Top 24 Interesting Points in America

Interesting places in America seem to be the most interesting places in the whole world. Moreover, with the enchanting line of Hollywood films. The tourist area used for filming makes America a dream country to visit.

Tourism in America

In addition to beautiful cities, you can also see the longest highway in the world. Hopefully, if you want to go to this country lend a car. Because public transportation Buses and Trains are not very popular.

More than its Transport system which is bigger like these other big cities. There are many attractions that you should not get. The Statue of Liberty, which has become an icon of this country, looks beautiful when viewed directly. The following, are some of the destinations of interest in America.

  1. Manhattan
    The first area you can visit is Manhattan, being the center of the city with all the fun culture and finances. Skyscrapers and streets were full of vehicles.

So busy, many people are out as a city that never sleeps. While in Manhattan you can enjoy a variety of super cool theatrical performances.

In addition, being able to watch the super interesting Theater, you can also see this place growing with delicious restaurants that are tempting.

If it’s about lodging, you don’t need to hesitate anymore. Here, you can find many inns. Ranging from the ordinary to the extraordinary is available here. So, you don’t have to worry about coming here.

Evening entertainment is also available, ranging from soft to loud. Manhattan is indeed a night paradise that you can never get.

  1. The White House
    Just like Indonesia which has a presidential palace that can be visited. In America, you can also see the white house where the president lives.

However, you can only see from the outside because it is difficult to enter. But, once you arrive at the area, you can feel an extraordinary calm.

  1. Niagara Falls
    Niagara Falls is the most famous by tourists and tourists who visit this place. The most interesting thing in this place that you can enjoy is the collection of three waterfalls at once. No wonder this tourist attraction is the largest waterfall in the world.

In addition, the volume of water is also very large, approximately 700 thousand gallons of liters of air, every second. Due to this, a lot of water crosses this area. In addition, the presence of glaciers in winter will appear to melt.

By exceeding and exceeding, Niagara Falls is set as the lowest discharge in the world. Since 1881, this place has been used as a source of air power generation. capable of producing less than 2.4 million kilowatts.

Among all regions in America, Niagara is designated as a young area because it was discovered 12 thousand years ago. Meanwhile, the place is more than that. Apart from being the youngest, this area is also the accepted state park in America which was inaugurated in 1885.

  1. Las Vegas Strip
    The last Vegas strip is a street area that you can visit at night. Where there are many restaurants and bars available here. The night entertainment is quite complete, you can use it to unwind all day exploring.

Unfortunately, for you Muslims, you must pay close attention to the food menu that you will eat. Because many places serve non-halal menus. However, some serve halal menus, even if only a little.

  1. Grand Canyon
    Tourist attractions in America Arizona have become another icon in America. Where the very popular area makes many tourists give up their time to this place. Please note that the area is very beautiful is America’s First National Park.

The Grand Canyon is also home to the Indian Hualapai Ranch. Native Americans who guard and care for this area. Interestingly, here you can see a canyon that is said to be millions of years old.

Well, the canyon has extraordinary features. Where the height is different and has no boundaries, you know. So, it is recommended that you do not try to look into the basics. Can fall because the canyon is prone to landslides.

Tips, for visiting this place is to pay attention to the streets around. Don’t forget yourself until you become a memory in this area. Like a tourist who is said to have been dead for 50 years. Also, be careful because this place often experiences flash floods that occur very suddenly.

Don’t forget to bring your camera. Then, after returning to Indonesia, you can compare its beauty with the Grand Canyon Indonesia in Semarang.

  1. Waikiki
    The next famous tourist spot in the United States is Waikiki. Where you can stay at a hotel that is only 10 meters from the beach. Can you imagine how beautiful it is, especially when you first open your eyes. Was greeted with a super beautiful view.

Waikiki Beach is a favorite visit by almost all tourists around the world. However, if you can go back, this area was first introduced in 1901 to coincide with the Moana Surfrider hotel standing.

There are many interesting activities that you can enjoy while here. Starting from surfing, snorkeling, diving, and other water games that have been provided ranging from banana boars, jet skis, donut boats, and many more.

  1. Yellowstone National Park
    This tourist spot on the American continent is the first National Park in the world that has ever been built, precisely inaugurated on March 1, 1872. Its area reaches 8983 square kilometers. It consists of canyons, rivers, mountains, and also a lake called Yellowstone which is the highest in America.

The location of this lake itself is precisely above the Yellowstone caldera which is the largest supervolcano in the world. Well, this caldera is considered to have an extraordinary eruption. is said to have erupted twice during the past two million years.

Here, you can also see the appearance of the most famous geyser in all corners of the world, namely the old faithful geyser. You can also enjoy the sulbapine forest that dominates this area. Also, hundreds of fauna ranging from mammals, reptiles, and some beautiful and impressive flora. There is nothing wrong with the nickname as the largest megafauna in America.

  1. the Florida Keys
    Tourist attractions in Florida America are the Florida Keys, an exotic and eye-catching area. You can even do a variety of interesting activities here. The vast expanse of seawater is another sight that is hard to miss.

You can try fishing activities with lots of fish that are easy to catch. However, not to this area if you don’t visit the famous Florida shipwreck. You can enjoy it by snorkeling or diving.

You don’t need to worry about lodging because here there are many hotels and resorts that you can choose from. The price is not too expensive you know. For stomach matters, you just have to come to the various restaurants that are already available here. With a variety of delicious special food menus.

The activity that is mostly done by tourists here is swimming with cute and funny dolphins. Take photos together or also try some games that make you feel at home for a long here.

  1. Golden Gate Bridge
    The next interesting place, when visiting America is the Golden Gate Bridge which has a length of 2,737 m. This interesting place in San Francisco America was opened to the public in 1937. Where the workers had to fight to the death. There are many obstacles such as ocean waves, storms, and exhausting rain.

Interestingly in this area, you can walk on the footpath of the bridge that has been provided. Feel the super challenging and interesting experience while passing through this place. Unfortunately, this bridge is not allowed for those of you who bring bicycles or scooters. At the end of the bridge area, there is a small building as an information room.

All information about this bridge is at the place which will open at 9 am and close at 6 pm. In addition, you can also enjoy a cafe that serves a delicious coffee menu. you have to try the sensation especially, in the afternoon with a very beautiful sunset view that spoils the eyes.

  1. Walt Disney World Resort
    Who doesn’t know Walt Disney, with his good animation presentation and always has a place in the hearts of the audience, this presents a magnificent tourist area that you must visit when visiting the United States.

There are 4 parks and 2 water park themes that you can enjoy while exploring this area. The first world you can explore is a fairy tale land. You will be taken to a fairy tale world with various attractions and ornaments that are very similar to what mothers usually tell you at home before going to bed.

There is a super majestic royal building, several kinds of characters that you can make friends with for photos. Or also enjoy a dish of fairytale-style food. An unforgettable experience. You can also time travel, and go to the world of the past kingdom.

Or watch a Disney wlat show before going to the big screen. There is also a water world which is very fun to try. A water park with a waterpark concept, with sliders and wave pools that are very similar to real beach conditions.

  1. Hollywood Sign
    Another icon of the united states is the visible Hollywood logo. This area is located on Mount Lee, precisely in Hollywood hills. You need to go up to see it up close.

Like, For going up to a mountainous area, there is an incline that is not easy for you to conquer. After arriving at the top, you can see how beautiful America’s nature is with towering green trees. Although a little barren. however, it never hurts for you to try.

The time needed to reach the top is approximately 45 minutes to 3 hours. It depends on you, how smart you are in controlling your breath and energy to get there.

  1. El Pueblo de Los Angeles
    This area is a historic place in America. The area is approximately 44 hectares and became the forerunner of the formation of Los Angeles.

In the square area, you can see some old buildings that are still standing strong and beautiful to be included in photos and pictures.

  1. Universal Studios Hollywood
    Not only in Singapore, Universal Studios, this world-famous theme park ride is also present in the United States, you know. Tourist attractions in California, America. also presents a variety of festival events such as wine food with chef Top Bravo.

Or join Panda’s dreamwork kung fu theater With a booming and fantastic sound effects and effects. You will be taken on a real adventure. An adventure that you will never forget.

You can also visit the dino world which presents a variety of exciting attractions. Or try to explore the world of Jurassic Park. Seeing their life and sometimes you also feel how it feels to be chased.

There is another harry potter wizarding world that is set in such a way that it is the same as the original. There is also a roller coaster ride that is scary but, can make you addicted to doing it, again and again. You can also take photos with some of the animated characters here.

  1. Hollywood Boulevard
    After being satisfied touring and having fun at Universal Studios, it’s time to relax by visiting Hollywood Boulevard.

Here, you can see what Los Angeles culture is like. There are several places that you might be able to visit starting from the wax museum. Can also visit the Chinese theater or Dolby Theater.

In addition to many tourist attractions, you can also enjoy a variety of restaurants that serve a variety of delicious and mouth-watering food menus. So, don’t you miss it?

  1. Los Angeles County Museum of Art
    For those of you who like art events or exhibitions. You can visit this place which is the largest art museum in the United States. You can see about 100 thousand art objects. There is also a giant canvas that you can use as a photo booth.

Not only American art, but you can also see art culture from Egypt, modern and contemporary. You can also enjoy various classy music shows, you can watch them without having to pay anything or it’s free.

  1. TCL Chinese Theatre
    This area is the venue for the premiere of the Hollywood red carpet film. Here, you can get to know more about the history of the cinema. You can buy a VIP tour ticket which will be valid for approximately 7 days.

To be able to see a cinema show here, you have to pay 5 US dollars. You can choose your seat and show time provided.

  1. Grammy Museum
    The Grammy Museum is the next area that you can visit. Where to get to this place you can go through various ways. You can use the train, bus, or use private vehicle.

Here, you can see how the music culture of the United States itself is. Lots of music you can listen to from some American musicians. Starting from the very old to the newest musicians though. So, for those of you who love the world of music, there’s nothing wrong with visiting this place even if it’s only for a moment.

  1. Dodger Stadium
    Dodger Stadium is a stadium that you can visit for baseball lovers. You can take a tour and see how magnificent the stadium is and see the collections in this area.

The price of the tour ticket offered for adults is $ 20, and for children is $ 15, which also applies to the elderly and military fighters. An additional note, the children here are those who are already 15 years old, while the elderly are 56 years old.

Tour times are 10 am, 11:30 am and 1 pm each tour takes 80 to 90 minutes. How, interested in visiting this stadium?

  1. Santa Monica
    Santa Monica is the next tourist spot that can be visited. The beauty of the sand beach is a treat that you should not miss. Not only parents, but young people also like to take the time to visit this area.

There are many things you can do here. Start by visiting a restaurant with the most delicious dishes and make you reluctant to leave. The taste spoils the tongue. If you want a different hangout, there is a bar ready to entertain you with a variety of super delicious drinks.

Not only alcohol lovers, you know, those of you who like tea are also provided here. With the taste of original coffee that tastes insane. Guaranteed, you will love the aroma and taste.

In addition, in the Santa Monica area, you can also enjoy several interesting areas such as Palisades Park with towering cliffs. Take you to the best point to see the sunset.

If you want to enjoy a very romantic atmosphere. Try visiting the pier area. Where there is a feverish well that can be used with a beautiful tempting view of the open sea. In addition, there is also a playground, aquarium, and a classic stage.

You can also visit the city center. Enjoy a variety of hotels with various facilities provided. Or visit the farmers market. Buy a variety of needed fresh vegetables.

Finally, you can visit the charming Tongva Park with desert areas and waterfalls. There is also a special area for pedestrians.

  1. Venice Canals Walkway
    The Italian city of Venice can indeed be said to be the most beautiful city in the world. No wonder so many cities around the world, trying to present it. Like the Venice Walkway in California.

There is a canal that you can use to get around by boat. See the houses standing there with colorful paint. The atmosphere and feel can indeed be said to be the most champion.

Don’t forget to bring your evil camera so you can capture all the images in photos and maybe, you can share them on any social media you have. This area will be more romantic when you come at night. The beauty of the lights can leave you speechless.

  1. Olvera Street
    Olvera Street is usually the last place for tourists exploring America.

Where in this place there are lots of t-shirts and clothes that are quite interesting. There are also various souvenirs for family gifts at home.

But, you have to be able to bargain. Because usually, the price offered is very high.

  1. La Brea Tar. Museum and Hole
    This museum is the most you must visit. Why, because there are so many reasons that you can make a choice. First, this place stores approximately 3 million fossils, you know. The largest collection was during the ice age.

There are snakes, mountain lions, and mollusks, not only can the marmouth see it, but you will also be given some knowledge about what their favorite food is. Here, you can also see dinosaur species that only have birds. There are approximately 163 species that are estimated to have existed from 11 thousand to 50 thousand years ago. You can see these fossils very well. because maximum care is carried out. So, for novice researchers who want to try to research it, it is still possible and very possible. Besides that, you can also find some micro-organisms here.

  1. Griffith. Observatory
    This place is south of Mount Hollywood which opened in 1935. You can see how majestic the stars are above the American sky.

Using the Zeiss telescope to reach this area, you can use the shuttle bus which operates every 20 minutes.

  1. Staples Center
    The last area you can visit while in the United States and Los Angeles is the Staples Center. which is a multipurpose building for various sports. Being one of the developments of the La Live stadium.

The capacity is approximately 20 thousand spectators. If it is being used, you can also enter and see the majesty of this area.

Starting from music, to wrestling, you can enjoy. You can also enjoy the outside area which is not inferior to the many delicious snacks you know. So, don’t miss this place.

Need to be interesting, various interesting places in America are very interesting and beautiful. However, getting there requires a struggle that is not easy and the costs are not small. However, all this struggle will pay off when you try to explore it.