7 Tourist Places That Are Filming Locations for Korean Dramas

Tourist Places That Are Filming Locations for Korean Dramas

The Korean drama fever is sweeping the country. Various drama titles with various storylines always come and go from the ginseng country.

Not only the drama is interesting, but the location for shooting Korean dramas has also successfully attracted the attention of many people. An example is a filming location for the drama Itaewon Class.

Yes, if you like watching Korean dramas, there are certainly some quite familiar places. These places are subscribed to various Korean drama titles because of the beauty of the place or in harmony with the atmosphere of the story of the drama itself.

On this occasion, we will present tourist attractions that are shooting locations for any popular Korean dramas. Let’s check these out!

  1. Taebaek City

Increasingly worldwide, Korean dramas are always interesting to discuss. Especially if it’s not an interesting storyline and of course, the acting is capable of the stars.

In their home country, tourist attractions that are the location of Korean dramas have a great magnetic power to invite tourists, especially if the drama is successful in the market.

Want to know which tourist spots are the most popular Korean drama shooting locations? Taebaek City is one of them.

Taebaek City is a set where the super popular drama, Descendants of the Sun, was filmed in 2016.

By traveling for 2 hours from Seoul City, you will immediately feel the atmosphere like being in the drama Descendants of the Sun as soon as you set foot in Taebaek City.

Taebaek City itself offers a military base-style view that can be visited freely by tourists.

  1. Jumunjin Beach

There are many tourist spots suitable for Kpopers in South Korea where these places are often used as drama shooting locations.

Curious to feel firsthand what the shooting locations of such popular Korean dramas are like? If so, add Jumunjin Beach to your travel list.

For those of you who have watched Goblin, one of the most popular Korean dramas to date, surely you know very well the interesting scene where the main characters have a dialogue with each other on a beach.

Yes, the beach is Jumunjin Beach. This beach suddenly became popular after being used as a shooting location for the drama Goblin. Moreover, the scene taken at Jumunjin Beach is very iconic.

Jumunjin Beach offers an alluring natural panorama. It’s incomplete if you don’t capture the moment through camera shots while on this Jumunjin Beach.

  1. Cheonjuho Lake

Planning to take a vacation to South Korea to witness firsthand the interesting places that are used as shooting locations for Korean dramas?

If so, make sure you know very well about preparing for a vacation in Korea during the summer and preparing for a vacation in South Korea during the winter.

Next, we would like to invite you to visit Cheonjuho Lake. Who doesn’t know the super hit drama a few years ago, The Legend of the Blue Sea? Yes, this drama was filmed at Cheonjuho Lake.

Cheonjuho Lake itself is a lake flanked by a taller one. The beautiful and romantic impression of Cheonjuho Lake was strengthened when the drama The Legend of the Blue Sea made it a shooting location.

Well, if you are a fan of Korean dramas, don’t miss Cheonjuho Lake which is already very famous among tourists. Recommended.

  1. Sanmotoonge Café

For those of you who have followed Korean dramas since the 2000s, surely this place is familiar.

Yes, as a shooting location for the drama Coffee Prince, which aired in 2007 and successfully raised the names of its stars, Sanmotoonge Café has succeeded in getting the attention of the general public.

In the drama, Sanmotoonge Café is described as a homey and beautiful coffee shop.

This impression does not fade when you visit Sanmotoonge Café in person. Until now, Sanmotoonge Café is still operating.

You can enjoy a cup of coffee at Sanmotoonge Café while waiting for the sun to set. So, it’s a shame to miss Sanmotoonge Café if you’re a Coffee Prince fan.

  1. Bukchon Hanok Village

Talking about Korean dramas, the name Lee Min Ho must have been very attached.

One of the dramas that he has starred in, Personal Taste, presents many interesting place settings. One of them is Bukchon Hanok Village.

Located in Seoul City, Bukchon Hanok Village as the name suggests is a traditional South Korean residential area. This settlement became a hit after being used as a shooting location for Personal Taste and other dramas.

The popularity of Bukchon Hanok Village has made this settlement one of South Korea’s cultural attractions that have been preserved to this day.

  1. E-World

Korean drama romantic comedy genre is always interesting to watch. Not only the storyline and visuals of the stars are interesting, but the shooting location is also interesting.

Yes, for those of you who have watched the Korean drama which was quite a hit a few years ago, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. Surely you still remember a scene that takes place in a playground.

None other than, the playground is E-World whereas in the real world, E-World is a playground that is still operating today.

You can feel as if you were in the drama Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo when you visit this E-World. So, are you interested in visiting it?

  1. Nami Island

Although old, the prestige of Winter Sonata as one of the best Korean dramas of all time has not faded until now.

Yes, being one of the best dramas, of course, various aspects of this drama always attract attention, including the shooting location.

It is Nami Island, an island that is a mandatory location for Korean drama fans to visit because it was once used as a shooting location for the drama Winter Sonata.

Offering exotic views, being on Nami Island will immediately remind you of the iconic scenes in the drama Winter Sonata.

Those are 7 tourist attractions that are shooting locations for Korean dramas that we have reviewed and recommended. Happy Holidays!