15 Educational Tourist Attractions in Singapore

Educational Tourism in Singapore

Traveling does not always have to go shopping or instagramable places, but traveling can also add insight for you and your family about the country you are visiting. The concept of “playing while learning” is what you can apply to your next vacation with your child to Singapore and here are 15 educational tourist attractions in Singapore that you can visit,

  1. KidZania Singapore
    Located on the island of Sentosa, KidZania Singapore offers a unique experience for your child where they will be invited to role-play doing their dream jobs such as firefighter, chef, police, or doctor. Here your child will be trained to socialize with children from various countries and the difference with KidZania in Indonesia, here your child must use English so that it can simultaneously train them to communicate more fluently using English. You and your family can visit this place by taxi, MRT or Bus.
  2. National Gallery Singapore
    This art gallery located on St Andrew’s Road officially opened in 2015 with a combined floor area of ​​64,000 square meters making it the largest visual arts venue and largest museum in Singapore. The National Gallery Singapore aims to provide an understanding and appreciation for arts and culture through a variety of media, with a focus on Singapore’s culture and heritage and its relationship to other Southeast Asian cultures, Asia, and the world. With so many artworks, you and your family can broaden your horizons and understand more about the world of art and culture.
  3. ArtScience Museum
    The Singapore Arts and Science Museum located at Marina Bay Sands is a museum that combines arts and science so that you will be amazed by each of its artworks. This museum is suitable for all ages so you don’t have to worry that your child will be bored if you invite them to this museum. They have various exhibitions such as Future World – where arts meets science, NASA – a human adventure, Into the Wild, and other exhibitions that change throughout the year. So, before going to the Museum of Arts and Science, you can see their exhibition schedule on the official website.
  4. Singapore Public Library
    For those of you book lovers, visiting a public library in another country can be a unique experience while on vacation in that country. Especially if the library provides various activities for children so that your child will not be bored when visiting the library. As in Singapore, precisely on Victoria Street, the National Public Library which has an area of ​​​​about 11,304 square meters and started operating in 2005 is one of the largest libraries in Singapore. This library has a special room for children where here they can not only read books but can also participate in various activities ranging from coloring, singing, and even participating in drama shows you have to see the schedule of these activities on the library’s official website.
  5. Science Center Jurong Singapore
    With more than a thousand interactive exhibits spanning 14 galleries, Science Center Singapore is the ideal place to vacation while expanding your knowledge of science and your family. Some of the galleries that you can visit are our Eco garden which displays various plants that grow naturally and do not receive special care. Defending Science showcases the latest surveillance, aviation, combat clothing, and radar devices used on the battlefield. Quirky shows the fun side of science by displaying a variety of unique innovations. Snow City, is Singapore’s first indoor permanent snow ride where you can dart down the snow slopes on a snow tube while viewing statues of extinct animals. There is also the Omni-Theater which is the only IMAX dome theater in Singapore that is sure to amaze you.
  6. Asian Civilizations Museum
    The museum, which is located at Clarke Quay and opposite the Fullerton Hotel, is one of four well-known museums in Singapore. This museum has a collection of items that present the history of ancient religions from India such as Hinduism and Buddhism, not only that this museum collection also shows how these religions entered countries in Asia. The Asian Civilization Museum also has a room displaying the heritage of Chinese artistic ceramics and the remains of the broken Tang ship that sank more than 1000 years ago. The remains of this ship show that there is little insight into how trade was taking place in Asia in the 9th century at that time. In addition, this museum usually also holds periodic exhibitions with different themes such as Korean, Indian, or other cultures.
  7. National Museum of Singapore
    A visit to the oldest museum in Singapore will be very enjoyable if you want to learn about Singapore’s culture and history in one place. The National Museum of Singapore will present the past and present of Singapore. The museum has hosted a variety of events throughout the year from art installations and festivals to performances and film screenings.
  8. Peranakan Museum
    The term “Peranakan” means ‘born here in Malay where the word Peranakan refers to the descendants of foreign traders who married local women in Southeast Asia centuries ago. The Singaporean Peranakan community itself is mostly Peranakan Chinese. Where around the 19th century, traders of Chinese descent married Malays who settled in the ports of Penang and Singapore. In this museum, you will see the culture and heritage of the Peranakan such as collections such as jewelry, home furnishings, and textiles. The Peranakan Museum was formerly used as a Tao Nan school for Singaporean students and it was only in 2008 that the building was converted into a museum.
  9. Singapore Art Museum
    The Singapore Art Museum or abbreviated as SAM stores an art collection of around 7,000 from various countries in the world. The museum, which opened in 1996, focuses on contemporary art in Singapore and Southeast Asia. The exhibition will change every few months and feature a variety of art forms, from paintings and sculptures to three-dimensional works of art and mobile media. SAM also regularly collaborates with the world’s leading museums to showcase performances representing local and international art artists. So for those of you who are art observers and want to add insight into contemporary art, don’t forget to visit this museum.
  10. Malay Heritage Center
    Singapore is a multicultural country, so many tourist attractions in Singapore reflect the rich culture of Malay, Chinese and Indian. One of the places to learn about Malay culture in Singapore is at the Malay Heritage Center located in the Kampong Glam heritage area. The place that was once used as the residence of the Sultan has now been converted into a museum containing the history of the Malays in Singapore since the British colonial era. The Malay cultural artifacts stored in this museum are quite complete, ranging from kris, kebaya clothes for Malay women, and Malay men’s clothes, maps showing immigration routes from Indonesia to Singapore to old village glam photos.
  11. Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum
    The museum, which is located in the University of Singapore area, began operating in 2015 and is suitable as a place to visit while on vacation while studying with family. This museum will teach you about dinosaurs, plants, amphibians, and many other things. There are more than a million natural specimens from Southeast Asia for you to study. You will be taken to experience going back in time and witnessing the beginning of life on Earth. With 7 floors spanning 8,500 square meters of floor space, this museum is one of the youngest in Singapore but is home to one of the oldest collections inherited from its predecessor – the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research.
  12. Battlebox
    Learn about the history of World War II through the Battle Box, which is an underground command center led by British troops during World War II which was built under Fort Canning hill, Singapore. Where at that time Singapore was a strategic place for soldiers of the Japanese and British navies to fight for the right to power. This museum tells the story of the fall of peninsula Malaysia and Singapore, and how this underground command functioned during the Second World War. The bunker-shaped Battle Box Singapore is built with reinforced concrete walls three meters thick to withstand direct fire from bombs and missiles. This place was equipped with sophisticated equipment for its time, such as telephones that were connected to the switchboards of Military bases in the Malay peninsula and Singapore, complete with military operations rooms with strong signals, inside the Battle Box there was also a cipher room for encoding and decoding messages.
  13. Singapore Zoo
    Visiting the zoo can also be a means for your child to get to know animals that they usually only see in books. This Singapore zoo was ranked 4th worldwide on the Tripadvisor website in 2017. Consisting of 11 zones with approximately 300 animals, this Singapore zoo is suitable as an educational tourism destination for you and your family. Where in addition to seeing animals directly, you and your family can also see animal life at night by joining the Singapore Night Safari tour.
  14. S.E.A. Aquarium
    S.E.A. Aquarium Singapore is home to approximately 100,000 marine animals of 800 species which makes this aquarium one of the largest in the world. You and your family can have a unique experience where you can see for yourself the life of marine animals that are made similar to the original and see rare marine animals.
  15. Singapore Flight Experience
    You want to experience flying a commercial airplane or you have aspirations to become a pilot. By visiting the Singapore Flight Experience, you can play a simulator of flying large commercial planes to famous airports in the world. Even though it’s just a simulator, the panels inside the cockpit, sounds, and sights outside the cockpit are made as close to the real thing as possible.

Immediately plan your children’s school vacation by visiting these 15 educational tourist attractions in Singapore that you shouldn’t miss.