15 Cities in Malaysia that You Must Visit During the Holiday Season

Cities in Malaysia

This Southeast Asian country is home to a wide variety of cultures and this is what makes Malaysia’s cities so interesting to explore. Buddhist temples, skyscrapers, and bustling markets can be found alongside colonial architecture and Malay buildings, and there are some stunningly beautiful landscapes bordering the cities themselves. With its rich cultural heritage, mouth-watering cuisine, and friendly people, Malaysia has always been a tourist destination for many people. For more details, here are 15 cities in Malaysia that you must visit when the holiday season arrives.

  1. Johor Bahru
    Johor Bahru is the southernmost city in Malaysia, which is also located on the border with Singapore. Because of this, many tourists stop by this city during their trips to the neighboring country. The city has a lively atmosphere, there are many museums and cultural attractions to visit. The city also has several large shopping centers and lively nightlife. Some of these things make Johor Bahru one of the cities in Malaysia that you must visit when the holiday season arrives.
  2. Kuching
    In general, Kuching is a relaxing place to visit with lots of things to see and do. Located on the banks of the Sarawak River, the city has a charming waterfront promenade and many interesting museums. There are also many restaurants, bars, and cafes that highlight the multicultural side of the city itself.
  3. Kuala Terengganu
    One of the cities in Malaysia that must be visited during this holiday season was once a small fishing village. Later, the discovery of oil fields changed the face of this design into a city full of skyscrapers side by side with ancient old buildings. Despite the rapid development of the times, Kuala Terengganu is still a charming place, with a very beautiful Chinatown and there are several charming beaches. Largely used as a base from which to explore the surrounding jungle and the enchantingly beautiful islands, this city has a lot to offer to keep visitors entertained for a few Malaysian days.
  4. Perfect
    The city is full of traffic, if visitors stay in the city for a certain period, they always head to the mosques and different hotels on the stilts lining the waterfront. Although some people stay in cheap hotels in the city to save money, most of them only stop at Semporna to reach the nearby islands which have beautiful diving spots.
  5. Kuala Lumpur
    Your holiday experience in Malaysia will not be complete without visiting Kuala Lumpur. With so much to see and do, Malaysia’s multicultural metropolis has something for all visiting travelers. In this city, you can visit the Petronas towers, enjoy various attractions, and wander around temples, mosques, shopping centers, and busy markets. Because it is home to such a diverse population, Kuala Lumpur’s unique cultural heritage is very interesting to learn about.
  6. George Town
    When you visit the city, you’ll be greeted with an eclectic mix of cultures as you stroll the never-deserted streets of George Town. George Town is an attractive city filled with beautiful mosques and temples. In addition, several historic buildings still stand among the skyscrapers and shopping malls. Its narrow streets that lead you past small ancient shrines, lively cafes, and lively bars are a delight to visit, and there are plenty of beautiful street art murals to find.
  7. Melaka
    Melaka is located on the west coast of peninsular Malaysia and is a unique place to visit as the British, Dutch and Portuguese all ruled here at one point. As such, there is a lot of beautiful colonial architecture to explore, with each country having left its mark in terms of the buildings and culture they have. In addition, the city also has a bustling night market and a variety of delicious culinary delights that you must try. As such, this charming city is often referred to as one of the popular tourist destinations in Malaysia.
  8. Ipoh
    Ipoh is a city located between Kuala Lumpur and the Thai border and is known as a beautiful place to visit. In the old part of town, many shops and small cafes are dotting the small streets. While in the more modern part of the city, you can find a variety of restaurants serving traditional local dishes. Not only that but there are also impressive temples that cater to all religions located within the city, with the Silver Tong cave temple being the main one.
  9. Kota Kinabalu
    One of the cities in Malaysia has beautiful seaside views and magnificent sunsets. With malls, markets, mouth-watering culinary delights, and a vibrant array of arts, Kota Kinabalu has everything you could want to make your holiday experience more enjoyable. In Kota Kinabalu, you can climb Mount Kinabalu, enjoy its stunning underwater scenery, or visit the spectacular islands of the spectacular Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park.
  10. Miri
    As a modern place full of life, the city has many restaurants, hotels, and bars for visitors to choose from, as well as several bustling shopping centers and markets. Due to its diverse population, foodies will surely be in heaven when visiting this city thanks to the abundance of delicious cuisine influenced by several cultures. Moreover, as the city is also a major transportation hub, many people stop at Miri on their way to other cities in Malaysia.
  11. Kota Bharu
    In general, Kota Bharu is visited by tourists who want to visit Thailand or the nearby Perhentian Islands. The town itself, however, is a great place to gain insight into Malay culture, with an interesting Cultural Center. With some beautiful old architecture on offer, as well as some fantastic Buddhist temples and lively markets, Kota Bharu is a good location from which to explore the delights of the state of Kelantan.
  12. Kuantan
    Kuantan is one of the few cities in Malaysia with some great beaches nearby, and people often visit Kuantan before exploring the nearby cave temples of Gua Charas, or the royal city of Pekan with its magnificent palaces.
  13. Alor Setar
    In short, Alor Setar is the capital city of Kedah State, which is full of rice fields and beautiful curvy hills. The town itself is a bastion of Malay culture and has some interesting galleries to visit, as well as some beautiful architecture on display.
  14. Sandakan
    The city has a beautiful waterfront and several ancient colonial buildings and war memorials that can be visited. From this town, you can take a sightseeing boat down the Kinabatangan River, where there is plenty of wildlife to be found, or visit the orangutan sanctuary in Sepilok.
  15. Putrajaya
    Putrajaya is a city located about thirty kilometers from Kuala Lumpur. In this city, there are some beautiful historical monuments and architecture, as well as some fantastic green spaces and gardens.