15 Best Tourist Attractions in Portugal You Must Visit

Portugal Tourism

In Portugal, there are many tourist attractions that you must visit because they have their own unique and interesting holiday experiences on offer. If you are interested, here are 15 of the best tourist attractions in Portugal that you must visit.

  1. Vision
    Viseu is one of the tourist destinations in Portugal that must be visited while on vacation. This is because, in this city is known as a historical center, and one of its attractions is the magnificent 12th century Cathedral. Because it is on a hill, this makes the city of Viseu have a beautiful view of the surroundings. Touring Viseu is a fun way to spend a weekend in Portugal.
  2. Leiria
    In the town of Leira, the main attraction is the castle which sits on a hill overlooking the city. With trees popping up around the ancient walls, this makes the castle look as if it came out of a fairy tale. From the castle itself there is a view of Leiria below. In addition, in this city there are also several museums to explore and several beaches that must be visited.
  3. Lisbon
    Your holiday experience in Portugal will not be complete without visiting Lisbon. The capital of Portugal is known for its wealth of historical sites and beautiful views on the banks of the Tagus River. Lisbon also has a castle that sits on top of a hill and overlooks the city, known as Castle George. In addition, you should also visit the Belem Tower and Jeronimos Monastery which are very beautiful. Some of these things make Lisbon one of the best tourist attractions in Portugal that you must visit.
  4. Madeira
    Madeira is a subtropical island that has become one of the best places to visit in Portugal for hiking, relaxing by the beach, a culinary paradise, and having the best New Year’s Eve party in the world. . On this island, you can visit the main island and adjacent smaller islands. In addition, Porto Santo is a beach enthusiast’s place with the most beautiful stretch of sand in Portugal. Other landmarks in Madeira and the small islands include the house that once belonged to Christopher Columbus, the Cristiano Ronaldo Museum, called the Museu CR7, and the Madeira Wine Museum.
  5. Porto
    Porto is the second largest city in Portugal, where you can find colorful old buildings stretching along hilly roads. Apart from that, you can also visit the São Bento train station, which offers stunning tile mosaics, which turn the walls into impressive works of art. In this city, there are many gardens, medieval palaces, cathedrals and expanses of vineyards that are a feast for your eyes.
  6. Ericeira
    In general, Ericeira is a small fishing village and has good waves for surfing. The village is also easy to reach from Lisbon, and a must visit. Besides being suitable for surfing activities, in this village there is also Ericeira Restaurant, which is one of the best places to enjoy fresh and appetizing Portuguese seafood.
  7. Algarve
    Algarve one of the best tourist destinations in Portugal for hiking, and relaxing beautiful beaches, In the Algarve, you can visit some beautiful beaches and stunning cliffs, such as Camilo Beach in Lagos.
  8. Alentejo
    Alentejo is the right place for those of you who want a vacation location with a calm atmosphere. The regional capital, vora, is a beautiful place full of history and mysterious nature that makes it the perfect Halloween destination. In this area, you can visit several historical sites, such as the Roman Temple or vora Cathedral, or visit one of the most unique hotels in Alentjo. vora and the nearby villages are ideal retreats to relax over a glass of wine.
  9. Sintra
    Sintra is a city located about 30 kilometers from Lisbon. In this city, you can visit many interesting locations, from the romantic 19th-century Pena Palace to the beautiful Monserrate Palace and Medieval Castle, which will take you back in time.
  10. Coimbra
    If you like historical sights, then Coimbra is a tourist location in Portugal that you must visit. Coimbra is home to a large number of Roman and medieval ruins, which once served as the nation’s capital. Among the most visited tourist attractions is the University of Coimbra, which is one of the oldest continuously operating degree-seeking institutions in the world. 11. São Miguel
    São Miguel, is an island and one of the best tourist attractions in Portugal that is easiest to reach by air, and there are many activities to do, such as hiking, visiting waterfalls, and the beautiful twin lakes called Lagoa das Sete Cidades. Besides that, you can also visit Furnas, which is a small village where visitors can relax and have a culinary tour.
  11. Peneda-Gerês . National Park
    Located in Minho, an area known for its beauty, Peneda-Gerês National Park boasts oak forests, winding Romanesque roads, bridges and waterfalls. In this national park, you can camp and visit several natural pools for swimming. In addition, this national park is also the right location to observe bird species.
  12. Guimarães
    If you’re on vacation in Portugal, then don’t forget to visit the country’s first capital, Guimaraes. In the 12th century, Portugal’s first king, Afonso I, ruled from his birthplace, Guimarães. Since then the city has adopted the reputation and nickname “Birthplace of Portugal” and tourists can visit the castle where the king and many other historical figures once lived.
  13. Braga
    Braga is a city filled with cafes, shops, restaurants and bars, the city is really lively,. In addition, you can also visit Bom Jesus do Monte, which is a cathedral located on a hill in the forest and surrounded by gardens, you can climb the 116-meter stairs and enjoy the stunning views at the top.
  14. Serra da Estrela
    Although this tourist spot is a bit difficult to reach, when you are in Serra de Estrela, then all your tiredness will pay off. Serra da Estrela is home to the highest mountain peak on the Portuguese continent, and is also the only place to ski in winter. In addition, foodies can taste a variety of delicious culinary delights.