14 Most Delicious Eid Specialties in the World

Delicious Eid Specialties in the World

Eid al-Fitr or some call it Eid, is a day that can be said to be very much awaited. Even those who are Muslim are waiting for that day. However, those who are not Muslim are also waiting for the holiday. This is because there are holidays that are long enough to be enjoyed.

So it is not surprising that there will be a lot of tourist sites that are full of visitors when this holiday arrives. However, if we talk about Eid, it will feel less if we talk about food or culinary. Because Eid or Eid will always be associated with various types of culinary which sometimes only appear during Eid.

This time we will discuss some of the typical Eid foods in the world that we can find. Every country in the world must have its traditions to celebrate Eid al-Fitr. Usually what is most pronounced is the various types of cuisine that are unique and tempting. There are several types of culinary that we can find such as

  1. Laasida

Who does not know the country of Morocco, one of the best halal tourist attractions in the world which is very famous? This Muslim-majority country has several unique traditions to celebrate the arrival of Eid al-Fitr. One of them is in the form of food that is quite interesting for us to enjoy.

As one of the typical Eid foods in the world, the name Laasida may not sound too familiar to some people. But if you hear the name couscous, you might know a little, especially for those who like the culinary world. Laasida is a couscous that is given sugar or honey. Usually, this one food will be the breakfast menu of the Moroccan people after they return from Eid prayers.

They will eat this meal accompanied by pistachios and some fresh fruit, as well as a cup of tea. This food menu is a mandatory menu that must be in every Moroccan home that will celebrate Eid al-Fitr.

  1. Sheer Khurma
    Although the Muslim community is part of a religious minority, there are also some interesting traditions in this country. When the Eid al-Fitr arrives, India can become one of the few Ramadan tourist attractions abroad. Muslims living in India themselves have an interesting tradition of celebrating this victory day.

One of the types of celebrations they have can be found in their cuisine. Sheer Khurma is a food that can be said to be there every time the Eid al-Fitr arrives. If interpreted then Sheer Khurma is a food consisting of milk and dates. Although there are also several other types of additions in it.

Usually, this food will consist of vermiceli and several types of dried fruit. This culinary one is quite famous in Central Asia. Almost, every country has a type of cuisine that is similar and identical to Sheer Khurma in India. Usually, this food will be served after completing the Eid prayer. However, if traced further, the first origin of Sheer Khurma is from Afghanistan.

  1. Bolani
    Afghanistan is a country that may have once been one of the few famous tourist destinations for Eid holidays abroad. However, now this one country may be one of the countries that are not so safe to visit. If we talk about the typical Eid food in the world in the Afghanistan region, we will know a food called Bolani.

This food is a flatbread that we often find in Afghanistan and some areas in Central Asia. This type of bread is usually very rare in cities to find. In the area of ‚Äč‚Äčorigin, Afghanistan, this bread usually only appears during certain celebrations, one of which is the celebration of Eid al-Fitr. This bread has a unique characteristic, namely, the outer side is quite crunchy.

While the inside will usually be filled with various kinds of stuffing which is quite interesting. Usually, the stuffing of this bread is in the form of potatoes, scallions, and several other types of ingredients. Bolani itself is usually served when we have finished carrying out the Eid prayer from the mosque. However, eating bolani does not require a special time.

  1. Graybeh
    The middle east region is an area that can be categorized as a world-historic tourist spot. This is because there are so many religious sites that have emerged and are found in the Middle East region. In addition, there are indeed some historical sites that are quite famous. However, this time what we will know is a sweet food that is always present at every Eid celebration.

One of the countries of origin of this food is Palestine, in that country this food is called Graybeh. The formation of this one food is not much different from pastries that taste sweet. Usually, the cake will be added with some nuts such as almonds.

Or some also add it with jam and some other dried fruits. Graybeh itself is a food that can be said to be always present at every Eid feast.

  1. Manti
    The typical Eid food in the world, which we will discuss next, is a dish that is quite interesting. This dish itself was originally a very typical food from Turkey. However, then spread to Central Asia and reached Russia and some tourist areas in Eastern Europe. The name of this food is manti, if we pay close attention the shape of this food will remind us of dumplings. A kind of food that tastes like China and some areas in East Asia. However, what is unique about this manti is that it will always be filled with various types of minced meat that turn into beef and lamb. In addition, the formation and recipe of this manti can be said to be quite interesting because it will vary from region to region.

Besides some of the foods mentioned above, there are other foods like

  1. Aseeda
  2. Doro Wat
  3. Lokum
  4. Tufahija
  5. You Xiang
  6. Klaicha
  7. Kahk
  8. Tagine
  9. Kulhi boakibaa

Those are some of the typical Eid foods in the world that we can know. Each food has its taste that is adapted to environmental conditions. However, the food is a form of tradition and culture from the area to celebrate Eid al-Fitr. Hopefully, the information was useful.