15 Best Tourist Attractions in London that You Must Visit

London Tourism, United Kingdom

Here are 15 of the best tourist attractions in London that you must visit when the holiday season arrives.

  1. Madame Tussauds London Museum
    Madame Tussauds Museum is the best tourist spot in London where you can see wax statues of many famous people in the world. From Benedict Cumberbatch to Johnny Depp to the Queen of England, everything looks so real. In addition, if you are a fan of science fiction films, there is a special zone dedicated to Star Wars fans.
  2. Hyde Park
    This park is known as the most iconic and best place to visit in London. Generally, this area is 350 acres of open space that is open to the public. In this park, you can enjoy the beauty of an 18th-century man-made lake called the Serpentine, where you can boat and swim.
  3. London Eye
    Your holiday experience will not be complete without a visit to the London Eye. The London Eye is the most popular Ferris wheel in the world. From this ride, you can enjoy the beauty of London to its fullest, from the River Thames to some of the city’s stunning views. The whole journey which lasts for about 30 minutes is sure to be something you will never forget for the rest of your life.
  4. Big Ben
    Apart from the London Eye, Big Ben is the first thing that comes to mind when you visit London. Big Ben itself is an iconic London landmark covering an area of ​​97 meters with a giant clock that is known throughout the world. No wonder, if this landmark you must visit when in London.
  5. Buckingham Palace
    The palace is the residence of the Royal Family in London which was built in 1837. To enjoy its beauty you can take part in a tour of the palace and one of the most popular attractions at Buckingham Palace is the guards in their iconic attire.
  6. Westminster Abbey
    Westminister Abbey is a church with a Gothic architectural style and also an iconic site that has been associated with Christianity since the seventh century and has witnessed many funerals and coronations. In addition, recently, Westminister Abbey has gained popularity as the location of choice for grand Royal Weddings.
  7. London Dungeon
    If you prefer adrenaline-pumping tourist attractions, then the London Dungeon is the right location. The London Dungeon is one of the most entertaining ways to learn about the history of London. In this location, you’ll walk through dungeons from show to show and experience historical events through interactive live-action shows. There are many famous characters that you will meet in London Dungeon, such as Sweeny Todd, Jack the Ripper, and many more.
  8. Kew. Botanical Gardens
    If you like plants, then you can visit Kew Botanical Gardens. This garden in southwest London on the banks of the River Thames is perfect for relaxing. In addition, if you are on vacation with your family, the kids will love this place where they can run around in this 300-hectare garden.
  9. Trafalgar Square
    Trafalgar Square is an iconic place in London that is located close to each other. Trafalgar Square is a square that was built to commemorate Lord Horatio Nelson’s victory over France and has a 56-meter granite monument, Relax for a moment in Trafalgar Square is the right activity before you start exploring the city of London.
  10. Victoria and Albert Museum
    For history buffs, visiting the Victoria and Albert Museum is a must. Victoria and Albert is one of the most diverse museums in the world and has a Natural History Museum and a Science Museum where you can study. In addition, with an area of ​​about 13 hectares, this museum has 145 galleries containing artifacts that are thousands of years old.
  11. St Paul’s Cathedral
    St Paul’s Cathedral is the largest and most popular church in London. The cathedral, which sits on the site of a Roman temple, was rebuilt after being destroyed in a fire. For those of you who like tourist attractions in London that have historical buildings, then you must visit this magnificent St Paul’s Cathedral.
  12. St. James’s Park
    st. James’s Park is a royal park in London that you must visit. In this garden, you can relax or walk around while enjoying the beauty of the flower beds that are famous in this park. In addition, you can also see some pelican feathers and there are also many important landmarks around this park that you definitely must visit.
  13. British Museum
    The museum, which is located at Great Russell St, Bloomsbury, London WC1B 3DG, United Kingdom, is a must-visit place in London. At the museum, you can see more than 13 million artifacts from the ancient world to modern times. In addition, there are also valuable objects from all over the world and civilizations, including Assyria, Babylonia, Europe, China, Egypt, and so on.
  14. Warner Bros. Studio Tour London
    Harry Potter fans from all over the world will visit this place. Warner Bros. Studio Tour London is a location that will give you information about what’s behind the scenes of the phenomenal Harry Potter film. Here, you can take a guided tour that will take you to explore famous places in the film, one of which is The Great Hall. You can also learn about the entire filmmaking experience which is very interesting.
  15. National Gallery of London
    In general, the National Gallery of London is an art museum located in Trafalgar Square. This art museum has a complete collection of European paintings, ranging from 1260 to 1920. In addition, you can also witness the beauty of paintings by several legendary painters, such as Child (Leonardo da Vinci), Venus and Mars (Botticelli), The Waterlily Pond ( Monet), and Sunflowers (van Gogh), and many more.