15 Recommended Best Tourist Attractions in Brazil

Brazil Tourism

Here are 15 recommendations for the best tourist attractions in Brazil that you can use as a reference before traveling to one of these South American countries.

  1. Iguazu Falls
    Iguazu is the name of a waterfall that is located in two countries, namely Argentina and Brazil. One of the best tourist attractions in Brazil is a waterfall system consisting of 275 waterfalls along the Iguazu River. Your vacation experience in Brazil would not be complete without visiting these stunning waterfalls.
  2. Pantanal
    In general, the Pantanal is the largest wetland in the world, located in Western Brazil, Bolivia, and Paraguay. The Pantanal is the best tourist spot in Brazil because of the diversity of animals that live there, such as the Capybara and the Yacare Caiman. Not only that, but this region is also home to one of the largest Jaguar populations in America. Some of these things make this area a suitable place for those of you who like outdoor tourism.
  3. Copacabana
    Copacabana is a beach located in Rio with a length of about two miles and is surrounded by high-end hotels and inns., One of the best beaches in Brazil is often the site of Rio’s famous New Year celebrations and several tourist attractions, including the Copacabana Fort, which was built in 1914, and the magnificent Copacabana Palace Hotel.
  4. Christ the Redeemer
    The statue with a height of 39.6 meters is located on top of the Corcovado mountain and is one of the iconic symbols of the country of Brazil. From a height, you can enjoy the beauty of the surrounding scenery, such as the bay of Guanabara in the north, and Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas in the south. Without visiting this statue, your vacation in Brazil would not be complete.
  5. Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park
    Chapada dos Veadeiros is a national park in Brazil that you must visit. In this national park, you can witness the beauty of cascading waterfalls, lush greenery, wildlife, and challenging hiking trails. This national park is a must-visit if you prefer stunning nature-themed attractions.
  6. Porto de Galinhas
    Porto de Galinhas is one of the most popular beach destinations in Brazil. Porto de Galinhas offers gorgeous white sand beaches, beautiful weather, warm waters, and great accommodation options in all price ranges. In addition, you can relax in the natural pools that form on the reef at low tide.
  7. Buzios
    Buzios is a great location for travelers who like beaches. Buzios itself is a resort town 105 miles from Rio de Janeiro, which has 23 beaches. Surfers will love Geriba beach while for a family vacation, Tartaruga is a great choice. In addition, this seaside area also has a fishing village with a harbor filled with colorful boats.
  8. Pelourinho
    In general, Pelourinho is the historic center of Salvador which was founded in 1549 and was the first colonial capital of Brazil. The old town is filled with elegant pastel-colored buildings, colorfully painted, music, and dancing in the streets. Plus, it’s a great location to buy local crafts and enjoy mouthwatering Brazilian dishes.
  9. Amazon River
    It’s incomplete to talk about tourist attractions in Brazil without mentioning the Amazon river. This is because the second-longest river in the world has more than 3,000 known species of fish and new species are still being discovered. Down this river by boat while enjoying the beauty of the surrounding forest is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you will never forget.
  10. Olinda Historic Center
    Apart from Pelourinho, Olinda is also one of the most well-preserved colonial cities in Brazil. Olinda is a colorful city, with white buildings with red roofs contrasting the blue of Brazil’s north Atlantic coast. The city has some major tourist attractions, such as the historic downtown area, churches, and the famous Olinda Carnival. Apart from that, you can also easily find various bars, restaurants, and art studios.
  11. Bonito
    Bonito is a city that is also often used as a gateway to some of Brazil’s most unique natural attractions, including stunning waterfalls and caves. However, its most popular attraction is its crystal clear waterways, where you can swim with the fish. In addition, there is also Abismo Anhumas, a place where you can descend to the bottom of the cave and walk among the amazing stalagmites and cave formations.
  12. Rio de Janeiro
    Rio de Janeiro is a perfect city where you can visit beautiful beaches, magnificent forests, and a lively metropolis. Apart from obvious spots like Christ the Redeemer, Sugarloaf, and Copacabana don’t miss out on more remote spots like hiking the TransCarioca or watching the sunset over Arpoador. If you love music, then you have a lively samba show all year round.
  13. Roraima Mountains
    The majestic mountains located at the northern tip of Brazil are the right place for those of you who are adventurous. With untouched rocky landscapes, and stunning views make Mount Roraima a place you shouldn’t miss.
  14. Sao Paulo
    Sao Paulo is home to more than 13 million people and is considered the business and financial capital of Brazil. In this metropolitan city, you visit some of the best art galleries and museums in the country before spoiling your taste buds at the several restaurants dotted around every corner of the city. In addition, the nightlife in this city is also very lively and many people think this city never sleeps.
  15. Fernando de Noronha
    To get to Fernando de Noronha, you have to take a flight from Recife to get to this volcanic archipelago. With jagged coastlines, unspoiled scenery, and shallow seas teeming with tropical fish, sharks, turtles, and dolphins, this protected area is a great place to relax and see wildlife in their natural habitat.