15 Tourist Attractions in South Korea in Winter

South Korea in Winter

Approaching the end of the year in countries that have 4 seasons will be very interesting because they will begin to prepare for the arrival of winter. Starting from the colorful lights installed on the roadside, shops starting to display winter clothes, year-end discounts, and winter festivals and ending with cities that are getting more and more beautiful decorated with white snow that is starting to fall. If you have a plan for a winter vacation to a country that has 4 seasons like South Korea, you can visit 15 tourist attractions in South Korea that must be visited during the winter season,

  1. Ice-skating City Hall
    Indoor ice-skating may be familiar but what happens if you ice-skating in an outdoor arena. The chill will feel invincible with the excitement of ice-skating with family or friends and surrounded by the beautiful ice-skating rink decorated with colorful lights and various Christmas decorations. There are several places in Seoul that you can visit if you want to try outdoor ice-skating such as the Grand Hyatt in Itaewon and Olympic Park in Songpa-gu. But the cheapest and easiest to reach is the one at City Hall, Seoul Plaza. By buying an entrance ticket you can enjoy ice skating for an hour which is equipped with equipment. You can also rent gloves and lockers to store your personal belongings at a price different from the price of the entrance ticket to the arena.
  2. Taebaek Snow Festival
    One winter festival that you should not miss is the Taebaek Snow Festival. This snow festival in the Taebaek area features various large snow sculptures with unique shapes. At night this festival will be even more beautiful because it is decorated with colorful lights that illuminate each of the snow statues. Besides seeing various forms of snow sculptures, you can also play on snow slides and visit the Igloo Cafe.
  3. Pyeongchang
    Pyeongchang is one of the areas in Gangwon which is the venue for the 2018 Winter Olympics. When visiting the Pyeongchang area you can try to ski at the Doam-myeon Resort which was built in 1975 and is also the first ski resort in South Korea. Due to the position of the area, winter in Pyeongchang will be very cold and longer than in other areas. In addition, Pyeongchang is also famous as a place for winter athletes to train. Some other famous tourist attractions in Pyeongchang that you can visit are Lee Hyo-Seok Cultural Village and Daegwangryeong Yangtte Ranch. At the end of the year, there will be a Pyeongchang Songeo festival where you can do various winter activities such as ice-fishing, ice-skating, and ice-sliding.
  4. Vivaldi Park
    This ski resort located in the Gangwon-do area will provide various activities and interesting places to play that can be enjoyed by all ages, such as skiing, snowboarding, ice sledding, tube sledding to snowmobiling. For those of you who are traveling with your partner, the atmosphere will be even more romantic at night when you and your partner can enjoy candlelit streets or walk in the snow decorated with beautiful lights as streets lights. The famous Korean actor, Lee Min Ho has also filmed at this ski resort for one of his famous dramas “Legend Of The Blue Sea”.
  5. Everland
    This Everland playground has indeed become one of the tourist attractions that you must visit when you visit South Korea and if you visit in winter this playground will look even more beautiful with Christmas decorations and white snow that covers this play area. If you visit in December there will be an X-mas parade complete with Santa Claus and his reindeer. At night you can enjoy the Moon Light Parade which will be closed with fireworks.
  6. Garden of Morning Calm
    Garden of Morning Calm, which is located in the Gyonggi-do area, is a garden filled with various types of trees and flowers. With an area of ​​approximately 300,000 square meters, the Garden of Morning Calm is the largest private garden in South Korea. If you visit in winter you can see the festival of lights where the trees in the Garden of Morning Calm seem to be transformed into a very beautiful place with charming lights.
  7. Namsan Tower
    Namsan Tower or commonly abbreviated as N Seoul Tower is one of the icons of the city of Seoul it was built in 1971. Namsan tower is a must-visit tour when you are on vacation in South Korea. If you have visited Namsan tower in spring then you should visit Namsan tower in winter where snow and twinkling lights will decorate the tower area so that it presents its beauty. When you feel cold you can warm yourself and enjoy food at the restaurant which is above the Namsan tower while looking at the city of Seoul from a height. For those of you who bring your partner to this place, you can immortalize your visit by writing your and your partner’s names on a love lock that you can put on the fence around this tower.
  8. Bukchon Village
    The Bukchon area which is famous for the Bukchon Hanok Village also has several areas that are quite interesting and not too crowded so you are more comfortable enjoying the beauty and uniqueness of this place. You can take a tour through the Bukchon area with a pedicab or rickshaw where uniquely the rickshaw provider will provide hot packs and blankets that you can use if you feel cold during the tour. A tour guide who speaks fluent English will take you to hidden places in Bukchon full of traditional houses, shops, and cafes for approximately 1.5 hours.
  9. Dongdaemun Design Plaza
    At Dongdaemun Design Plaza, located in Seoul, you can enjoy art exhibitions from talented artists in South Korea. In addition to the very artistic and unique architecture of Dongdaemun Plaza, behind the Dongdaemun Design Plaza area, 20,000 LED flower fields will light up beautifully at night and add to the unique impression of this place. You can also find many food trucks around the Dongdaemun Design Plaza area.
  10. Petite France Korea
    Petite France, which is located in Gyeonggi, is a resort with a small village theme whose buildings are European-style every winter there is a Lighting Festival 2 times a week every Friday and Saturday. At this festival, the Petite France area will be decorated with various kinds of lights and you can also take part in various performances such as marionette shows, puppet shows, magic shows, plaster art, and many more. This place is also often used as a shooting location for Korean dramas and Korean TV shows because of its uniqueness and beauty.
  11. Gwangjang market
    In winter you will tend to feel hungry easily and it’s incomplete if you go to South Korea but haven’t tasted the delicious traditional food. Of all the markets in Seoul, none can match the Gwangjang market if you are looking for traditional Korean food such as hotteok (sweet Korean pancakes), bindaetteok (mung bean pancakes), and Mayak gimbap (rice rolls).
  12. One Mount Snow Park
    One mount snow park is a winter-themed indoor playground located in the Gyeonggi area. In this playground, you will find ice-skating rink, merry-go-round or merry-go-round, bungee-jumping, snow-slope sledding, and bowling with snow. What’s unique here is that you can experience the unique experience of riding a sled pulled by a group of husky dogs.
  13. Nami Island
    This island, which is located in the Gangwon-do area, does have beautiful natural scenery where many beautiful lined trees form a road that becomes a photo spot for tourists when visiting Nami Island. Nami Island is very beautiful in all seasons but if you visit Nami Island during winter and the snow is starting to fall you will be presented with a romantic view in the style of Korean dramas.
  14. Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice-Fishing Festival
    If you want to experience what it’s like to catch fish by hand in an almost frozen river, take part in a fishing competition at the Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice-Fishing Festival which is held every winter. This festival is very popular among foreign tourists. It has many competitions and attractions that you can enjoy with family and friends. In addition to the competition to catch fish by hand, you can experience other unique fishing experiences such as ice fishing, lure fishing, and night fishing. In addition, there are many attractions such as snow sled, bobsleigh, ice slide, and ice skating. There are also many cafeterias or food courts that you can visit when you are hungry.
  15. Korean Music Festival
    Every year at the end of the year in South Korea, there will be lots of music concerts held by various South Korean tv channels as a series of their year-end closing programs. Many Korean idol groups will be performing at this music concert, therefore for you K-pop music lovers you shouldn’t miss the concert later this year.

What are you waiting for, immediately plan your vacation trip to South Korea at the end of this year and don’t