Hidden Hits Tour in Japan, Not Many People Know

Besides being famous for a country that is rich in marine resources and famous for the country of sakura which is an icon of the country.

Japan Tourism

Japan also has a myriad of tourist destinations that can pamper its tourists ranging from nature tourism, cultural tourism, culinary tourism and educational tourism and so on.

However, many people do not know that the country of cherry blossoms has several natural tourist destinations that are no less beautiful than tours in general in Japan.

Reported from several sources of international tourist destinations, here is a list of Japanese tours that not many tourists know about:

  1. Zao Fox Village – Miyagi

This tourist spot has its own uniqueness because many foxes are found.

If you want to see the fox up close, visitors can plan to go to this one place.

This place is near Mount Zao which is an active volcano in the north of the island of Honsu.

In this wildlife sanctuary there are 10 types of animals and the most common is the Japanese Red Fox.

  1. Cat Island – Ehime

In addition to the island with many foxes, in Japan there is also an island that only contains a lot of cats, so it is called Cat Island.

Actually the cat island is called Aoshima island but many people call it cat island because on the island there are 6 times the number of cats than humans.

  1. Tsujunkyo Bridge – Kumamoto

This ancient bridge can also be one of the choices of tourist attractions for visitors who want to go to Japan.

This bridge was built in 1854 by stone craftsmen, besides this bridge has saved the lives of people in Shiratodai who are short of water.

In 1960, this bridge was registered as an important cultural asset in Japan.

Even now this bridge has become a tourist attraction because there is a kind of fountain from the pipe on this bridge to avoid clogging the pipe.

  1. Takeda Castle – Hyogo

This one castle is very unique and distinctive because when viewed, the castle is like being in the sky.

In addition, local residents also refer to the castle as Machu Pichu from Japan.

Actually this castle is the ruins of a castle that was built in 1441 at an altitude of 353 AD.

In the morning this castle looks like it is above the sky because it is surrounded by clouds that will spoil the eyes and minds of tourists.

  1. North Port Wakkanai (Hokkaido) Breakwater Dome

This old dome was built in 1936 and serves as a transit point for trains that will pass through the Sakhalin sea route.

The dome, which at first glance looks like a church aisle, served as a station for 9 years and protected trains from the strong winds and waves of the area.

The dome is 427 meters long, 13.6 meters high, and is supported by 70 giant pillars of Roman architecture.

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  1. Fukiware Falls (Gunma)
    Spectacular views will await when visiting this one place. Fukiware Falls is formed from several layers of different riverbeds, creating a waterfall that is 7 meters high and 30 meters wide.

This place looks most beautiful when autumn takes place in Japan.

Rows of tourist attractions can be used as an alternative reference when visiting Japan.