7 Tourist Attractions in Venezuela that are Exciting and Spoiling the Eyes

Tourist Attractions in Venezuela

In addition to tourist attractions in Indonesia and historical tourist attractions in Jakarta that you can visit, there are still many tourist attractions outside Indonesia that you can visit with your family and your loved ones, such as in Korea, there are many South Korean tourist attractions that you can visit. visit, let alone the South Korean epidemic itself has now spread throughout the world, you can also visit tourist attractions in South Korea and South Korean tourist attractions for kpopers themselves that you can visit. But you can go to South Korea yourself because this country is one of the safest developed countries. What about other places, like Venezuela as well as other cities?

Venezuela as we all now understand is going through a crisis. Yes, the economic crisis is very severe, until the life of the Venezuelan people returned to the barter era. They are experiencing a crisis that is not playing games. But did you know, actually their country, which is famous as an oil-producing country, has many beautiful places to visit? Yes! In the places that we will discuss on this occasion, we can see a lot of tourist attractions in Venezuela that have the potential behind every crisis that occurs there. Just follow it right away!

  1. Canaima

Angels Falls Venezuela
Canaima is the first tourist spot in Venezuela that you must visit. Yes! One of these beautiful places will make you amazed by the natural beauty of God’s creation. If you enter the Canaima area yourself, you will have a First Impression, namely, this place is an ordinary small town. But it turns out that if you go deeper, you will see a very high waterfall, it has even been crowned the highest waterfall in the world, named Angels Falls. If you are a lover of the film Up, then you will understand that what is told in the story is Angels Falls. This beautiful scenery has been included in the UNESCO world tourism heritage.

  1. Medanos de Corro

Medanos de Corro Venezuela
If you are a lover of unique places, then you need to come to this one place. One of the unique places in Venezuela is Medanos del Corro. You will be presented with dunes with beautiful views that you can see. There is also a dune as high as 40 meters. Maybe in your imagination, this place would be boring just looking at piles after piles of sand, but it’s not like that.

Many activities that you can see in this place, maybe you will not immediately see the beautiful place, but this is a very challenging place for those of you who like something challenging. This place is often used for sandboarding, besides that, you can also directly rent a camel to ride around.

  1. Choroni

Venezuelan Choroni
The third-place you can see in Venezuela which is a beautiful tourist spot is Choroni. We highly recommend you to visit this one place. Choroni is one of the Caribbean beaches which can be said to be the best beach in Venezuela. To come to this place you may need to pay a little price because it is in the interior, but you will find some very beautiful and unique colonial places.

You can enjoy the beach, but not only that, you can find firsthand the many wild faunas that roam around, there are even some birds in this place itself. We recommend you to come to this region because it is the best region in Venezuela.

  1. Los Llanos

Los Llanos Venezuela
In Venezuela, there is also a place with a vast prairie that stretches from Venezuela to the common border with Columbia. Los Llanos is one of the most famous places in Venezuela if many people around mention the name The Plains. You can see a very beautiful meadow in this place by also finding a river called the Orinoco which is one of the rivers that are on the same border as well. This place itself is often used as a bird-watching area and also a home for snakes, anacondas, and Jaguars themselves. You need to come to this place to feel the beauty of this place yourself.

  1. Valencia

Valencia Venezuela
Valencia is one of the cities in Venezuela, the city in the west of Venezuela is itself the largest and also a city center for business and manufacturing. This place is surrounded by very very beautiful mountains, but it is on one side of Valencia facing Lake Valencia.

You will find several buildings and museums for you to know about Venezuela itself. There are several museums of artifacts that were one of the natives who were here in the pre-colonial period. If you like art, then this place is for you.

  1. Polamar

Venezuelan Polar
The city, which is famous for its original pearls, has become one of the largest economic places for every marine product, especially pearls. Many people who are tourists themselves visit this place not only to buy pearls but to sunbathe and relax on the beach.

Not infrequently people do cruises and also some water sports themselves. In this tourist attraction, you can see the view of the beach and also the pearl pond at the same time. You are highly recommended to come to this place.

  1. Morrocoy National Park

Morrocoy National Park Venezuela
One of the places that you can find in the northeast of Venezuela itself is perfect for those of you who like and want to watch water tourism in this oil-rich country. Apart from the view of the soft sand itself, you can see the seawater is clear making you don’t want to go home quickly from this place. There is much avian fauna in this place such as pelicans, flamingos, and red ibis and there are also egrets. You can see all of that in one place.

Thus are 7 tourist attractions in Venezuela. Besides Venezuela, you may also be interested in American tourist attractions in the United States which are no less good.