7 Recommended Tourist Attractions in Latvia

Tourist Attractions in Latvia

If you are a fan of anti-mainstream tourist attractions that not many people know about it, this article is something you shouldn’t miss.

Yes, when it comes to tourist attractions, most people like popular destinations. However, not a few also prefer hidden gem places where only a few people know about their existence of these places. In this case, you can use Latvia as a reference.

Latvia itself is a country that was originally part of Russia, so if you have previously been to Russian tourist attractions, a vacation to Latvia will feel quite familiar.

So far you are interested? Explore further by listening to the tourist attractions in Latvia that we recommend below. Let’s check these out!

  1. Gauja National Park

European tourist attractions are the target of many tourists who want to spend their holidays whether it’s during the new year, Eid, Christmas, or other big days.

There are lots of recommended European countries to go to. From the variety of European countries, tucked the name of Latvia which is not widely known. are you one of them? The following tourist attractions in Latvia are ready to welcome your arrival.

Yes, the first recommendation for a tourist destination in an independent country in 1991 came from Gauja National Park. If you are a nature lover, you must include Gauja National Park in your travel agenda.

Gauja National Park exhibits stunning natural scenery typical of Latvia which is dominated by caves to cliffs where its authenticity is still very much preserved today, creating a view that is not only beautiful but also beautiful.

  1. Liepaja

One of the goals of people on vacation in Europe is to enjoy the best tourist cities in the world that are already so popular like Venice in Italy.

Moving a bit away from Italy, in Latvia you can also experience what the best tourist cities may not be known to many. Yes, it is Liepaja.

Liepaja is a city located on the east coast of Latvia, directly facing the Baltic Sea, the main icon of Latvia’s tourism sector.

What makes the city of Liepaja interesting is the architectural style that dominates the city. In the southern part of the city, you will find a variety of buildings with traditional architectural styles. Meanwhile, in the northern part of the city, you will be greeted by ancient buildings that are silent witnesses of this country’s struggle for independence. Interesting right?

  1. Cape Kolka

Even though it’s not like a Christmas tourist town in Europe, which is like a fairy tale, the tourist attractions in Latvia are still interesting to visit, especially if you like historical places.

One thing that is superior to Latvia is the beauty of its natural panorama. You can see this beauty by visiting Cape Kolka.

Cape Kolka is a place located in the Slitere National Park area on the northeastern tip of Latvia. It is a remote area where you will find the remaining villages of the military heritage that are still preserved.

For those of you who want to be at one with nature, we highly recommend Cape Kolka because until now there is no modern civilization in Cape Kolka. That way, you can enjoy the natural panorama while reminiscing about the Latvian country itself.

  1. Kuldiga

Have you ever visited the best waterfall in Jogjakarta? Don’t be satisfied just yet because in Latvia, you will find an amazingly beautiful waterfall.

Is Kuliga, a waterfall that is claimed to be the largest in Europe. The name itself is taken from Kuldiga, the small town where this waterfall is located and flows through the rivers that are directly adjacent to the residents’ houses.

Around this Kuldiga waterfall, you will also see several historical heritage buildings that have been destroyed by the First World War. Interestingly, the remains of this building are left unattended so that it is very suitable for historical tourism enthusiasts.

While in Kuldiga, make sure you don’t miss the brick bridge built just above the waterfall, one of the icons of Kuldiga City.

  1. Cesis

Speaking of Latvia, apart from offering a beautiful panoramic view of the sea, this country is also rich in historical places, perfect for fans of heritage spots.

Not satisfied with exploring the beauty of this country? The next hidden gem that must be added to your list is Cesis, another old city area in this country that still exists and is maintained to this day.

In a city that is a silent witness to the glory of the Latvian royal era, you can visit one of its landmarks, namely the form of two royal castles that still stand strong today.

The royal castle is surrounded by small rocks where you can wander around the area. Very interesting for those of you who like places of high historical value.

  1. Rundale Palace

One of the main attractions of European countries is the architectural style of the buildings. You can feel the majestic atmosphere of the royal era when you are on vacation in Latvia through Rundale Palace.

As the name implies, Rundale Palace is a palace where the interior is dominated by classy antiques made by artists from Italy and France.

Rundale Palace is a Latvian icon that you should not miss because in this place you can get to know the history of the country with a panoramic view of this beautiful beach in more depth. How? Interested?

  1. Jurmala

Familiar with PIK or Pantai Indah Kapuk located in North Jakarta, Indonesia? You can experience walking on the beach like in PIK when you visit Jurmala.

Jurmala is a beachfront resort that is dominated by buildings made of wood, making the impression of an exotic beach strongly attached to Latvia which is indeed famous for its beautiful sea views.

Jurmala is very suitable as a spot for a stroll while walking along with a building that holds a great history as the headquarters of military forces during the war.

You will also find a sanatorium to an equestrian therapy center in this Jurmala area.

Those are the tourist attractions in Latvia that we have reviewed and recommended for you. Happy Holidays!