15 Romantic Restaurants in Dubai Perfect for Honeymoons

Romantic Restaurants in Dubai, Uni Emirate Arabs

Enjoying a delicious meal with a romantic feel together with your partner is a fun thing when you are on your honeymoon in Dubai. Besides being famous for its magnificent buildings, Dubai has many romantic restaurants that you shouldn’t miss. If you are going to Dubai for your honeymoon or on vacation with your partner, plan your romantic dinner at this fine restaurant in Dubai. However, which restaurants should you visit? For more details, here are 15 romantic restaurants in Dubai that are suitable for a honeymoon.

  1. Private Terrace Floor 42 (Shangri-La Hotel)
    If you and your partner want to have a romantic dinner while enjoying the beauty of the surrounding scenery, then Private Terrace Floor 42 at the Shangri-La Hotel is the right choice. In this restaurant, you and your partner can enjoy a romantic dinner that combines a five-course dinner by candlelight and decorated with elegant flowers, accompanied by romantic songs, and the beautiful city view will certainly be an experience that will not be forgotten.
  2. JA Bateaux Dubai
    Enjoying an appetizing menu onboard is always a romantic thing to do in Dubai. For the best experience, you can visit JA Bateaux Dubai which is located on Baniyas Street (located near the Dubai Chamber of Commerce). This restaurant offering a European menu will take you on a cruise across the stunning Dubai river as you savor the best that the cuisine has to offer.
  3. Pierchic
    One of the romantic restaurants in Dubai, apart from offering an appetizing seafood menu, also has a romantic surrounding. The combination makes this restaurant hypnotize you with a romantic dinner experience that you will never forget for a lifetime.
  4. Tiptara
    Thiptara is a romantic restaurant that offers Asian dishes with stunning views of Dubai’s fountains. This place is well known as one of the most romantic restaurants in Dubai, all about romance and elegance like no other.
  5. Kris with a View
    Kris with A View is known as a restaurant that offers dishes from various countries, such as Indian, Arabic, and Chinese with a romantic 360-degree view. In this restaurant, there are some of the best dishes that you must taste, such as Maze Sushi, Japanese Salmon Salad, and the mouth-watering Sirloin Steak.
  6. Eauzone
    This restaurant, which is located in the Al Sufouh area, is not only known as one of the best places to visit in Dubai but is also the perfect restaurant for you and your couple who are on their honeymoon. At Eauzone, you and your partner can enjoy stunning sunset views from a romantic beachfront restaurant.
  7. Tomo (Hotel Raffles)
    In this restaurant that offers Japanese specialties, you and your partner can enjoy a delicious meal while watching the Dubai skyline which creates a romantic atmosphere. This restaurant always serves authentic Japanese cuisine with the best service so that you and your partner will have a pleasant romantic dinner experience in Dubai.
  8. Mint Leaf of London
    It is common knowledge that Mint Leaf of London is known as one of the best and most affordable romantic restaurants in Dubai. In this restaurant, you and your partner will have a culinary experience presented in the form of art. All dishes in this restaurant are made by chefs who are very experienced in their fields. Having dinner at Mint Leaf Of London is probably one of the most romantic things to do in Dubai with your partner.
  9. Dinner in the Sky
    Dinner in the Sky is a restaurant that offers a romantic, unique, and exciting experience. At this restaurant, you and your partner can enjoy a romantic dinner from a height while enjoying the stunning surrounding scenery. This restaurant, which is located in the Al Sufoh area, offers a variety of dishes that you can enjoy at an altitude of 50 m in the air which is quite thrilling.
  10. Ossiano
    At Ossino restaurant, you and your partner will be invited to explore the sensation of marine life enjoying delicious dishes. This restaurant features a magnificent aquarium and a spiral staircase that will lead you to the underwater wonders. There are various types of Fish that you can meet at this restaurant, from small fish to shark species, and rays will join you for a romantic dinner like no other.
  11. STAY by Yannick Allen
    STAY is a restaurant with a romantic atmosphere owned by Yannick Alléno, a renowned executive chef. The restaurant itself offers a mouthwatering eclectic range of French cuisine. You and your partner can enjoy seafood ravioli and melted wagyu beef that never fails to impress anyone when eating it.
  12. Karma Café (Souk Al Bahar)
    Closing the day with dinner at Karma Kafe which has a luxurious and romantic feel. In this restaurant, you and your partner can enjoy pan-Asian entertainment with the best of company, music, and entertainment with the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Fountain in the background.
  13. Moana Seafood Restaurant
    Moana is a popular seafood restaurant among the most romantic restaurants in Dubai. This restaurant has a pagoda-like architecture and decoration which is one of its main attractions. This restaurant offers authentic Japanese cuisine and seafood that you and your partner can enjoy for a classy romantic dinner experience.
  14. Lounge 101
    Relaxing and enjoying a meal while looking at the beautiful Skyline New Dubai view is the best thing you will feel when you visit Lounge 101. This restaurant has a romantic lighting decoration, so it is perfect for couples on their honeymoon. In this restaurant, you can sit by the sea while enjoying the taste of delicious Mediterranean dishes.
  15. Thai Pie (Madinat Jumeirah‎)
    Pai Thai is a romantic restaurant with a luxurious atmosphere. In this restaurant, you and your partner can enjoy Thai specialties cooked by world-class chess. To get to this place, the only way is by taking a traditional boat called Abra. This is also a unique and romantic experience that you must try while on your honeymoon in Dubai.