20 Amazing Famous Buildings in the Netherlands

Famous Buildings in the Netherlands

Who does not know the Netherlands, a country that is quite famous in Europe? The country which is dubbed the country of the windmill is one of several tourist destinations in western Europe which is quite well known. Every holiday season arrives, so there are lots of tourists who come to visit this country. Those who came to visit did not only come from the European region.

However, not a few of them also come from outside the European continent. The beauty of various tourist destinations in the Netherlands is never boring. There are many interesting tourist sites, with various types of beautiful buildings. The Netherlands is indeed a tourist area in Europe that would be a pity to miss.

This time we will discuss some famous buildings in the Netherlands that you can visit. Some of these buildings not only have an attractive architectural beauty. However, it also has various types of historical values ‚Äč‚Äčthat cannot be ignored. There are several buildings that we can go to, such as

  1. Rijksmuseum

Rijksmuseum This famous building in the Netherlands is one of the most famous tourist centers in Amsterdam. Rijksmuseum is a national museum that stores various kinds of history related to the Netherlands. Although it is said to be a museum containing the history of the Netherlands, most of these museums store various types of famous works of art.

This museum has also become one of the most famous tourist attractions in Amsterdam. Many tourists who come to visit this city, will take the time to visit this beautiful museum. Based on existing data, the museum itself was first built in the 1800s.

Although at that time it was not in the city of Amsterdam, it was only in 1808 that the museum was moved to the city of Amsterdam. Rijksmuseum is a museum that is most often visited by tourists who come to visit the Netherlands.

  1. Royal Palace of Amsterdam

Royal Palace of Amsterdam This tourist location is one of the tourist attractions in the Netherlands that you definitely shouldn’t miss. The Royal Palace of Amsterdam is one of the three palaces in the Netherlands. The location of this building is in the city of Amsterdam. At the beginning of its construction, this building served as the city hall in Amsterdam. However, after the attack by Napoleon, this building became one of the most important palaces in the Netherlands.

Lots of Dutch kings and rulers made this building the location of their residence. So it is not surprising that this building is one of the most historic buildings in the Netherlands and also Europe. The Royal Palace of Amsterdam can be said besides being the center of a quite interesting tourist destination, it is also the home and center of the activities of the large family of the king of the Netherlands. If we visit the Royal Palace of Amsterdam, we cannot see and enjoy all the rooms in the museum.

There are several rooms and several locations that are closed and cannot be visited by just anyone. However, the beauty of the Royal Palace of Amsterdam is unquestionable. Various kinds of collections will welcome us when we enter it.

  1. St. John’s Cathedral

St. John’s Cathedral, a famous building in the Netherlands, this one is a very beautiful and beautiful church building. With its beauty, it is not surprising that St. John’s Cathedral is one of the most beautiful churches in Europe. Based on available data, St. John’s Cathedral was first built in 1220, making this cathedral one of the oldest cathedrals in the Netherlands. Until now, this cathedral is still an active center of worship in the Netherlands.

St. John’s Cathedral besides having the beauty of the architecture in it also has a variety of interesting collections. Every collection in this cathedral can be said to be a very important work of art for the Netherlands.

This cathedral itself has a unique statue. This statue is a statue of an angel who uses a cellphone and jeans and a shirt. The addition of this unique statue was carried out 11during the restoration of the cathedral itself.

  1. Rembrandt House Museum

Rembrandt House Museum Who does not know the name of Rembrandt, an artist who is very famous not only in the Netherlands. Even the name Rembrandt is already famous all over the world. Every work of art that he produces has always been the idol of art collectors. For those who like works of art, surely this one location will be a very interesting tourist spot. The Rembrandt House Museum is a building that was occupied by Rembrandt from 1639 to 1656. This house displays various types of items that were once owned by this painting maestro.

Although some items can be said to be no longer original. However, some collections of paintings and sculptures that were made by Rembrandt can be found in the museum. A location that will not disappoint for sure.

  1. De Koninklijke Porceleyne Fles

De Koninklijke Porceleyne Fles This famous building in the Netherlands is one of the buildings that can be said to be very interesting. De Koninklijke Porceleyne Fles is located in one of the most famous tourist cities in the Netherlands. We can find this building in Delft City, a city that has long been famous for its various ceramic manufacturers. This one building can be said to be a very historic building.

Even De Koninklijke Porceleyne Fles is one of the blue delft ceramic producers that still survives to this day. Not a few tourists come to this city just to hunt down the beauty of the ceramics in this delft. As one of the typical Dutch souvenirs, Royal Blue Delft is already very famous.

Apart from the buildings mentioned above, there are several other buildings, such as

  1. Anne Frank House
  2. Concertgebouw
  3. Nieuwe Kerk
  4. Van Gogh Museum
  5. Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
  6. Madame Tussauds
  7. Westerkerk
  8. Portuguese Synagogue of Amsterdam
  9. De Adriaan
  10. Peace Palace
  11. Binnenhof
  12. The St. Bavo Church
  13. Kasteel de Haar
  14. Hermitage Amsterdam
  15. Escher Museum
    Those were some of the famous buildings in the Netherlands that you can visit. Each of these buildings will certainly provide its own interesting experience that you will never forget. Hopefully, the information was useful.