5 Most Forbidden Destinations in the World

Forbidden Destinations in the World

Holidays are moments that are always synonymous with joy. Visiting various tourist attractions is also a mandatory thing that should not be absent while on vacation. An example is Christmas tourism in the world which is always crowded with tourists every holiday season.

Yes, you can easily find a variety of tourist attractions that provide satisfaction in various locations around the world. World cultural tourism is also one that should not be missed.

However, there are also tourist attractions that are forbidden to visit. There are various reasons why tourist attractions that are open to the public are prohibited.

Want to know what are the forbidden destinations in the world? Check out his review below. Let’s check these out!

  1. The Red Zone, France

Vacationing in various tourist cities in France is certainly very fun. The country which is famous for its fashion industry has many famous tourist destinations that are recommended for tourists to visit.

Yes, this country that is synonymous with the existence of the Eiffel tower is often a mainstay tourist destination, especially for those who are on their honeymoon.

In addition to all the joy that France has to offer, it turns out that this country also has tourist destinations that are prohibited from tourists visiting. What’s that?

Is The Red Zone, a forbidden area that has not been touched by humans for more than a century. Yes, this place has been abandoned for years.

There is a reason why The Red Zone is forbidden to the public. A sad story related to World War takes place in The Red Zone.

Previously, The Red Zone was an area that was used as a battlefield. Fierce battles that claimed many lives took place in The Red Zone.

A tense and scary atmosphere can be seen in The Red Zone, so the government has closed The Red Zone to the public.

  1. North Sentinel Island, India

India is a country that adheres to its culture. Various tourist attractions in India have become a favorite destination for tourists while on vacation to the country of Bollywood.

However, in addition to all the beauty of tourist attractions that can be found in India, this country also has tourist destinations that are strictly prohibited to be visited by the public because lives are at stake.

Yes, named North Sentinel Island, India, this forbidden destination in the next world is a remote island far from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

Not an ordinary island, on North Sentinel Island, India there is a tribe that is reluctant to come into contact with modern life. It is estimated that the tribe has existed on North Sentinel Island, India for a long time.

They will not hesitate to kill people who do not belong to their tribe. Several cases of leaving civilians have also been recorded in history. Scary isn’t it?

Therefore, the government also strongly condemns anyone to go to North Sentinel Island, India.

  1. Snake Island, Brazil

Brazil is one of the countries that are often the mainstay of tourists because of its natural charm. This country which has produced many famous football players deserves to be included in the ranks of the best tourist destinations.

Behind the natural beauty that Brazil presents, this country does not escape the so-called forbidden tourist destinations. Yes, for anyone who will visit the place, please undo it if you want to stay safe.

Is Snake Island, an island located 150 kilometers from Sao Paulo, Brazil. As the name implies, Snake Island is an island where there are lots of snakes that inhabit the island.

The number is infinite and can be found everywhere is the reason why Snake Island is closed by the government for tourists to visit. It is estimated that there are many poisonous snakes on the island, which has a stunning natural panorama.

Reportedly the deadliest snake species in the world live on Snake Island, Brazil. Terrible isn’t it?

If you are interested in a vacation to Brazil, be sure not to include the name Snake Island, Brazil in your travel agenda.

  1. North Brother Island, America

Enjoying New Year’s Eve in New York City will certainly provide an unforgettable holiday experience. Yes, New York is one of the most fitting places to spend New Year’s Eve because of the beautiful fireworks presented in this city.

However, in addition to the joy that this metropolitan city has to offer, in New York City there is also a tourist spot that is prohibited from being visited by the public because of the sad history that surrounds these tourist attractions.

Is North Brother Island, a small island located not far from downtown New York. On this island, there is a hospital that was once a silent witness to the deaths of many people due to a deadly virus. Not only that, the fire of a steamer that claimed thousands of lives had also occurred on North Brother Island. After these two sad events, the hospital on North Brother Island was left neglected for years.

Now, North Brother Island is closed to the public. It is impossible to visit North Brother Island which has stunning natural scenery.

North Brother Island has even been converted into a bird sanctuary.

  1. Mezhgorye, Russia

In addition to the best tourist attractions in Russia, in this country, there are also forbidden tourist destinations that are not allowed to be visited by the public. What’s that?

Is Mezhgorye, a city located in Russia. Not an ordinary city in general, Mezhgorye is a closed city that is very secret. It is impossible to see the activity of the inhabitants of this Mezhgorye.

Mezhgorye was even suspected of being the place where a mysterious nuclear-related project took place.

In fact, according to rumors circulating, Mezhgorye has a nuclear control system located underground.

Departing from these rumors, Mezhgorye was closed to the public to prevent any bad possibilities that would happen.

Those are the 5 forbidden destinations in the world that we have reviewed and presented to you. It is highly recommended not to visit these places.