15 Cities in the Netherlands that You Must Visit When On Vacation

Netherlands Tourism

The Netherlands is known as a country with many canals, world-class museums, culinary tourism, and much more. In addition, each city in the Netherlands offers tourists unique things that differ from one another. Exploring the city on foot or by boat along the waterways is fun, and the air quality in the Netherlands is also very good. If you’re planning for the country, then here are 15 must-visit cities in the Netherlands when you’re on vacation.

  1. Amsterdam
    The first city in the Netherlands that you must visit in Amsterdam, In this city, you explore the beauty of the city on foot or rent a boat that will take you around this city through its canals, these are some of the things that make Amsterdam one of the most popular cities in the Netherlands, even Europe.

Apart from that, in Amsterdam there are also many beautiful gabled roofed buildings and charming old bridges are everywhere. If you like history tourism, you can visit some world-class museums on offer, such as the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, and Anne Frank House. Some of these places are very easy to reach on foot,

If you want to relax after touring the city, then you can stop by some cafes and restaurants that provide mouth-watering local cuisine, as well as lively nightlife in the form of clubs, bars, and coffee shops that are never empty.

  1. Breda
    Breda is a relaxing place with its pretty city center. In the center of the city is a stunning Gothic cathedral among the cafes and shops surrounding it. Apart from the laid-back atmosphere of the city, there are also some lively bars and restaurants amongst the old buildings. With some great views of the surrounding area and lovely Valkenburg gardens to stroll around, Breda is a city in the Netherlands that is perfect for spending your weekend.
  2. The Hague
    When you visit The Hague, you are greeted with mansions and canals that line the leafy streets, while embassies and government buildings surround its beautiful gardens. Because there are several international organizations such as the United Nations and the European Union here, it makes this city very multicultural. Plus, The Hague is much more relaxed than Amsterdam and has many fine dining options and interesting museums on offer.
  3. Eindhoven
    In the city of Eindhoven, there are many companies and industries, one of which is Philips, and even the main train station is in this city to better accommodate the needs of its people. While there’s not much to see, a lot of research in technology and industry takes place here and that’s the best thing about this city. If you like education and technology tourism, then this city is the right place for you.
  4. Utrecht
    Utrecht is known as one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands. Just like most cities in the Netherlands, in Utrecht there are also winding canals, there is also the beautiful and towering cathedral of Domkerk. The city has a lively atmosphere, has a large student population, has plenty of bars and cafes with affordable menus, and plenty of mouth-watering dining options.
  5. Alkmaar
    One of the things that makes many tourists visit the city of Alkmaar is in this city there is famous cheese market. This market is held every Friday morning between April and September, in this market, buyers can smell, and feel the texture of the cheese before haggling. After the transaction is complete, the selected cheese is taken away by the porter to be weighed. Experiencing the fun and the unique market atmosphere is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you must do.
  6. Delft
    If historical tourism is something you are looking for, this city is the answer. Delft is one of the must-visit Dutch cities on holiday as it is known for its picturesque medieval center and canals topped with brick bridges and lined with shady trees. Some of these things make this city has a peaceful feel.
  7. Arnhem
    Known as the fashion city in the Netherlands, this city has many interesting attractions for you to visit, such as the Zoo and the Open Air Museum. The atmosphere in this city is quite lively, if you have been around this city all day, then you can visit cafes and restaurants that offer mouth-watering Dutch menus. In addition, in this city, there are also several inns with affordable prices and have complete facilities.
  8. Rotterdam
    Rotterdam is the second-largest city in the Netherlands and home to one of the largest and busiest ports in the world, with many waterways and canals running through the city. After suffering considerable damage during the Second World War, the city is now filled with futuristic and innovative architecture. Moreover, the city is a lively and diverse place, with great museums, cultural attractions, and of course, food and drink options to indulge your taste buds.
  9. Den Bosch
    Den Bosch is the capital of North Brabant. In this city, the streets and markets are always full of tourists, especially on Wednesdays and Saturdays, the days when traders come to town to sell their wares. In this city, there are two main tourist attractions that you can visit, namely the stunning cathedral and the museum dedicated to the artist Hieronymous Bosch, who lived here in the 15th century. With its canal system, city layout, and beautiful old bridges, this Dutch city is a must-visit.
  10. Maastricht
    The city’s proximity to Belgium and Germany makes it a popular destination for citizens of both countries. Apart from that, the city is home to a wide variety of languages ​​and cultures. As such, it is a mixed culture and very different from other Dutch cities. This is shown by its diverse culinary tourism. In addition, in this city, several old buildings are lined up among trendy boutiques, which makes this city look unique.
  11. Nijmegen
    This city on the banks of the Waal River is also known as one of the oldest cities in the country, although unfortunately many of its old buildings were destroyed in the Second World War. However, many of these buildings have been renovated so that they are adjacent to the magnificent building in the center of the city.
  12. Groningen
    Despite being located in a rural and quiet part of the north of the country, the city turns out to be a trendy place, full of life full of energy, and very pedestrian-friendly. When you visit the city, you will find an eclectic range of architectural styles due to the city’s rapid rebuilding after being almost destroyed in the Second World War. In addition, the city is also famous for its lively arts and cultural performances.
  13. Haarlem
    If you are in Amsterdam, then there is no harm in visiting this city because it is only fifteen minutes by train. The city of Haarlem is filled with beautiful old buildings, winding canals, and cobblestone streets, Haarlem is charming, and there is plenty of great art on display in its galleries and museums. In addition, there is a flower growing area, and when it blooms, Haarlem turns into a colorful city.
  14. Leiden
    The city of Leiden is also located close to Amsterdam and can be an option after the city of Haarlem. The city, which is known as the historical center, is a must-visit. The city is also home to many canals, 17th-century buildings, and small alleys, and there are many museums, making Leiden one of the must-visit Dutch cities on vacation. In addition, the city also has the oldest university in the country and a very large student population which makes the city have a cheerful atmosphere.