15 Instagramable Tourist Attractions in China

China Tourism

Accessing social media has become the daily life of Indonesians and the world today. Along with the development of technology, more and more social media applications have sprung up. One of the most widely used today is Instagram. Not only to share photos of food and photos of someone’s daily life, but Instagram is also currently used as a means of sharing photos of unique and interesting places around the world. So that the term “Instagramable” emerged which describes a unique photo spot that attracts many people to take pictures and upload them to their Instagram accounts. Like when traveling to this bamboo curtain country, China also has many Instagramable places that you can visit during your vacation here are 15 tourist attractions in China that are Instagramable,

  1. Fenghuang Ancient City, Hunan
    Fenghuang is an ancient city founded during the reign of Emperor Kangxi, the Qing Dynasty which is also the last dynasty in Chinese history. Fenghuang Ancient City is divided into two parts, namely the old city and the new city. This part of the old city is a tourist attraction because of the beauty of the architecture of the building. You can take pictures on the banks of the Tuojiang river which flows in the center of the city with the backdrop of a stilt house that has a hundred years of history. The beauty of this city has been called by the famous writer from New Zealand, Rewi Ally the most beautiful city in China. Besides being able to take pictures, you can also visit several historical heritage sites in this city such as ancient towers, temples, and Qiliang Caves.
  2. Tongli Ancient Town, Suzhou

Tongli is one of the famous old cities which is around 1000 years old. The city which is also known as a water town is often called “The Oriental Venice” because there is a river that runs along with the city. You can see buildings with ancient Chinese architecture that are still preserved by residents and there are also many shops and restaurants around this place that you can visit. You can see the whole beauty of Tongli city by renting a small boat that will take you across the river that divides this city.

  1. Victoria Peak, Hong Kong
    A visit to Hong Kong is incomplete if you don’t visit Victoria Peak and Victoria Harbour. Victoria Peak or The Peak is an iconic location that is often visited by local and foreign tourists to take pictures of the background of the city of Hong Kong. To go to Victoria Peak, you can use The Peak Tram which has been around since 1888. Apart from taking fun photos, you can also do some activities here such as walking leisurely on the Peak Circle Walk, shopping at The Peak Galleria, spending time at Madame Tussauds and of course up to the highest area of ​​The Peak Tower called Sky Terrace 428.
  2. Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong
    Located not far from Victoria Peak, Victoria Harbor also offers a panoramic view of the city of Hong Kong that is no less beautiful. You can take pictures along the most famous harbor in Hong Kong with a backdrop of the sea and Hong Kong skyscrapers. If you visit this area at night, you will be presented with the play of lights from the skyscrapers across from Victoria Harbour.
  3. Temple Street Night Market, Hong Kong
    Hunting for Instagramable photos while on a culinary tour you can do at this night market. The area is full of the density of colorful stalls and rows of food and clothing, making Temple Street night market one of the instagramable spots that must be visited in Hong Kong. Temple Street night market is classified as a night market that still has traditional nuances, so here you can taste dishes with local Hong Kong flavors.
  4. Kowloon peak, Hong Kong
    Capturing the splendor of the city of Hong Kong can not only be done from the top of a skyscraper or Victoria Peak, there is one photo spot that will certainly make you get a lot of admiration from followers on social media. Kowloon Peak is the highest hill in the Kowloon region with a height of 603m above sea level. This peak is located in the northeast area of ​​Kowloon which separates Kowloon from Sai Kung. To get to Kowloon peak you have to pass a climbing route that is quite energy-consuming. But all the fatigue will pay off when you get to the top and see a very beautiful view.
  5. The Bund, Shanghai
    One of the proud symbols of the city of Shanghai, it is also the place that appears most often on social media because of the large number of tourists who take pictures in this place. The place that was once a pier along the Huangpu river offers the sensation of the beauty of the Huangpu river which is the heart of Shanghai with a row of European architectural buildings around it. Several famous buildings are also located here including Renaissance, Gothic, Beaux-Arts, Romanesque, and Art Deco buildings. With the backdrop of the towering Skyscrapper and the famous Oriental Pearl Tower, your photos will get a lot of “likes” on your social media.
  6. Nan Lian Garden, Hong Kong
    This iconic photo spot in front of the Golden Pavilion in the Nan Lian park is the target of tourists who come to this park in the city of Hong Kong. Feels like an oasis in the midst of breathing the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong, a garden filled with cultivated plants, flowers that adorn traditional buildings, and a small waterfall, making Nan Lian Park an instagrammable place in Hong Kong. Right next to this park is the Chu Lin Nunery, a Buddhist temple that was founded in 1934 which you can visit next.
  7. Graham Street Wall Art, Hong Kong
    This road, which is famous among young people and tourists, does have its charm. Located in the Old Town Central area, this street surrounded by shopping shops and restaurants is decorated with various eye-catching street art. Many tourists visit this street just to hunt for photos in front of these murals. You can find famous street art by Kelsey Montagus, Invader, Rukkit Kuanhawate, and Hopare in some hidden parts of this street. So when you visit Hong Kong, it never hurts to stop by this street to just take pictures and see the beauty of the murals that adorn this street.
  8. Yu Garden, Shanghai
    Standing in the middle of the modern city of Shanghai, Yu Garden presents a comfortable and unique impression. The park which has an area of ​​​​about 20,000 square meters has an oriental architectural style with a roof that curves upwards and forms a pointed angle. Red and gold colors dominate the buildings in this park. With its unique design and architecture, this historic site building which was built in 1577 by a governor from the Ming Dynasty Pan Yunduan has functioned as a comfortable resting place for Pan Yunduan’s father is spending his old age. In addition to being an instagramable photography spot, here you can also shop at Yu Garden Market which sells a variety of handicrafts.
  9. Shanghai Film Park, Shanghai
    It’s like riding a time machine and going back to ancient China, that’s the impression you’ll get when you visit Shanghai Film Park. This place is an amusement park that is often used as a place for filming, tourism, and cultural communication. Old buildings with typical European architecture coupled with tram crossings adorn this amusement park, making this amusement park the next instagramable spot in Shanghai.
  10. Jin Mao Tower Skywalk
    “No risk, No Fun!” as posted by Lisa_foerth on her Instagram account. It’s not complete if you come to Shanghai but have not felt walking on a building with a height of approximately 350 meters or the equivalent of a height of 88 floors. Jin Mao Tower presents a unique experience for travelers who want to challenge themselves to overcome their fear of heights by walking around the 60-meter-long exterior building with only a glass floor. Your adrenaline will be pumped but all the tension and fear will be paid off with an experience that you will never forget for a lifetime. Don’t forget to prepare your camera to capture this moment
  11. HOW Art Museum, Shanghai
    The HOW Art Museum is one of the next Instagramable places in Shanghai. With so many exhibitions from world-famous artists held in this museum, this museum is crowded with visitors, not only to see the works of art from these artists but also to be a unique photo hunting place, as posted by the Artcollectorinvest account.
  12. Sai Wan Swimming Shed
    Hidden Gems! That’s what the Sai Wan Swimming Shed is called, a place for swimming that is never empty of visitors. Previously, it was only famous among the elderly because it was a swimming place for the Hong Kong elderly community, but over time this place has also become famous among local and foreign tourists because of the beauty of the sea view that is still beautiful. This place is an Instagramable photo spot with a beautiful sunset background.
  13. Sunset Peak, Hong Kong
    Sunset Peak offers natural beauty that will amaze you after hiking for about three hours to get to this place. Although it seems difficult and requires great effort and energy, the struggle to get to Sunset Peak in Hong Kong is not in vain. Prepare physical conditions, sufficient supplies, and of course a camera to be able to capture the beauty of this Sunset peak.

Prepare your physical condition and camera because getting Instagramable photos is not easy but all the fatigue will pay off when you get compliments and good comments from many people about the photos you upload to your social media accounts. So what are you waiting for, immediately plan your trip from now on.