Tourist Attractions in Saudi Arabia that are Rarely Known to the Public

When reading or hearing about the country of Saudi Arabia, maybe the majority of Muslims will think it is a place of worship.

Tourist Attractions in Saudi Arabia that are Rarely Known

This is natural because the Government of Saudi Arabia has indeed designated its country only to be visited for religious purposes.

However, recently there has been a change in policy regarding the destination of tourist arrivals. The Prime Minister of Saudi Arabia has officially granted permission for a tourist visa for tourist visits.

For those who are curious and want to find out, what tours are offered by the Prime Minister of Saudi Arabia from his territory, immediately check the following list.

  1. Al-Wahbah Crater
    This place is also known as Maqla’ Tamiyyah, a volcanic crater with a diameter of 2 KM and a depth of 250 M. It is located in the middle of the desert, 250 KM from the city of Tarif. Just as the name suggests, this tour is suitable for tourists who like to do physical activities such as trekking.
  2. Jeddah Gate to Mecca
    This gate witnessed several human activities around the Arabian peninsula. Built-in the 7th century AD, this gate became the path used by Muslim pilgrims to reach the city of Mecca.
    Its solid architecture has proven to make this Gate a UNESCO world heritage and a tourist location. If visitors stop by Jeddah to see this gate, visitors will also see the many art galleries, museums, coffee shops, and shops owned by residents that have been established in the city of Jeddah.
  3. Masmak Fort
    Masmak Fort is a silent witness of the conquest of the city of Riyadh before finally joining the Arab Kingdom. This fort was built in 1865 using clay.
    Tourists who visit this fort will enjoy a historical tour directly from Masmak Fort and enjoy audio-visual works that tell the history of the establishment of this fort.
  4. King Fahd’s Fountain
    This fountain is located in Jeddah and was asked to be the tallest fountain in the world. Visitors who plan to come here, are advised to come at night because at night visitors will not only see a high fountain but will also see 500 spotlights illuminating this fountain.
  5. Jabal Sawda
    Jabal Sawda is a mountain with an altitude of 3133 meters above sea level. This peak is recorded as the highest peak in Arabia, filled with Juniper trees, and includes highlands that have natural forests.
    If you want to visit this place, tourists have to travel about 20 KM from Abha City in the province of ‘Asir.
  6. Wadi Hanifah
    Wadi Hanifah is a valley with a length of 120 km that stretches from the northwest to the southeast of the Najd region, Riyadh Province. This place is popular among local people because of its beautiful and quiet place. They usually spend the afternoon with their families to enjoy the beauty of Wadi Hanifah.
  7. Umluj. Beach
    The location of this beach is right on the coast of the Red Sea. From this beach, tourists can see a row of volcanoes that are no longer active around Umluj beach. This beach will look very charming at sunrise and sunset. This place is also touted as Saudi Arabia’s version of the Maldives, with 1,200 species of fish and 300 types of coral.

Visiting this beach, visitors will be spoiled by the beauty and naturalness of the place. Some of the activities that can be done here include snorkeling, fishing, and seeing turtles and dolphins.