15 Most Beautiful Castles in Europe You Must Visit

Castles in Europe

It is common knowledge that Europe has many beautiful castles and is a must-visit tourist spot. Almost all castles in Europe will take you into an amazing fantasy world.

Each castle has its uniqueness, be it architectural style, history, or beauty. Talking about beauty, here are some of the most beautiful castles in Europe that you must visit during the holiday season.

  1. Burg Kreuzenstein Castle, Austria
    Burg Kreuzenstein is one of those castles that looks like it was made from someone’s imagination, which is full of magic. The castle is just a few miles north of Vienna and is also one of the most popular tourist attractions in Austria.

The present Burg Kreuzenstein was built on the remains of an earlier castle and, interestingly, under reconstruction, parts of other medieval buildings from across Europe were purchased and combined into this castle building.

  1. Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany
    Neuschwanstein is a castle that is always visited by many tourists and has a 19th century Roman Revival architectural style. In addition, Neuschwanstein has also been the inspiration for Disney’s popular Sleeping Beauty castle.

Every year, there are more than one million tourists visit the castle in Germany and during summer or holidays, every day there are thousands of people who want to admire and learn about the history of this magnificent castle. The castle overlooks the forest and mountains, making it feel like a fairy tale.

  1. Alcázar Seville, Spain
    Alcázar Sevilla (The Alcázar of Seville) is a palace with architecture that is quite familiar if you are a fan of the films Lawrence of Arabia, Kingdom of Heaven, or Game of Thrones. This castle or palace was built for the Christian king Peter of Castile on the site of the fortress where Abbadid Muslims lived. Like the Alcazar of Segovia, this castle is a great example of the legendary Mudéjar architecture.

The courtyard section which is also known as the Patio de las Doncellas is the highlight of the alcazar complex with its exquisite tiled base. In addition, the 14th-century Salón de Audiencias is still used as the reception room of the reigning king and is open to the public.

  1. Bran Castle, Romania
    Bran Castle, which is famous for its Dracula feel, is located in Central Romania and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. The castle dates from the 14th century and was built to protect the region from the Ottoman Empire at the time. Bran Castle has a Gothic architectural style and sits atop a 60-meter-high cliff in the Transylvania Mountains,
  2. Château de Chenonceau, France
    Château de Chenonceau is a castle in France that has a unique design with a curved bridge over the Cher River. This castle is one of the most famous locations in the Loire Valley.

The Château de Chenonceau in France combines Gothic and Renaissance architectural styles on the outside, while the inside features a stunning collection of furniture, rugs, and artwork.

The castle is surrounded by a large forest and there is a beautiful garden on the grounds. The design of the Château de Chenonceau is truly unique so that it makes you feel at home to visit.

  1. Château de Chantilly, France
    Château de Chantilly is a medieval castle inhabited by knights and also as a witness to the history of wars in the past, it is a must for you to visit.

You can get to the Château de Chantilly in just an hour’s drive from Paris. This castle is also a popular location that always attracts tourists from all over the world.

The Château de Chantilly never belonged to the French royal family, but was always owned by a noble family. In addition, in this castle, there is a garden of 115 hectares that you can explore.

  1. Castillo de Coca, Spain
    Located in central Spain, this castle combines Western and Moorish military architectural styles and features a slight Gothic accent. The castle, which was built in the 15th century, is a testament to the toughness of Spain in the past.

Castillo de Coca is located about 45-kilometers north of Segovia. The castle, which has a three-tiered defense system and is surrounded by a moat, has also been a national monument of Spain since the 1920s. Currently, some parts of the castle are open to the public. There are several places that you can visit in this castle, such as the chapel, weapons room, and storage center.

  1. Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland
    Eilean Donan Castle in Scotland was built in the 13th century and is one of the most famous places in Scotland. Specifically, Eilean Donan Castle is located on a small island in the Scottish highlands surrounded by three lakes, namely Loch Dutch, Loch Long, and Loch Alsh which will surely impress you even more.
  2. Segovia Castle, Spain
    Segovia Castle is a castle in Spain which was built in the Moorish architectural style. The castle is first mentioned in Christian writings in the 12th century, namely the Alcazar of Segovia, a castle/fortress built on a rocky cliff. During the Middle Ages, the kings of Castille chose the Alcazar of Segovia as one of their residences.

On the outside of the castle are moats, suspension bridges, towers, and a Herrerian courtyard for you to explore. In addition, there are several noble rooms and a chapel inside.

  1. Hohenzollern Castle, Germany
    The Hohenzollern is known as the most significant object in the Baden-Württemberg region. This castle is on top of Mount Hohenzollern and was built in 1850. You and your family must visit Hohenzollern because this castle is majestically built on a mountain, and has many amazing towers so you can not only enjoy the grandeur of the castle, but also the surroundings around that is no less amazing.
  2. De Haar Castle, Netherlands
    If you are on vacation in the Netherlands, then don’t forget to stop for a moment in the province of Utrecht. This is because, in the province, there is one amazing place, namely De Haar Castle. The largest castle in the Netherlands is only half an hour’s drive from Amsterdam. The castle has an interior featuring significant wood carvings and some of the works belonging to the Rothschild family are also visible throughout the property.
  3. Corvin Castle, Romania
    Corvin Castle which is also often referred to as Dracula’s castle has a Gothic-Renaissance architectural style in the late Middle Ages, this castle is not only the most significant object in Romania but also one of the largest castles in Europe. In addition, the castle has been renovated many times due to several fires which caused significant damage.
  4. Gravensteen Castle, Belgium
    This castle which is also useful as a medieval fortress is located in the city of Ghent. This castle was deliberately built to scare the enemy because it was inspired by the castle of the crusades. In addition, this castle also has some elements of a typical medieval castle, oval in shape, and has a moat around it.
  5. Château de Chambord, France
    Château de Chambord is known as the largest castle located in the Loire Valley and also the most beautiful castle in Europe. The castle features the most famous French Renaissance architectural style and is recognized worldwide. This makes the castle always crowded throughout the year.

The castle combines medieval forms with popular Renaissance structures. Built in the early 16th century and originally serving as a hunting lodge for King Francis I of France, the castle is surrounded by vast grounds and stunning forests.

  1. Moszna Castle, Poland
    The last most beautiful castle in Europe that you must visit is Moszna which is located in southwest Poland. The castle, which was built in the 17th century, combines several architectural styles, namely Baroque, neo-Gothic, and neo-Renaissance. This fairytale-like castle was once the residence of the kings of industry, the Silesia Tiele-Winckler family. The castle changed ownership and at one point it was used to house a medical institution that specializes in psychiatry and neurology, which is very beneficial to the surrounding community.