the day of victory was celebrated with great joy by everyone. Various celebrations start from just partying and eating a variety of special foods that only appear at the time of Eid. If it can be said then, in some countries sometimes this Eid celebration can become a separate tourist attraction which is quite interesting for tourists.

This time we will discuss some of the unique celebrations of Eid in the world. Every country has its way. Usually, the celebration is adapted to the traditions and conditions of the country. Some celebrations are quite unique, such as

  1. Seker Bayram

We will start with the first unique celebration of Eid in the world from Turkey. This country is one part of the tourist destinations in Eastern Europe. In Turkey, the celebration of Eid al-Fitr is often referred to as Seker Bayram or if it is interpreted in Indonesian it means the Celebration of Sweets. The word sweets is not a thing that only becomes a sweetener, but indeed the celebration makes sweets a very important thing.

The celebration of Eid in this country is not much different, the morning will begin with celebrating Eid prayers together. After praying, they will gather with their family or visit several tourist destinations for Eid in Turkey. But, what distinguishes it is when they are together, each child will get sweets in the form of hash food originating from Turkey.

Usually, this candied food is in the form of baklava or some other sweet food. Perhaps, the Seker Bayram celebration is not much different from the Halloween celebration which provides sweet food for children. However, it still has its uniqueness which makes this tradition highly awaited.

  1. Bajram

Maybe for some people, the name of the country of Kosovo is still a name that is quite foreign and not too widely known. This country is one of the countries that are also part of a tourist destination in Central Europe which is quite interesting. In the celebration of Eid al-Fitr or Eid, there is a unique tradition that is owned by this country. This tradition is also known as Bajram. Even though Islam is one of the minority religions in this country, the Eid celebrations held by the people are no less interesting.

This celebration in Kosovo is known as Bajram, a celebration where the family gathers to enjoy the various dishes served. Usually, as long as the men perform Eid prayers at the mosque, the women will prepare various types of food at home.

One of the interesting things is that at this Bajram celebration we will find the tradition of drinking tea in every house. Those who come to visit will be greeted with tea by the owner of the house. Only then will they be treated to various types of cuisine, which are certainly very typical of Kosovo.

  1. Tokhm-Jangi

The unique celebration of Eid in the world is then a celebration originating in the country of Afghanistan. This one country can be said to have been one of the most famous cheap tourist destinations in Asia. Before finally, many wars were quite dangerous. Even though the conflict is still ongoing, who would have thought that there is a unique tradition during Eid in this one country.

This unique tradition is known as Tokhm-Jangi or if it is interpreted as egg war. This one tradition might be said to be a pretty interesting game. If we talk about the purpose of this game, it is still unknown why. Usually, after every Eid prayer in mosques, people will gather in parks in each of their areas.

Everyone will bring their own boiled egg. Then the boiled egg will be competed with someone else’s boiled egg and see who breaks the boiled egg first. If you look at it, it seems that there is no meaning at all. However, Tokhm-Jangi is a tradition that is quite rooted in Afghan society itself.

  1. Sayyid Ajjal

The name of the Yunnan area may not be too familiar to some people. However, for Muslims in China, the name Yunnan city has its weight which is quite important. Especially during Eid al-Fitr, there are lots of Chinese Muslims who come to visit this city area. There is a tradition when Eid al-Fitr arrives in this country, the tradition is called Sayyid Ajjal.

The name Sayyid Ajjal is the name of someone quite famous in the Yunnan area. Sayyid Ajjal was one of the first people to introduce Islam to China. So, to honor his services, every Eid al-Fitr, there are always people who come to visit his meal in the city of Yunan. In addition to coming to visit the tomb of Sayyid Ajjal, not a few also visited some unique tourist attractions in China in this Yunnan city.

  1. Chaand Raat
    India, who does not know this Asian country. A country that can be said to have a very diverse and diverse culture. Islam in India is a minority religion. However, even so, every Eid celebration in this country can be said to be quite festive and fun. There is a very interesting celebration at the time of Eid called Chaand Raat or it is interpreted as the night with the new moon.

The Chaand Raat celebration can be said to be quite lively and very enjoyable. This celebration will start on the night when the peak of Eid al-Fitr takes place. The celebration of Chaand Raat itself is like the celebration of several other big days in India. Usually, during the celebration, women will decorate their hands with Mehdi or also called henna. The location of the Chaand Raat celebration itself can be anywhere. not infrequently sometimes also found in several tourist attractions in India that are already widely known.

Apart from the celebrations mentioned above, there are other unique celebrations such as

6. Halal bi hallal – Indonesia
7. Little Sallah – Nigeria
8. Back to hometown – Malaysia

Those are some of the unique celebrations of Eid in the world that you can know. Every country is unique in welcoming and celebrating Eid al-Fitr. This tradition is a form of celebration to welcome the happiness of the awaited Eid al-Fitr. Hopefully, the information was useful.