7 Tips for Cheap and Luxurious Vacation by Cruise

Tips for Cheap and Luxurious Vacation

Vacation with a cruise ship may not occur to most people, except for the rich, when in fact a vacation in this way does not cost a lot. Vacation with a cruise ship is perfect for people who like to relax with a luxurious feel. Riding a cruise ship can be a cool and romantic place to propose to a partner. Check out the following cruise ship vacation tips so you can travel easily.

  1. Choose a Trip Type
    One of the tips for a cheap and luxurious vacation with a cruise ship is to join a cruise ship travel package with a short distance trip so that the cost is not too expensive. Travel on a cruise ship does not need to look for a hotel while in a city or country because luxury rooms such as five-star hotels are readily available. Not changing hotels means that you don’t have to spend the extra money and bother with your luggage every time you change destinations. Luggage can be left neatly in the cruise ship’s room. The tourists can get off the ship when leaning in a port to take a walk and enjoy the atmosphere in the city or country of destination. Every cruise ship must work with local travel agents to provide tour guides and cars to go to various favorite destinations.
  2. Reservation of Cruise Ship Packages in advance especially during promos
    Tips for planning a new year for beginners on vacation with a cruise ship is a cruise tour reservation at least 3 to 6 months before departure. The cheapest price can be obtained if the reservation is made long before the departure time. In addition, all the needs during the trip can also be well prepared. Never book a cruise ship tour during the holiday season like June and July. Booking cruises through a travel agent must be within the promo period. The price of the package ordered must be following the type of room and the facilities obtained including the destination. Make sure the promo price is on the travel agent site as often as possible.
  3. Check-In Cruise Ship On Time
    Cruise ships always leave on time and never wait for late passengers. Check-in at least four hours before the cruise ship trip. Prepare your passport and boat ticket when checking in for data verification. For example, the Genting Dream Cruise ship docks at the port of Marina Bay, Singapore, which is the initial departure location. Come early especially if from another country like Indonesia. Estimate the distance from Changi Airport to the port in about six hours.
  4. Packing Goods and Clothes Correctly
    Costumes on cruise ships are not only casual clothes but also need to bring semi-formal clothes to see entertainment, movies, and dinner. It is necessary to bring a swimsuit and a sports suit. For shoes, bring casual low-heeled shoes and sports shoes. If you have a lot of things you want to carry, pack them in two bags. One large suitcase, and one small bag or backpack. Large luggage can usually be dropped in before checking in and will be placed in the guest room a few hours later. Therefore, put important items such as medicines, make-up tools, documents, and a change of clothes in a small bag or backpack that was brought during check-in.
  5. Make the Most of Free Facilities
    Look carefully at the schedule brochure on the cruise ship because the free food and entertainment facilities are listed. Facilities that can be enjoyed for free include swimming, jacuzzi, golf, basketball, fitness as well as watching music, movies, and cabarets. There are even advantages of culinary tourism on cruise ships because you can taste various dishes from several countries. Each cruise ship provides food in a buffet that can be taken as much as you like. In addition, all service charges or tips for cruise ship officers usually include a payment note so that passengers do not need to give tips separately.
  6. Avoid Shopping at Ship Shops and Eating at Private Restaurants
    The price of goods sold on cruise ships is much more expensive than the prices in ordinary stores or malls though. Bring all necessary items from home before departure. Don’t pack suddenly so you don’t have to buy things on a cruise ship. It’s even better to bring your favorite snacks so you don’t feel hungry while on the boat. Also, don’t eat in private restaurants with fancy meals because they usually don’t include cruise ship package facilities.
  7. Go out with family or friends
    Vacationing with friends let alone family must be very exciting, especially as a year-end vacation spot. Traveling in groups is more economical than going alone or just the two of you. For example, the promo price for Genting Dream Cruise in the lowest room is Rp. 4.5 million alone, both to Rp. 2.2 million per person, until the fourth person, is only charged Rp. 1.5 million per person for a three-day and two-night package with the route. Singapore to Port Klang and vice versa.

Those are vacation tips with cruise ships that are affordable. Throw away the thought that vacationing on a cruise ship is expensive because of the luxurious facilities provided. A true traveler, especially a backpacker, definitely knows how to get travel promos. Try a cruise ship vacation at least once in a lifetime to please yourself and relieve fatigue. Remember the life motto, “Work hard, Play hard” because the body and mind also need rest. Find the right time to take time off and get away from the boring routine. After that, you will be able to tell many people about the exciting experience of riding a cruise ship, especially for a romantic trip on Valentine’s Day. Have fun exploring the world on a cruise!