15 Romantic Places in Zurich Perfect for Honeymoons

Romantic Places in Zurich, Switzerland

Besides being known as the largest cultural center city in Switzerland, Zurich also has many romantic places that must be visited with your beloved partner. Here are 15 romantic places in Zurich that are perfect for a honeymoon.

  1. Grossmunster Church
    The church with Romanesque architecture on the banks of the Limmat river is one of the romantic places in Zurich that is suitable for a honeymoon. When you and your partner are walking down the street in the Old City, don’t forget to visit this ancient church. The Grossmunster Church itself was built in 1100 and has become known as a symbol of eternal love in Zurich.
  2. Bürkliplatz
    If you and your partner want to visit a place to relax, then Burkiplatzz is the right location. This town square is always visited by tourists when vacationing in Switzerland, so you can imagine how popular this place is. Burkiplatz is a boat dock that is also a place for buying and selling, the location of art performances, and much more. In addition, you and your partner can also witness a romantic view of the Alps from this place.
  3. Mühlesteg. Bridge
    It is common knowledge that the Mühlesteg Bridge is known as one of the most romantic places in Zurich. When you and your partner are at the Mühlesteg Bridge, you will be greeted with many strong love locks and make it a sacred place to perpetuate love. You and your partner can also buy keys from shops around the old town which you can then pair on this romantic bridge.
  4. Rietberg Museum
    The Rietberg Museum is not only a suitable place to learn history but also a romantic honeymoon location because of its location in the middle of a beautiful garden. The museum itself has many historical items, such as carved Swiss Masks, some classics from South America, Asian Buddhist art, and beautiful African sculptures.
  5. Lake Zurich
    Your honeymoon vacation experience will not be complete without visiting Lake Zurich. On this lake, you and your partner can take a walk, get on a boat and explore some of the beautiful places that exist on the shores of this lake. If you are visiting on a national holiday, then you can enjoy music tours and other festivals.
  6. Church of St. Peterskirche
    St. Peterskirche is known as the oldest church and one of the four main churches in Zurich. In addition, this church is also a must-visit because it has a romantic feel. In this church, you and your partner can pray or just admire the beauty of this beautiful church. The church which was rebuilt in 1705 is also very suitable for those of you who like historical places for vacation.
  7. Confiserie Sprungli
    If you and your partner love chocolate, then don’t forget to stop by Confiserie Sprüngli or cafe Sprüngli. For many people, this cafe is heaven for sweets. In addition to chocolates and snacks, you and your partner can also enjoy coffee while relaxing and seeing the romantic beauty of the city.
  8. Kunsthaus Zurich
    The next romantic place that you must visit in Switzerland is the Kunsthaus. The Kunsthaus itself is an art gallery that boasts an excellent collection of European art. It is home to artists like medieval artists such as Van Gogh and Monet and more recently from the quirky 19th and 20th centuries.
  9. Dolder Grand
    Dolder Grand is a hotel with a romantic feel that combines tradition and modernity, making it a must-visit during your honeymoon. The hotel also has beautiful surroundings and stunning surrounding views. And most importantly, the hotel is easily accessible due to its convenient location and proximity to the majestic Alpines. At this hotel, you and your partner can enjoy a spa, various types of massages, and treatments while admiring the beauty of the surroundings.
  10. Fraumunster Church
    It is undeniable that Fraumunster is a romantic church in Zurich so it is very suitable to be visited when you are on your honeymoon in this city. This romantic church is very popular for its glass windows and grand architectural design.
  11. Zurich Thermal Baths & Spa
    This place used to be a brewery, which has now been transformed into a bathhouse and sauna. Here, the main attraction is the rooftop outdoor heated swimming pool. The baths, located at B2 Boutique Hotel + Spa, are a must-visit after your day around Zurich.
  12. Chinese Garden
    A Chinese-themed garden located in the city of Zurich is one of the most romantic places surrounded by ponds and some beautiful small islands. The Chinese Garden has a positive aura and purity so it is perfect for relaxing amidst the hustle and bustle of the city. In this park, you and your partner can enjoy a peaceful environment while strolling amidst beautiful nature.
  13. Altstadt
    Altstadt is the oldest city area in Zurich. This old town area has some of the best shopping in Zurich and several clubs for those of you who like nightlife. You and your partner must explore the beauty of this region to experience the combination of traditional and modern aspects that Zurich has.
  14. Zurich Opera House
    If you and your partner love the world of performances such as opera-ballet and theater, then the Zürich Opera House must be on your list. There are more than 250 world-class shows every year held in this building. Enjoying romantic opera music is an experience that you will never forget in your life when you visit this place.
  15. Swiss National Museum
    The last romantic place in Zurich is the Swiss National Museum. The museum itself is a magnificent castle that was built in the 18th century. Taking pictures and strolling while enjoying the architectural beauty of this romantic building is a memory that will surely be remembered forever.