18 Delicious Dutch Foods You Must Try

Delicious Holland Foods You Must Try

When we visit a certain area for a tour, there are lots of activities that we can do. One of the most important activities, especially if not visiting various tourist sites. Each region will provide various types of tourist sites that are not unique and interesting. Although basically, every tourist location has a concept similar to other locations.

However, there must always be a distinct advantage that makes an area unique. In addition to enjoying the various types of tourist sites in it. Other activities can be said to be very interesting, namely culinary tours. Visiting a certain place without enjoying the local cuisine can be said to be still not perfect for our vacation.

This time we will discuss some typical foods from one of the tourist destinations in Europe. We will discuss some typical Dutch food that we can not just miss. Come and visit the Netherlands, without enjoying its special food will be very unfortunate. There are some typical foods from the Netherlands that we can enjoy such as

  1. Stamppot

In addition to being famous for various types of tourist attractions in the Netherlands, which are very famous. This country also has several types of specialties that are quite famous. If we ask about typical Dutch food which is quite famous, then Stamppot is a type of food that is quite common for us to find. This type of food has the main basic ingredient, namely mashed boiled potatoes or also known as mashed potatoes. This mashed potato is then mixed with various types of vegetables which are also crushed.

Usually, the vegetables that are involved are crushed, such as carrots, broccoli, spinach, radishes, fiber, and some typical Dutch vegetables such as sauerkraut, endive, and kale. This dish is usually served with sausage or beef or pork. For some Muslim tourists, maybe you should be a bit careful with this one food. To find this type of food is not a difficult thing. We can get this type of food from supermarkets to cafes and restaurants.

  1. Hotspots

Hutspot As one of the tourist destinations in western Europe, the windmill country is not only famous for its various types of tourist locations. This country is also one of the countries famous for its culinary tourism. One of the Dutch national foods that should not be forgotten is Hutspot. This type of food can be said to be quite similar to Stamppot. However, the difference between the two is the use of potatoes, in Hutspot we will not find crushed potatoes. However, instead, we will find various types of mashed vegetables.

Usually, mashed vegetables are carrots, beans, potatoes, and onions. The vegetables will then be mixed with the previously cooked meat. By the Dutch community usually, Hutspot will be served during the winter. This dish will be served with some other typical Dutch drinks such as jenever and beer.

However, just like stamppot, we can still find this one food available at every restaurant we visit in the Netherlands. Although each restaurant has a different recipe, the shape of this food never changes.

  1. Pea soup

Pea soup. This typical Dutch food can be found in almost every tourist city in the Netherlands. This is because this food is very popular, especially during winter. During the Dutch colonial period, the name of pea soup was one of the names of dishes that were quite well known in Indonesia. At that time the Indonesian people used to call this dish erwtensoep. If we refer to the menu and the original form of this pea soup, it can be said that this dish is more like porridge.

This is because this one dish is very thick with a color that is sometimes brownish or greenish-yellow. As indicated by its name, this one-dish menu has the main ingredient, namely peas. Other ingredients that are added are carrots, chicken or beef, potatoes, and sometimes sweet corn and lime juice are also added.

This one-dish menu can be said to use pork very rarely, so some Muslim tourists can also enjoy one dish. Pea soup itself is a dish that is more popular in winter. Eating this soup will warm the body in a fairly cold air temperature.

  1. Edam Cheese

Edam Cheese When it comes to cheese, the Netherlands is one of the most famous cheese-producing countries. Not even a few make Edam cheese one of the most famous Dutch souvenirs. The name edam cheese is already very well known throughout the world. This cheese has been known as one of the best cheeses since the 12th century. The name edam itself refers to one of the famous cities in the Netherlands called edam.

The city of Edam itself is one of the most famous tourist cities in Europe. Edam cheese has a salty taste and more or less has a taste similar to nuts. Even this one cheese has a fairly low-fat content when compared to other traditional types of cheese. However, this one cheese has a fairly high protein content.

  1. Waterzooi

Waterzooi This typical Dutch food can be said to be one of the right menus to prevent cold. At first, Waterzooi came from the Ghent area, one dish was made from fish. However, along with the development of fish use began to decrease. Then this dish changed with the use of chicken meat as a substitute. This dish has a soup-like shape, which is perfect for eating in cold weather.

Dutch people will usually enjoy this one dish using plain Dutch bread. Or you can also use several other types of bread that can also be used.

Apart from some of the foods mentioned above, there are several other foods that you can enjoy, such as

  1. Gouda Cheese
  2. Leiden Cheese
  3. Boerenkoolstamppot
  4. Ontbijtkoek
  5. Herring
  6. Vlaai
  7. Worstenbroodje
  8. Zeeuwse bolus
  9. Metworst
  10. Uitsmijter spek en kaas
  11. Pannenkoeken
  12. Beschuit met muisjes
  13. Frikandel
    Those were some of the typical Dutch foods that you should not miss. Some of the food you can even take home as souvenirs is quite interesting. Enjoying the Netherlands without enjoying its special food is indeed incomplete. Hopefully, the information was useful.