20 Recomended Scuba Diving Spots in the World

Scuba Diving Spots in the World

Marine tourism is one type of tourism that is much favored by tourists. In addition, this is also because most of the earth’s territory is dominated by oceans. So it is not surprising that many marine tourism locations are found which are quite famous and much sought after by people. In the world itself, many places have a very enchanting underwater scenery. Starting from these many places, scuba diving spots in the world began to appear which are quite famous and always attract the attention of many people. There is no doubt about the underwater depths of each of these scuba spots. This can be proven by always the number of tourists visiting the location.

With so many scuba diving locations in the world that we can visit, we can choose which locations we want to visit. To make it easier and increase our knowledge, there are several scuba diving places that you can visit, such as

  1. Bali Island, Indonesia
    Bali The first place is a place for scuba diving in Bali. The island of Bali is already well known throughout the world as one of the most famous tourist destinations. Bali is not only blessed by several tourist attractions in Bali which are rich in culture and natural beauty.

However, this one island is also blessed by the beauty of the enchanting sea. So it’s no wonder that one island is one of the marine tourism destinations in Indonesia, which is always crowded with visitors. Bali itself is indeed one of the most famous scuba diving centers in Indonesia. Here we can find various diving spots that can spoil us completely. The location of scuba diving tours in Bali itself is not only specifically for those who are professionals. However, several diving spots allow beginners to be able to dive and enjoy the underwater beauty of Bali.

The island of Bali itself has quite interesting diving spots and must be visited. Some of the diving spots in Bali that you can visit our Manta Point, Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, Menjangan Island, Tulamben Beach, Tanjung Benoa, and several other spots that will certainly be no less beautiful.

  1. Great Blue Hole, Belize
    blue-hole-belizeAs one of the best scuba diving spots in the world, this location can be said to be one of the best locations. This location itself has been named one of the best diving spots in the world. The reason is that the ecosystem owned by this location itself can be said to be very interesting and unique. The Great Blue Hole itself is part of the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System.

A place that is one of the best coral formations in the world that we can find. In addition, this area itself is included in the World Heritage list set by UNESCO. This itself is intended to protect this area from irresponsible destruction.

The Great Hole itself is thought to have been formed since the Ice Age when seawater was at a fairly low altitude when compared to today. To be able to enjoy the beauty of this hole itself, not just any diver can come and enjoy it. In addition to the cost required is quite expensive, another quite important reason is that the diver who dives is required to be a professional diver. This is because the depth of this hole is quite deep.

The location of the Great Blue Hole itself is in Belize, a country located in the Americas. The location of this country itself is not too far from several tourist places in the United States. And the long journey it takes to get to Belize from America itself doesn’t take long. Here we can enjoy clear sea views, as well as coral ecosystems that are still very natural. This is one of the things that is the selling point of the Great Blue Hole.

  1. Great Barrier Reef, Australia
    great barrier reef The Great Barrier Reef is one of several tourist attractions in Australia that you can visit. This one place is still included in the Queensland area and has even been named an icon of the city. The divers who come to this location are not only professional divers, but some amateur divers or beginners come and visit this one location.

This location itself can indeed be said to be a safe location for beginner divers to come and enjoy the underwater beauty. The flow of water in this location itself can be said to be quite calm and not too many disturbances. In addition, the visibility of divers in the water can be said to be quite clear and quite far. So that divers don’t have too much difficulty paying attention to their surroundings. In this location, we will find many kinds of unique and interesting marine life. There is some biota that we commonly find, there is also some marine biota that is only in that location.

The Great Barrier Reef itself is a wonder of the world that is quite interesting. This is because it can be said that this location is a miracle formed by marine living organisms. The Great Barrier Reef itself has a length of approximately 2,300 kilometers. This length alone can almost cover the length of the Queensland city coast completely.

  1. Molokini Crater, Hawaii
    Molokini This scuba diving spot is one of the tourist attractions in Hawaii. Hawaii is indeed one of the most important parts of America. This one country can be said to be a country in America that has quite a lot of marine tourism locations. things to see from the location of Hawaii itself which is in the middle of the ocean.

The tourists who visit this country themselves are mostly those who want to enjoy the beauty of the sea. In addition to having some very famous surf spots, this country is also known as one of the best places for scuba and snorkeling. One of the best scuba spots in Hawaii is Molokini Crater. The shape of this island itself can be said to be unique. Its shape resembles a crescent moon that is formed naturally due to volcanic activity. As we know that Hawaii itself was formed mostly from a volcano that is still very active.

The crescent shape of this beach itself can be said to have several important advantages. With its shape that resembles a crescent moon, this island acts as a tidal wave for divers. If we dive or snorkel in the interior of the crescent moon, we can feel safe from the waves that are sometimes quite hard. In addition, this location is also inhabited by many marine animals which can be said to be endemic to this island.

Well, those were some examples of scuba diving spots in the world that you can visit. In addition to the places above, there are several other locations, such as:

  1. Micronesia
  2. Boracay
  3. Papua New Guinea
  4. Fernando De Noronha
  5. Sipadan
  6. Palau
  7. Thailand
  8. Alor
  9. Lombok
  10. Galapagos
  11. Malapascua
  12. Riviera Maya
  13. Malta
  14. Silfra. Fault
  15. Caribia
  16. the Red Sea

    Well, that was a recommendation about some of the best scuba diving spots in the world. Each of the above-mentioned scuba diving spots has a beauty that will not disappoint. In addition, the condition of these places is well maintained and still natural. Hopefully, the information is useful.