15 Most Beautiful Beaches in the Maldives Suitable for Honeymoon

The Maldives Tourism

The Maldives has been known as an island nation located southwest of Sri Lanka. In addition, the Maldives is also a perfect romantic place because it has many beautiful beaches that are suitable for honeymooners. If you are planning to visit this country, then here are 15 of the most beautiful beaches in the Maldives that are suitable for a honeymoon.

  1. Bikini Beach
    Bikini is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Maldives suitable for a honeymoon, which is precisely on Rasdhoo Island. On this beach, you and your partner will not only be greeted with stunning views but also there are many lush palm trees and comfortable sunbeds around the beach. Visiting this location feels like having a romantic private beach.
  2. Reethi Pantai Beach
    Reethi is the name of a beach located in Baa Atoll. The beach which is also often referred to as the epitome of luxury in the Maldives has soft white sand, sparkling water, and many beautiful palms that will create a romantic aura when you visit it. In addition, this beach is also filled with beautiful water villas that have restaurants so you can have a romantic dinner while enjoying the beautiful sunset.
  3. Hulhumale Beach
    At Hulhumale beach, you and your partner can sunbathe while enjoying the spectacular blue sea views around. In general, this beach is on Kaafu Atoll, known as the best beach in the Maldives. Due to these factors, Hulhumale beach is a must-visit place when you are on your honeymoon in the Maldives.
  4. Beach on Milaidhoo Island
    Milaidhoo is an island with beautiful beaches in the Maldives. The beach on this island is surrounded by fine white sand with colorful coral reefs, making it suitable for snorkeling activities. In addition, around this beach, there are also many resorts and villas with complete facilities, such as spas, restaurants, cafes, and many more so that your honeymoon experience is more colorful.
  5. Fulhadhoo Beach
    Fulhadhoo is a unique beach that offers something extraordinarily memorable for your honeymoon vacation. This is because Fulhadhoo beach has a fairly large area and almost no people around it. This will make your honeymoon vacation more intimate and romantic.
  6. Dhigurah Beach
    The beach, which is located on Mahibadhoo Island, is a secluded place with beautiful and romantic surrounding scenery so it is perfect for your honeymoon holiday activities. Apart from relaxing and swimming, you can also visit nearby cafes and shops and learn about the interesting local life.
  7. Beach on Como Cocoa Island
    This island, which is located about 40 minutes from Male International Airport, has several exotic and romantic beaches. On this island, you can not only enjoy the beauty of marine life but also can find luxuries, such as enjoying spas and yoga sessions at the resorts around the beautiful beach.
  8. Kunburudhoo Beach
    Are you looking for a beach with an unspoiled environment, if yes, then Kunburudhoo beach is the answer. This secluded beach is often referred to as the perfect place for those seeking tranquility. Although remote, on this beach there is a hotel that you can rent. Enjoying beautiful beach views, as well as a bonfire party while watching the sunset is an experience that you will never forget when visiting Kunbururdhoo beach.
  9. Kurumba Beach
    At Kurumba beach, you and your partner can do some fun activities, such as scuba diving, a spa, or even relaxing in the lagoon. Apart from doing these things, you can also visit several cafes around the beach that offer delicious fresh seafood preparations.
  10. Beach on Veligandu Island
    Doing snorkeling activities, swimming in clear water, or taking a romantic walk on the beach in the sun with your partner are some of the romantic activities that you can do on the beach located on the island of Veligandu. The island itself has many beautiful beaches, supported by complete facilities, as well as a fairly affordable cost making this place chosen by many couples as the location of their honeymoon.
  11. Beach on Vabbinfaru Island
    Vabbinfaru is an island that is not only famous for its luxurious villas or resorts but on this island, there is also a beach with a romantic atmosphere. The island is also surrounded by beautiful coral so it is suitable as a snorkeling location. If you are looking for a beach for your honeymoon with fun activities, a less crowded atmosphere, or offering delicious food, then head to Vabbinfaru island.
  12. Beach on Nika Island
    Beautiful sunsets, views of white sand, and sparkling water are some of the things that will welcome you when visiting the beach on Nika Island. Apart from these things, this island also offers incredibly comfortable accommodation with complete facilities.
  13. Lily Beach
    Lily is known as one of the most beautiful beaches in the Maldives. This is because this private beach has a calm atmosphere, there is an inn called Lily Beach Resort & Spa nearby. Lily Beach is also known as the best famous diving spot in the Maldives.
  14. Beach on Baros Island
    One of the 10 best islands in the Maldives, this romantic beach is perfect for a honeymoon. The beach on this island has white sand and crystal clear water which is perfect for relaxing and chatting. Apart from that, having this romantic dinner by the beach is the best experience that you will remember forever.
  15. Beach on Bandos Island
    The beach on the island of Bandos is famous for its spectacular scenery, beautiful blue seawater, and the feel of a romantic tropical beach. For couples who want to forget for a moment the hustle and bustle of the city, then this beach can be the right location. On this beach, you and your partner can do several activities, such as swimming, snorkeling, the spa at the resort, romantic dinner, and many more.