15 Best Tourist Attractions in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Tourism, Netherlands

Amsterdam is not only known as the largest city but also one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The city which is also often referred to as the “Venice of the North” because of its many canals has many tourist attractions that you must visit. For more details, here are 15 of the best tourist attractions in Amsterdam that you can use as a reference.

  1. Vondelpark
    Vondelpark is a very popular park in Amsterdam. No wonder many people always visit one of the best tourist attractions in Amsterdam. This is because, around this beautiful park are many restaurants and cafes, including the famous Blauwe Theehuis, Café Vertigo, Vondelpark3, De Vondeltuin and Groot Melkhuis. Apart from that, you can also find skate rental shops, an outdoor theater, and a garden with more than 70 amazing types of roses.
  2. Heineken Brewery
    For beer connoisseurs, the Heineken Brewery is the best place to visit near Amsterdam. In this location, you will be invited to know the brewing process and its history. In addition, you can taste 5 different types of beer with free drinks when joining the existing tour packages.
  3. Efteling Amusement Park
    If you are vacationing in Amsterdam with your family, then don’t forget to visit Efteling Amusement Park. Efteling is a fantasy theme park in Amsterdam that always attracts visitors from all over the world. In addition to complete attractions, you and your family can also watch some interesting shows that are always held at this amusement park.
  4. Rijksmuseum
    For those of you who like historical tours, then there is one of the most popular places to visit in Amsterdam, namely the Rijksmuseum. The Rijksmuseum is a museum that takes you back to 1809. The museum itself houses brilliant art and antiques in more than 250 rooms. In addition, in this museum, there is also a large library with a collection of more than 35,000 important books and manuscripts.
  5. Amsterdam’s King’s Palace
    The palace which is also one of the best tourist attractions in Amsterdam is located in Dam Square. The palace was previously a town hall but is now a popular tourist spot that remains open to visitors all year round.
  6. Anne Frank House
    Your holiday experience in Amsterdam would not be complete without a visit to the Anne Frank House. This is a biographical museum dedicated to. Anne Frank. Anne Frank was a young Jewish girl who lived during the Second World War. While hiding from the Nazis he left a diary describing the hardships his community was experiencing at that time.
  7. The Van Gogh Museum
    Apart from the Amsterdam King’s Palace and the Anne Frank House, you can also visit other museums in this city, one of which is the Van Gogh museum. Because the museum is so popular, each year there are more than. 1.5 tourists to visit the museum that stores the works of this legendary painter.
  8. Eye Film Museum
    The Eye Film Museum is the perfect place for film lovers. The museum itself is located in a building resembling a spaceship on the main seafront of the city and has a large collection of Dutch films. In addition, this museum also always hosts international film screenings.
  9. Rozentheater
    If you want to catch a world-class show in Amsterdam, then you can visit the Rozentheater. In this theater, performers with outstanding performances will bring comedy shows in different formats.
  10. Canal Belt
    The canal, which was built in the 17th century, is on the UNESCO World Heritage list, so it is getting more and more popular every day. The Canal is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the city with quaint houses and cafes surrounding it.
  11. Dam Square
    Dam Square is known as an iconic landmark in Amsterdam. Around this open area are several historic buildings, such as the Royal Palace, Church, and the legendary Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. Dam Square is also the best place to start a sightseeing tour of the city and also one of the most famous places that you must visit.
  12. Amsterdam Dungeon
    Amsterdam Dungeon is a unique tourist spot in Amsterdam. This is because, in the Amsterdam Dungeon, you will be taken. into a church where you return to Amsterdam’s 500-year-old history. In this place, you will explore tunnels, mazes, torture chambers, mirror rooms, and some unique characters that you can find.
  13. Red Light District
    The Red Light District is an area in Amsterdam that is very popular for its nightlife. In this area, you will always find a bar on every blade. In addition, this place is also very Instagrammable at night.
  14. Keukenhof
    If you are tired of visiting museums or theaters, then you can visit Keukenhof instead. In general, Keukenhof is the largest flower garden in the world. To get to this garden, you can use public transportation for 40 minutes from the city center. In this garden, you will be greeted with various types of flowers that will surely make you feel at home.
  15. Bloemenmarkt
    No holiday abroad is complete without shopping, and if you’re in Amsterdam, don’t forget to visit Bloemenmarkt. Bloemenmarkt is the only floating flower market in the world. If you thought the canals in Amsterdam were already very charming, wait until you visit the canals that are blooming with the fragrance of this flower.