11 Most Dangerous Mountains in the World to Climb

Most Dangerous Mountains in the World to Climb

Mountains are natural features scattered in various countries that become world mountain tourism. The mountain becomes an interesting place to be conquered by adventurers and climbers. The climbers have a targeted mountain that must be climbed at least every month. Climbing a difficult mountain becomes a matter of pride if you make it to the top. However, did you know that not all mountains can be climbed?

There are some of the most dangerous mountains in the world to climb that should be considered carefully before climbing them. The mountains are categorized as dangerous to climb because of the texture of the soil that is not friendly to humans and the extreme temperatures that can be deadly. However, these mountains remain the most beautiful scenery in the world. Check out the 11 most dangerous mountains in the world to climb below.

  1. Mount Annapurna
    Mount Annapurna
    Mount Annapurna is the most dangerous mountain, although not the highest in the world. This mountain located in Nepal has a height of 8,091 meters and is the 10th highest in the world. Many climbers died on this mountain, reaching 41 percent or 53 climbers have died. This mountain got first place as the place where the most climbers died. This mountain is considered the most dangerous because there is a collection of snow on this mountain which is prone to landslides. The wind in this mountain is also very fierce.
  2. Mount K2
    Mount K2 (Mount Godwin Austen)
    Mount Godwin Austen, also known as Mount K2, is a slightly higher mountain than nearby Mount K1. This mountain is classified as deadly because there are many glaciers. The death rate on this mountain reaches 29%. This mountain is located on the border of China and Pakistan which is not far from Everest. Its location is in the northeast of the Himalayan mountain trail. Mount K2 is the second-highest mountain in the world after Mount Everest. The height of this mountain is 8,848 meters above sea level.
    Based on statistical data, from 100 climbers of Mount K2, at least 29 to 30 people have died. So far, only about 300 people have successfully climbed the peak of K2. This fact causes this mountain to be dubbed the “Mountain of the Barbarians”. According to an American climber named George Bell, Mount K2 is a savage mountain that will try to kill you. Hikers must climb cliffs that are steeper than Mount Himalaya (Mt. Everest). Not surprising because this mountain is shaped like a pyramid.

Another scary fact is that the weather on Mount K2 is colder than on Mount Everest. No climber has ever been able to conquer this mountain during winter. When it’s not snowing, it’s hard to climb, especially during a snowy winter. The location of this mountain is very far from residential areas so climbers will find it difficult to find a place to rest and increase food supplies. The peak of K2 is a necessity to be conquered, but many climbers still want to conquer it. However, the peak of this mountain was finally conquered by a female climber named Edurne Pasaban in 2004.

  1. Mount Siula Grande
    This mountain, which is located in the Peruvian Andes, has a height of 20,814 ft or 6,344 MDPL and includes extreme tourism in the world. The structure of this mountain is very steep and even vertical. The situation of climbing vertically on this mountain was captured in a film. Very cold air temperatures and thick snow are also very difficult for climbers. This mountain is very dangerous to climb, although not very high.
  2. Mount Kangchenjunga
    Mount Kangchenjunga is located on the border between Nepal and India. This mountain includes the deadliest because the cold is very extreme and the snow often avalanches. The mountain which has a height of 28,169 ft or 8586 MDPL has been discussed in the James Bond novel.
  3. Mount Fuji
    Mount Fuji is a famous mountain located in Japan. The height of this mountain is 3,776 MDPL or 12,338 ft. Mount Fuji is not included in the category of the highest mountain in the world, but it is very deadly. Hikers are advised to climb in the summer because the snow on this mountain is eternal snow that thickens in winter. At the foot of this mountain is a sea of ​​sharp pine trees that were not affected by the lava flow at the time of the great eruption in 1707. This mountain is difficult to conquer because it is very mystical (haunted), sacred, and inhabited by many wild animals.
  4. Mount Everest
    The Himalayas (Mount Everest) is the highest mountain in the world. This 29,029 ft or 8,848 MDPL mountain turns out to only have a climber mortality rate of around 9%. Based on data, only 4 to 5 people died out of 100 climbers. Don’t be surprised if this mountain is always crowded every year.
  5. Mount Nanga Parbat
    Mount Nanga Parbat located in Kashmir has a height of 26,657 ft. or 8,126 MDPL. This mountain has killed as many as 31 people so it is considered a dangerous mountain to climb. But in the end, the peak of this mountain was successfully climbed by Herman Buhl from Austria. This mountain is difficult to conquer because the ground is rocky and snowy. The condition of Mount Nanga Parbat is very steep so it is very difficult for climbers. Based on data, the death rate on this mountain reached 21%.
  6. Mount Denali
    Mount Denali is located in Alaska with a height reaching 20,320 ft or 6,190 masl. The height of this mountain is still much lower than the mountains in Indonesia. However, this mountain is a mountain that is difficult to climb because of the texture of the soil and the temperature, so many climbers are injured and sick. This mountain is located in a combination of latitudes. Earthquakes often occur on this mountain. So even if you are curious about this mountain, it’s better to give up the intention to climb it.
  7. Mount Washington
    This mountain, located in New Hampshire, only has a height of 6,288 ft or 2,550 masl. This mountain is very dangerous to climb because the air temperature is very cold. This mountain is dubbed the coldest place in the world because of frequent hail, strong winds, and very fast weather changes. Based on data, 100 climbers died on this mountain.
  8. Mount Matterhorn
    Mount Matterhorn is the most beautiful mountain located on the border of Italy and Switzerland. This mountain which belongs to the Alps has a height of 14,691 ft or 4,478 MDPL. The mountain is very popular, but dangerous because it has killed 500 people since 1865. Climbers who may be overzealous often make the ground and rocks crumble. The collapse is very dangerous for climbers who are under it.
  9. Mount Dhaulagiri
    Mount Dhaulagiri is the seventh highest mountain in the world located in Nepal. This 8,167 mils high mountain is the best tourist spot in Nepal. Based on the data, the death rate on this mountain is 16.2%.

Those are 11 dangerous mountains in the world that are very difficult to conquer. The height of the mountain is not the main reason why it is so difficult to climb. But it is precisely the conditions on the mountain that make the mountain dangerous and unfit to climb.