6 Places of Worship Built on the Clouds

Places of Worship Built on the Clouds

In addition to nature tourism, historical tourism, and culinary tourism, religious tourism is a holiday destination that is often hunted by tourists. An example is the 22 most beautiful mosques in Indonesia which are always packed with visitors.

Visiting places of worship does provide a holiday experience of its own. You can deepen your religious knowledge or just know the history of the place of worship, depending on what your goals are.

Not infrequently places of worship are built in beautiful locations considering that places of worship are places to complain to God. There are also places of worship built on the clouds.

Want to know what places of worship are standing on a height? Here are some of them. Let’s check these out!

  1. Meteora Monasteries Greece

Hearing the word Greek will be directed to the Vatican. Yes, there are 15 tourist attractions in the Vatican that are recommended to visit. Natural beauty is of course the mainstay.

Yes, you can get an unforgettable holiday experience if you visit the Vatican and other parts of Greece. Very beautiful nature combined with magnificent architecture is not foreign to be found.

In addition to having natural beauty, in Greece, you can also find places of worship built on the clouds. It is not impossible, the place of worship exists in the real world.

Precisely in Thessaly, the northern part of Greece, a place of worship stands firmly on a cliff. The place is called Meteora Monasteries Greece.

Meteora Monasteries Greece is a building that has 6 monasteries towers. This place of worship has a very strong historical value.

Very beautiful views from a height, Meteora Monasteries Greece is one of the Greek cultural heritage protected by UNESCO.

When you’re on vacation to Greece, which has the best tourist attractions in Ankara, be sure not to miss visiting Meteora Monasteries Greece, OK!

  1. Mount Tayun Taoist Temple

Vacationing in China, of course, the best shopping attractions in China you shouldn’t miss. Yes, China is indeed famous for shopping places that are always hunted by tourists.

In addition to shopping attractions, there are still many tourist attractions that can be explored in China. One of them is religious tourism where this country has many places of worship.

Temples are not foreign in China. you can easily find temples while on vacation to China like unique tourist attractions in China. However, there is one temple that steals the attention.

It is the Mount Tayun Taoist Temple, a place of worship that is magnificently built above the clouds. It might sound improbable, but Mount Tayun Taoist Temple truly stands above the heights of the clouds.

Mount Tayun Taoist Temple itself is located on Mount Tayun. Its hidden location makes Mount Tayun Taoist Temple considered the most remote tourist spot in China.

  1. Haci Hafiz Yusuf Yilmaz . Mosque

It is not uncommon to find mosques in Turkey. Yes, in addition to Eid tourist attractions in Turkey, this Middle Eastern country is the right holiday destination for those of you who are looking for religious tourism spots.

Many mosques can be found in Turkey because the majority of the population is Muslim. Of the many mosques, some are so iconic and famous throughout the world.

One of them is the Haci Hafiz Yusuf Yilmaz Mosque. A mosque that is different from other mosques in Turkey. Yes, Haci Hafiz Yusuf Yilmaz Mosque stands at a height.

Haci Hafiz Yusuf Yilmaz Mosque stands on Mount Kible, Tukiyang, Turkey. Inaugurated in 2015 by the Turkish government, Haci Hafiz Yusuf Yilmaz Mosque is very popular among tourists and locals alike.

Able to accommodate many worshipers, Haci Hafiz Yusuf Yilmaz Mosque is a place of worship that you should not miss if you are looking for religious tourism in Turkey.

  1. Shiva Tungnath Temple

India is a country that is thick with cultural tourism and religious tourism. In addition to the best tourist attractions in India, visiting places of worship in India should not be absent from your travel agenda.

It is the Shiva Tungnath Temple, another place of worship that stands on a high as if it were on a cloud.

There is a unique fact about the Shiva Tungnath Temple. The Shiva Tungnath Temple has been around for 5000 years. Even though it has been thousands of years, the Shiva Tungnath Temple still stands strong.

The Shiva Tungnath Temple itself is located in the Tungnath Mountains, Uttarakhan State, India. Standing on a mountain, of course, the beautiful natural panorama will be immediately visible when you visit this Shiva Tungnath Temple.

  1. Adams Peak

Sri Lanka is one of the most suitable countries to visit for those of you who like nature tourism. Towering mountains can be found in Sri Lanka.

One of them is Adams Peak, the next place of worship that stands like a cloud because of the height of the place of worship.

As the name implies, Adams Peak stands on top of a green mountain peak. Surrounded by the green panorama around it makes Adams Peak is so beautiful.

There is one interesting spot on Adams Peak. Yes, you can find a footprint that is believed to be the footprints of Adam and Buddha. Interesting right?

  1. When is Kumba

Standing above the clouds makes the scenery around Kapan Kumba look so beautiful. Yes, Kapan Kumba is a Buddhist monastery located in a very high place.

Kapan Kumba itself is a place specially built for monks who dedicate themselves to the Buddha.

Although it is a place for the devotion of monks, Kapan Kumba is open to the public.

Visitors can visit Kapan Kumba to simply enjoy the garden views or chat with the monks.

The right time to visit Kapan Kumba is in the afternoon when you can enjoy the beautiful view of the clouds. Don’t forget to capture your moments while in Kapan Kumba.

Those are 6 places of worship built on clouds that we have reviewed for you. May be useful.