Top 15 Tourist Attractions in New Zealand

New Zealand Tourism

While vacationing in this island nation you can find some of the most beautiful and diverse landscapes, from mountains to splendid beaches, here are 15 of New Zealand’s top tourist attractions you shouldn’t miss.

  1. Piha Beach
    Piha Beach is a location frequented by surfers, photographers, and Aucklanders on vacation who don’t want to explore the city too far, This beach is known as one of the best tourist attractions in New Zealand for its great Omak and stunning surrounding views.
  2. Lake Tekapo
    Tekapo is the name of a beautiful lake in New Zealand. When you visit this lake during the day, you will be greeted with bright blue glacial waters. While at night, this lake becomes a perfect location for stargazing. In addition, if you visit this lake in the spring, you can see the beauty of lupine flowers that color the roadside in purple and pink.
  3. the Coromandel Peninsula
    This peninsula is one of the best tourist attractions in New Zealand, especially during the summer holidays. Some picturesque beach towns, campsites, surf spots, and fishing spots are some of the highlights. In addition, you can also visit Cathedral Cove and Hot Water Beach in the area.
  4. Mount Taranaki
    Mount Taranaki is known as an active cone volcano in New Zealand. Its symmetrical shape makes it similar to Japan’s Mount Fuji. In addition to its beauty, this mountain is also often used as a shooting location for several famous films, one of which is The Last Samurai. To reach this mountain, you can take a hiking trail around Egmont National Park providing access to its peak.
  5. Mount Cook
    Mount Cook is a must-visit location if you like trekking, mountain climbing, and nature lovers. When you visit this mountain in Aoraki National Park, you can admire its beautiful mountain ranges, glaciers, and incredible rocky terrain. In addition, this national park is part of the Te Wāhipounamun Cultural Heritage area in New Zealand.
  6. Cape Reinga
    When visiting one of New Zealand’s top tourist attractions, you can learn about Māori legends that will tell you that Cape Reinga is the place where spirits leave Earth and enter the ancestral land of Hawaiki. In this area, you can take a stroll to visit the iconic Cape Reinga lighthouse and take in some of the spectacular views of the coastline and surrounding greenery.
  7. Milford Sound
    Milford Sound is a hidden paradise in Fiordland National Park, New Zealand. The secluded Fiord welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors every year, many of whom come from Queenstown or Te Anau to spend the day exploring the region and admiring its stunning natural landscapes. Plus, nature lovers should explore the Milford Track – one of New Zealand’s most popular hiking routes.
  8. Hokitika Gorge
    When you visit Hokitika Gorge, you can explore the glistening waters of the valley and surround by dense forests. In addition, you can also visit the bridge which is a very suitable location for taking pictures.
  9. Moeraki
    In this fishing town, you can visit the attractive cobblestones scattered around Koekohe Beach. The attractive rock features of this beach are not only noted for their sheer size; but also of great interest to geologists. The boulders are often scattered in clusters and have been carved from the erosion of sandstone and the waves that churned the coast in the region.
  10. Marlborough
    Many tourists always visit Marlborough for wine tasting when they are on holiday in New Zealand. The Expanse For a long time, the region has been known for placing New Zealand viticulture on the world map – primarily for its cultivation of the Sauvignon Blanc variety. Apart from this, this area is also a suitable place for nature lovers.
  11. Tongariro National Park
    Tongariro National Park is home to three active volcanoes – Tongariro, Ngauruhoe, and the ski slopes of Ruapehu – as well as the glacial Emerald Lake (best viewed by climbing the Tongariro Alpine Crossing) and the bubbling mud pools of the active Red Crater. Some of these factors make this national park a must-visit when you are on vacation in New Zealand.
  12. Castlepoint
    In general, Castlepoint is a small town located on the waterfront of Wairarapa, The city is especially popular for its tallest lighthouse in New Zealand. This 75.5 feet tall lighthouse will take you to enjoy the stunning views of the surroundings.
  13. Nelson Lakes National Park
    In this national park, you will find two stunning alpine lakes surrounded by towering forest valleys, namely Rotoiti and Rotoroa. In addition, the lake and the surrounding parks are perfect places for fishing, camping, swimming, as well as hiking.
  14. Wai-O-Tapu
    Wai-O-Tapu Geothermal Wonderland is one of New Zealand’s top tourist attractions, located just outside Rotorua. This area is very popular because you can see the colorful springs, including the Champagne Pools and the fiery-green Devil’s Bath; as well as Lady Knox Geyser who spouted out a gush.
  15. Wanaka
    Wanaka has long been known as a perfect vacation spot to relax and refresh your mind after a full month of work. In addition, if you visit in winter, then you can go skiing because in this city several ski resorts can be visited.