26 Recent Interesting Places in Saudi Arabia

Interesting Places in Arabia are already familiar. In addition, Muslim citizens who have always dreamed of this country to visit, as well as to worship. However, currently, this country in the Middle East is not only for Muslim visits.

Saudi Arabian Tourism

Many places and areas are really interesting to visit. Starting from the scenery and also the beautiful and impressive beaches. In addition, the Arab government has issued tourist visas for those of you who want to vacation here.

There are interesting things that you can use as an excuse to visit this place. Where some areas are designated by UNESCO as world heritage sites, you know. Here are some tourist destinations that you can visit while exploring Arabia

  1. Najd
    The first interesting tourist spot in Saudi Arabia that you can visit is Najd. A dessert that has an altitude of 762 to 1525 meters above sea level. An Ornament and Decoration with Yemen. In the year 632 Najd, there was the Riddah war.
  2. Medina Date Market
    It is undeniable because dates are a commodity as well as the most famous fruit in Arabia. Many were bought and made souvenirs to share. For those of you who come and stay at the ring 1 hotel. You can see various kinds of shops selling these dates.

During the pilgrimage season, these traders will offer a variety of merchandise. the prices offered at this place are quite cheap starting from 35-45 riyals per kilo. You can also bid until you get the cheapest price.

  1. Dumat Al-Jandal
    This interesting tourist spot in Saudi Arabia is an agricultural development that has 400 MW of power. Consists of 99 units of wind turbines with blades length of 73.7 meters. There is a steel tower that is less than 250 meters high. Able to optimize the power of approximately 4.2MW with a success rate of approximately 104.9dB.
  2. Zakfariah Market
    The thing that you should not forget when visiting Arabia is the Zakfariah Market. Where you can buy all the necessities ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive. In addition, you can buy various kinds of very interesting souvenirs.

There are Koko clothes, prayer beads, prayer mats, skullcaps, and many more. To get to this place, you can visit this market by walking which can be reached in less than 30 minutes or with a distance of 1 kilometer. In terms of price, it’s not expensive, while you have to be able to bargain.

  1. Stone Carving Site
    This stone carving site is a tourist spot in Saudi Arabia that you must visit. Here, there are approximately 6600 stone carvings that have received recognition from UNESCO as a world heritage site. From the results of this study, the results of this research used to be a paradise, where animals and plants grew very fertile.

Where this happened 6000 thousand years ago. Some carvings have been carved since 8000 thousand years ago. From some of these carvings, there are some interesting facts where the researchers found Tragelapus Imberbis.

This animal is said to have circular horns. Never once left the African continent. However, fun is in this area. There is also a type of ancient cattle auroch whose shapes resemble Bison.

This picture is also published according to this area, it is a very beautiful land like heaven with quite abundant air. Here too, you can find ancient dogs.

  1. Jamarat Bridge
    Tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia are indeed the most special. Because the construction process reached 13 trillion rupiahs. Jamarat Bridge is the most interesting. Approximately 5 million people per day visit this area.

Consists of 4 floors which have 12 doors and 10 entrances. In addition, if the pilgrimage season this area spills over because it becomes one of a series of worship. There is also an underground floor being built. Vehicles and shelters have been built for gravel when throwing the jummah.

Each floor also has a CCTV camera, air conditioning, a health team, and an emergency floor that you can use. So, there’s nothing wrong with you coming to this place and seeing how grand this building is.

  1. Jabal al-Lawz
    This tourist spot in Saudi Arabia in Arabic means Almond Mountain. It is said that it is a foggy highland area with an altitude of approximately 543 meters above sea level. The interesting thing that you can find here is that it is the only area that snows.

The reason is in this place is more often exposed to low temperatures. So, almost every year it snows and rarely misses a single time. Here too, you can see archaeological sites, and get an ancient mine which is quite fun.
You, too, can see some rock paintings.

  1. Madain Saleh
    This interesting place in Saudi Arabia has become the most important city in the history of Muslims and humans. In European literature, this place is called Hegra. The main attraction of this area is a very impressive building.

Not only large, but the carvings carved here are very detailed. The inhabitants of this area are called the Nabataeans who use stones for building. It is said that this area had become one of the wonders of the world in 2017.

  1. Jeddah Tower
    Interesting tourist attractions in Arabia this time, are a little different from other places, where you will be presented with the tallest buildings in the world. Initially, it was held by the Burj Khalifa but, nowadays it is almost evicted by the Jeddah Tower.

Initial planning of the building designed by Adrian Smith has a height of 1.6 kilometers. Then, geographical conditions do not allow this place to be reduced to 1 kilometer.

The foundation that is built is also not major, built at a depth of 70 meters. This building must be resistant to anything, especially seawater that enters the ground.

It takes 800 thousand tons of steel to build this building. And, 1 million cubic meters of concrete. The number of floors itself is also less than 200. The plan, the place that will be inaugurated this year will function as a hotel and the center of the world’s observatory.

  1. Mount Uhud
    Mount Uhud or Jabal Uhud. Be the area most loved by the Prophet. Has a height of approximately 1,050 meters above sea level. Named Jabal Uhud, you can only see this mountain that stands alone. Where no other mountain follows it.

Here, you can see the martyrs who are due because of the Uhud war. Approximately 70 companions of the prophet are buried here.

According to history, at the foot of this mountain, there was a war between the Muslims and the Quraysh.

  1. King Fahd’s. Fountain
    It’s no secret that the fountain is an impressive tourist attraction. As given, King Fahd’s Fountain is designated as the tallest fountain in the world. Where you can see its beauty at night. Approximately 500 spotlights will decorate this area.

To get the title, this place uses less than 3 giant jet pumps that launch 625 liters of air/sec at a speed of 375 km / h. You can enjoy this water from the surrounding restaurants.

So, don’t miss this magnificent spectacle. Because, including night tours, it feels appropriate to be used as an election area. Meanwhile, unwind and chat with friends or family.

  1. Tayma
    An area formed from the desertification process that occurred 8000 years ago. Located on the mainland of Nafoud Al-Kabier. Interestingly, in this area, a human spine has been found which is said to have been open for 90 thousand years. As well as the discovery of elephant tusks which are approximately 300 thousand years old.

Not only the discovery of fossils, but here you can also find various kinds of ancient texts that tell about the journey of the region. Where this place used to be a residential area of ​​the easternmost city in the Middle East.

  1. Albatoul Marine
    Albatoel Marine is a tourist area for water sports that you can visit. Where this place is very impressive.

You can enjoy various kinds of water games here. Starting from snorkeling, scuba diving, and seeing scattered wrecks, to sailing in various directions by boat.

You can also enjoy jet skiing. Well, the specialty of this area is the wakeboarding game. Where you can float in the air using air spray. And do fun acrobatics. Have a different experience while playing this game.

To be able to enjoy this game, you will be charged a fee of 24,800 SAR or if it is needed for the rupiah less than 91 thousand. The price is quite cheap for a new experience.

  1. Masjidil Haram
    Who does not know the Grand Mosque? Famous tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia are mandatory places for you Muslims to carry out worship. The area of ​​the regional mosque is less than 356 thousand square meters. And able to accommodate up to 900 thousand worshipers. Truly, the most magnificent and large place in Saudi Arabia.

When in the hajj season, the place which has been named the largest mosque in the world is visited by less than 1 million people per visit. One of the reasons Muslims must attend the Kaaba.

In Diman, the Kaaba is 13 meters long, 12 meters high, and 11 meters wide. For Muslims will this place. Therefore, do not be surprised if this time the waiting period reaches the peak of the year.

There are interesting things that you can find in this haram mosque. Where when you try to look from above, you can see the brightest area from other areas.

  1. Masjid al-Qiblatain
    Among all the famous mosques in Saudi Arabia, the Al Qiblatain mosque is the most popular. Where previously there has been a change in Qibla’s direction.

At that time the Prophet was praying two rak’ahs and a revelation came down to move the Qibla from the Baitul Maqdis to the Grand Mosque. At that time, he turned the Qibla direction 180 degrees. Interestingly, the old Qibla marker is still stored in this place.

  1. Hira Cave
    The next area is Hira Cave, this place became an area visited by the prophet to be alone. Here too, the Prophet received his first revelation of becoming an apostle at the age of 40 years.

Today, this place is the most historic site. To be able to reach the location point, you have to prepare yourself by descending less than 1000 stars. Here, it is also closely monitored by local officials.

Where many tourists like to abuse this place by making it an area that can associate partners with Allah. So, don’t do anything weird. So that you do not agree with the Arabic law there.

  1. Jannat al-Baqi
    This area is a historical place consisting of tombs. Where the mother and grandfather of the Prophet can be found here. Cemeteries here are different from those in Indonesia. You will not find tombstones, but only stones as markers.
  2. Mecca Chapter Market
    If you visit Makkah, don’t forget to come to the Bab Market which provides a variety of needs. But, you have to hurry if you want to go here. Because it’s only open from morning until dhuhur time.

The items for sale are very complete. Anything you need for a gift is here. Starting from prayer mats, skullcaps, and sarongs, to Koko clothes. One of the reasons why many tourists choose this place is that it represents lower prices with inappropriate quality.

The distance is only 10 minutes from the center of Makkah. Many have proven this place is the cheapest among other markets. Just try to prove it when you go to Mecca.

  1. Jawatha Mosque
    This mosque became the first 7 mosques built around the world. Although, currently some of the buildings have been destroyed. however, until now it is still used for prayer, you know. It is said that this place holds the big secret of Black Stone, you know.

Where this stone was stolen from mecca by qamartians. Well, this starting stone is stored in this place for about 22 years. Unfortunately, because of its very old age, this mosque is in danger of being destroyed, you know. So, if you want to visit here, don’t forget to ask for prayers at this place, okay.

  1. Field of Arafah
    This place is the pinnacle of the pilgrimage. Where, all pilgrims from all over the world, go to this place. If not in the pilgrimage season, this area is also still crowded. Several years ago this area started by planting less than 100 thousand trees to make the place cool.

Arafah itself is taken from interpreting oneself. Where, here, those who come will know who they are and understand all their faults and sins.

According to the story, this place is also a historical point that brought together the Prophet Adam and Eve. For the worshipers, this place becomes a place of worship to perform wukuf from the moment the sun slips until the sunsets.

  1. Quba Mosque
    The Quba Mosque was the first mosque built by the Prophet. It is said that this building stands on a date palm area of ​​approximately 1,200 square meters. After a massive calculation, this place is much wider 5860 square meters.

With such a fantastic area, this mosque was finally able to accommodate less than 20 thousand worshipers. On the edge of the field, you can see many vendors selling various souvenirs and delicious food.

Right in front of the mosque, you can see some towering date palms. You can take shelter under it. If you come during the month of Ramadan, this mosque will be full of various foods. So, you don’t have to worry about breaking your fast here.

This interesting mosque has 19 doors, you know. Of which, three approved are the main doors, while, the other 16 are additions only. Inside, you can see its splendor with a large chandelier. For those of you who are visiting Arabia, don’t forget to pray in this place. Because, the reward is equivalent to Umrah, you know.

  1. Prophet’s Mosque
    The next mosque, which you should visit and get rid of there is the Prophet’s Mosque. The area is very large and is a favorite place for pilgrims to break their fast during Ramadan.

The mosque, which has now been open for 1400 years, initially only had an area of ​​30×35 meters. It’s quite small, isn’t it, for the size of a mosque. The builder did not use a roof, it became a gathering place for all groups of people.

In the 1900s, the Prophet’s Mosque was finally built on a large scale and became the first Arabian peninsula to be electrified. It is said that the light produced from this place can penetrate the sky, you know.

On the southeast side, you can see the green dome. Here, it is also the burial place of the two companions of the Prophet, namely Abu Bakr and Umar Bin Khatab as well as the tomb of the Prophet Muhammad SAW. This place is usually called the garden of paradise by most tourists and congregations.

Interestingly, many worshipers pray in the raudhah room where you can see green carpets with towering pillars.

  1. King Abdullah Park
    This place is always visited by many tourists, and the place is quite charming. Shady with trees and an area filled with restaurants and street food that will spoil your tongue. So, don’t let you miss this area.
  2. Al Fanateer Beach
    After being satisfied with the religious area of ​​Saudi Arabia, there is nothing wrong, if you visit a natural location that is no less interesting. Afa Beach Al Fanater is quite enchanting with sea views combined with the beauty of the boats that seem to be passing by.

The atmosphere on this beach is quite calm, it’s understandable that not many people have visited here. Because Saudi Arabia has just issued a tourist visa. So, visit here and get a romantic atmosphere like being in your place. Several trees make you feel at home to linger here. So, did you have time to visit Al Fanateer beach?

  1. Al Bujairi Heritage Park
    This historical area in Saudi Arabia is a place that you should not miss. This area that is not exposed enough becomes a photo spot that is quite interesting to visit.
  2. Jabal Nur
    The last place you can visit in Saudi Arabia is Jabal Nur. The area that can be said to be the most interesting that you must visit. Although to achieve its beauty, you have to prepare quite a lot of energy. However, all the results will never betray your efforts.

The journey that you have to take will take approximately 2 hours. Don’t worry, you can still rest and breathe here.

Its height is not more than 1000 meters above sea level, only 640 meters above sea level. However, what makes it a little difficult is that the area is hot and there is no water source at all. So, it is recommended that you bring supplies from home, especially water which often runs out when you go up here.

Jabal Nur’s panorama is an impression that you certainly can’t forget. Where above the peak you can see how the grandeur of the Kaaba from above. Its light, which is bright with its positive aura, makes Jabal Nur the most appropriate place to see the qibla of Muslims. Not only at the Kaaba. You can also see some of the views of the city of Mecca.

Where the houses and the desert are quite wide. It’s amazing. It’s not wrong if you have to work hard to get to the top.

Currently, the terrain that you have to go through is so easy because stairs have been built made of stone. Just imagine if at the time of the Prophet there were no stairs, and the condition was still in the form of sand and stone. Sepetti, climbing Mount Semeru just happens.

Try to come in the afternoon, where you can see the eye-catching twilight views, the city lights make this place very romantic. Don’t forget to bring your evil camera, so you can capture every moment in a picture.

There are many interesting places in Arabia and most of the areas have beautiful panoramas. You must visit this place, not only for worship, it is recommended for a vacation. Because, apart from being beautiful, the food menu is no less delicious