17 Best Tourist Attractions in Granada

Tourist Attractions in Granada

If we talk about tourist attractions in Europe, then there are lots of locations that we can visit. Each location is always able to provide beauty and of course its own pleasure. To be able to determine and find the right tourist destinations in Europe may be very difficult. However, of the many countries in Europe, of course, there is one country that is quite interesting to visit. Spain is one country that is quite interesting and will certainly be able to provide a different experience for us. There are so many interesting tourist destinations in Spain that we can visit.

This time we will discuss some of the tourist destinations in Granada which are quite famous. This city has a lot of interesting tourist locations that it would be a shame for you to just miss it. The tourist sites in this city besides having a very attractive beauty also have a fairly high historical value. Some of these tourist destinations, such as

  1. Alhambra

Alhambra As one of the most famous tourist cities in Europe, the name Granada is indeed very interesting. This city is one of the cities that has an important role in the Middle Ages. One of the evidences we can see in this one tourist destination in Granda.

The Alhambra is one of the evidences of the historical heritage of the Umayyad palace. This palace is one of the most beautiful castles in Europe that we can visit. The location of the construction of the castle which is on the top of the hill of Granada makes it possible to see the beauty of this city with satisfaction. In addition, if we enter the halls in this palace, then we will be spoiled by a very grand and elegant interior.

The shape of this building is indeed much influenced by the style of the building from the Middle East. However, we can still find some cultural influences of European building styles in some parts. If you come to Granada then you should take a moment to visit this one location. This palace itself is one of the few Islamic heritages in Europe that we can enjoy its beauty.

  1. Granada Cathedral

Granada Cathedral As one part of the tourist attractions in Spain, Granada does have its own position. Its location in the southern part of Spain is one of the world’s historic tourist attractions that will not be forgotten. Granada is a location that is always contested between Muslim and Christian powers.

So it’s not surprising that we can feel the thick atmosphere of the two camps in this city. One of the interesting things is the existence of Granada Cathedral. This church itself is one of the most beautiful churches in Europe that we can enjoy.

The church itself was built around the 15th century, the construction of this church itself had experienced several changes in the responsible architecture. In 1561 this church was finally opened to the public. This church building is a combination of many interrelated models. We can find the baroque building style and the renaissance building style of this one church. if you enter the inner church room, then prepare to be amazed by the beauty that exists. Don’t let you let go of the camera to capture its beauty.

  1. Capilla Real

Capilla Real. The next tourist destination in Granada is a chapel that is dedicated to the Spanish royal family. Capilla Real is a location that can be said to be very historic in Spain. This place is the final resting place of Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella of Castile. They are both a husband and wife who are very instrumental in the early glory of the Spanish nation. Granda itself is one of the most important places during the conquest of Spain by the Catholic army. This is because Granada is the last defense city of the Moors in Spain.

The Moors themselves are people who have African and Arab ancestry on the Iberian Peninsula or Andalusia. So it is not surprising that this small town in the south of Spain has a lot of historical sites of high value. In addition to storing the bodies of the two pairs of Catholic Monarchs. This place also keeps the bodies of their son and husband, Queen Juana, her husband Felipe El Hermoso.

  1. Madrasas of Granada

Madrasa of Granada Tourist attractions in Granada this one is one of several Islamic heritages in Europe that the city can visit. This one place is one of several historical locations in Granada and Spain. As the name suggests, this building was originally a Muslim school. The building itself was first built in 1349 by the ruler of Granada at that time, Yusuf I Sultan, ruler of Granada.

The purpose of this building is a place for learning about various types of science. The teachers who are in charge of the self-administered curriculum are also mostly Muslim. However, when Granada fell into the hands of the Catholic forces. So this one building underwent a lot of changes in function. The location of this building is not far from Granada Cathedral. Now this historic building itself is a part of the university of Granada.

  1. Monasterio de San Jeronimo

Monasterio San JerÛnimoThe next tourist spot in Granada that we will discuss is a fairly well-known monastry. This monastery was first built in 1504 with a fairly large and luxurious building. The architecture that was entrusted to make one building also underwent a lot of changes. So it is not surprising that this one building has a lot of interesting shapes.

In addition to the gothic atmosphere that we can find, this one monastery also has a renaissance construction style that we can find in many rooms. The collection of statues and paintings in this building is also very interesting and certainly will not disappoint. The building which is located on Calle Rector López Argueta, 9, 18001 Granada, Spain, you really shouldn’t miss it. Make sure this beautiful location is included in your tourist list.

Apart from the locations mentioned above, there are several other locations, such as

  1. Generalife
  2. Palace of Charles V
  3. Court of the Lions
  4. Alcazaba de la Alhambra
  5. Corral del Carboni
  6. Parque de las Ciencias
  7. Granada Charterhouse
  8. Hammam Al ndalus Granada
  9. Palacio de Dar al-Horra
  10. Gate of Elvira
  11. Basilica of San Juan de Dios
  12. Gate of the Pomegranates

Those were some of the tourist sites in Granada that you can visit. Each of these locations will certainly provide a unique and interesting experience for your vacation. However, don’t forget to keep preparing all your holiday needs well in advance. This will make your vacation memorable and enjoyable. Hopefully the information was useful.