15 Romantic Restaurants in Paris Perfect for Honeymoons

Romantic Restaurant in Paris, France

It is an open secret that Paris has always been a city in Europe that is always used as a tourist destination when on a honeymoon. In addition to having beautiful tourist attractions, it turns out that in this city there are also several romantic restaurants that you must visit with your partner. For more details, here are 15 romantic restaurants in Paris that are suitable for a honeymoon.

  1. Le George
    Le George is one of the romantic restaurants in Paris which is suitable for a honeymoon. This restaurant itself is located on the Champs-Elysées, Four Seasons Hotel George V, and has been around since 1928. This romantic restaurant offers light Mediterranean-style cuisine, such as Red tuna Crudo, artichokes and lime, Black Angus agnolotti, old balsamic vinegar and asparagus, and many more. Plus, this delicious dish is designed to be shared, making it perfect for a romantic dinner.
  2. La Grande Cascade
    La Grande Cascade is a Michelin-starred restaurant that has an architectural design from the nineteenth century and offers a retro-modern atmosphere that makes you remember the grandeur of ancient times. Fresh, high-quality ingredients, as well as the expertise of chef Fréderic Robert, result in delicious dishes you will never forget.

In this romantic restaurant, you and your partner can sample many menu items such as macaroni with celery root, foie gras, and black truffle or tantalizing veal bread with butter.

  1. Le Jules Verne
    This is one of the romantic restaurants in Paris that you must visit. This restaurant itself is located on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower, which will welcome you to a romantic and elegant atmosphere. In this restaurant, you and your partner can enjoy delicious dishes made by Alain Ducasse, one of the most famous chefs in the world.

Apart from great food, Le Jules Verne also offers one of the most beautiful views of the city. It doesn’t matter if you and your partner visit this restaurant during the day or night, the view will still be amazing.

This restaurant is also ideal for a wedding proposal or Valentine’s Day dinner. At Le Jules Verne, you must taste some delicious dishes, such as duck confit foie gras, grilled lobster, zucchini einkorn wheat, and chocolate crispy nuts for dessert.

  1. NoLita Ristorante e Enoteca
    NoLita Ristorante e Enoteca or better known as NoLita is a romantic restaurant in Paris, which is located in the MotorVillage (a famous Italian car showroom). NoLita is an elegant and stately restaurant overlooking the Champs-Elysées and also has views of the iconic Eiffel Tower. The restaurant has a black and white interior which gives it a modern yet minimal atmosphere that is perfect for a romantic dinner. in Paris.

At NoLita, you and your partner can taste Risotto with Italian mushrooms and ham, Linguine with sardines, Venetian calf liver, and also tiramisu. Apart from that, this restaurant also has a great wine collection.

  1. Benoit
    Benoit is known as one of the most romantic restaurants in Paris, offering mouth-watering classics. The interior is made of wood, brass, and all the rich traditional decorations of the past. Incidentally, this bistro was 100 years old in 2012 and is the only bistro in Paris to have a Michelin Star.

Dishes at this restaurant are prepared by Alain Ducasse in a traditional way characterized by an elegant presentation. You and your partner can taste beef cheek slices, garlic snails, and delicious chocolate sauce.

  1. Verjus
    Verjus is known as one of the most beautiful restaurants in Paris and is very popular with couples and foodies alike. This restaurant itself is located in a quite luxurious environment with an elegant feel. Although you see a bit of British and American cooking styles, this restaurant still retains its charm and offers food that fits your budget.

Sandwiches, creamy clam soup, Scandinavian-inspired trout and potatoes, honey cardamom panna cotta with prunes, pears, and walnuts are some of the must-try dishes.

  1. September
    Septime is one of the romantic restaurants in Paris that not only offers a fine dining experience for couples but also a very comfortable place. In this restaurant, the waiters will serve you well, has a romantic decorations so it is a must to visit. So if you are going on a very special date, this restaurant is a great choice.
  2. Le 58 Tour Eiffel
    Not only Le Jules Vernes, but in the Eiffel Tower, there is also another restaurant that you can visit, namely Le 58 tour Eiffel. This is one of the restaurants on the first floor of the tower and offers a minimalist décor so that you and your partner can fully experience the beauty and architecture of the Eiffel Tower. In this restaurant, you and your partner can enjoy special packages for lunch and dinner and quality wines.
  3. Lasserre
    For the most romantic dinner in Paris, head to Restaurant Lasserre. This is one of the most beautiful restaurants in Paris decorated with subdued lighting, soft music, and authentic Parisian cuisine. The décor and tableware in this restaurant have silver and crystal elements and when the weather is amazing outside, the roof can be retracted for diners to enjoy the beauty of the night sky.

This is one restaurant that offers the perfect charm for a romantic dinner with your partner. And don’t forget to sample the Duck a l’orange, salad with truffles, poached fish, and an excellent wine collection while at this restaurant.

  1. L’Abeille
    L’Abeille is a restaurant in Paris with a romantic, surreal atmosphere and is located at the Shangri-La Hotel to bring you the perfect romantic dinner of your dreams. At this restaurant, the great culinary experience is well kept.
  2. Julien’s Brasserie
    This restaurant is a favorite place for Edith Piaf and her boyfriend, world champion boxer Marcel Cerdan. This very glamorous restaurant was given new life in 2018 after undergoing renovations. The Belle Epoque building reopened as a bouillon, a type of restaurant popularized in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This restaurant for centuries serves simple classic French cuisine at affordable prices.
  3. Le Zimmer
    Opened in 1896, this historic bistro of the recently restored Chatelet Theatre is decorated with red velour curtains, gilded lamps, and intricate stucco walls, perfectly embodying the sensuality of the Belle Epoque. With menu prices under 25 euros, you and your partner no longer need to spend deep enough to get a romantic dinner experience in Paris.
  4. Passage 53
    One of the most romantic restaurants in Paris. Ideal for couples who value their privacy, Passage 53 is hidden in one of Paris’ most attractive locations – the glass-enclosed Passage des Panoramas shopping arcade – and very romantic. With barely any signs, and the curtains closed, it would be easy to pass by and not even know it was there, but a reputation for excellent food by the only Japanese chef in France with a Michelin star will guarantee its popularity. With only a few tables and simple décor, this restaurant ensures its focus on exceptional cuisine.
  5. Le Grand Vefour
    Le Grand Véfour has welcomed some of the most famous names in French history to its dining table. Originally built in 1784 in the Palais-Royal arcade, this restaurant has one of the most beautiful dining rooms in Paris, with walls and ceilings covered in luxurious paintings and mirrors, and a menu of French cuisine created by Guy Martin.
  6. Laperouse
    Lapérouse is a restaurant rich in history and romance. The restaurant itself is located on the banks of the beautiful Seine in the Latin Quartier. Founded in 1766, this restaurant is complete with plush velvet sofas, wood paneling, and an intimate atmosphere making it perfect for a romantic dinner. Traditional French food such as rabbit and foie gras you can find in this restaurant. Also, you can rent one of the smaller private rooms for a more intimate dinner.