15 Best Surf Locations in the World

Best Surf Locations in the World

Here are some of the best surfing locations in the world that are always visited by surfers.

  1. Peniche, Portugal
    Peniche is one of the best surfing locations in the world thanks to its tubular waves, Supertubos beach in Peniche hosts one of the most prestigious national and international surfing competitions of all water sports, the Rip Curl Pro Portugal. Thanks to fantastic waves, maneuvering shows, and the presence of the world’s best surfers, this place is not to be missed.
  2. Teahupoo, Tahiti
    Teahupoo is a surfer’s paradise located in Tahiti. This picturesque village is one of the most popular surf spots for champion and amateur surfers alike, thanks to the incredible waves off its coast. Here, once a year the Billabong Pro Tahiti is held, where the most experienced surfers compete against waves created by the reef, even over 15 meters high. Billabong Pro Tahiti itself is part of the World Surf League and has long been one of the most anticipated and important surfing competitions for surfers from all over the world.
  3. Pavones, Costa Rica
    Pavones offers surfers an unforgettable experience thanks to its legendary waves. Located on Costa Rica’s South Pacific coast, Pavones is a beautiful secluded beach in Golfo Dulce. When there’s the perfect mix of wind and crashing waves, Pavones delivers epic waves that experienced surfers can ride for nearly three minutes at a time. That’s why Pavones is known as one of the best surf spots in the world.
  4. Banzai Pipeline, Hawaii
    It is common knowledge that Pipeline Banzai, Hawaii is the best surfing location with challenging waves and is very popular with professional surfers. On the spot, every December there is always a world-class surfing tournament, namely the Surfing Professionals Worlds Tour, after Australia, South Africa, California, Brazil, and Tahiti.
  5. Uluwatu, Bali
    Many people agree that Bali is a surfing paradise, with some of the best waves in the world. Surfers from all over the world head to this beautiful stretch of beach hoping to experience the incredible waves. One of Bali’s most legendary surf spots in Uluwatu, located at the southwestern tip of the Bukit Peninsula, beneath a spectacular 11th-century Hindu temple. Famous for the quality of the waves is extraordinary.
  6. Tofino, Canada
    Surfing is not always in warm waters. For people who enjoy surfing in cold waters, the popular Tofino area on Vancouver Island, southwest Canada is an ideal place. The water and climate are quite chilly, even in the summer months when surfers visit one of Canada’s best surf spots. The natural beauty of this area is perfect for surfers who also like hiking.
  7. Bondi Beach, Australia
    Bondi Beach is Australia’s pioneering surf destination. This place has something for all skill levels, as long as they’re okay with water temperatures that rarely get warmer than the 60s. If you can handle the temperatures, Bondi Beach is a great surf spot for beginners in the north and more challenging locations in the south for professionals.
  8. Jeffrey Bay, South Africa
    South Africa has some of the best surfing spots in the world, one of which is Jeffrey Bay. This iconic spot has become a must-try destination for surfers. There are some famous spots to try in Jeffrey Bay but the Supertubes are the most frequented by surfers because the waves are very consistent, and can reach heights of around 12 feet in the summer.
  9. Raglan, New Zealand
    New Zealand is a country known for its natural beauty, and its seaside town, Raglan, is a great place to see its splendor in full. Located in the northern part of the island, Raglan has black sand beaches, stunning hills, and most importantly, big waves. This is a surf spot that first became famous thanks to the film The Endless Summer.
  10. Domes Beach, Puerto Rico
    If you want to go to the Southern Hemisphere in winter to surf, then the beach town of Rincón, Puerto Rico is a perfect choice. There are several beaches in this small area on the northwest side of Puerto Rico and all of them are great for surfing. Domes Beach is one of the most famous for the big waves that are known to be seen in the winter months. From October to February, the water temperature around Rincon usually ranges from 77 to 84 degrees on any given day.
  11. Punta Hermosa, Peru
    Punta Hermosa is often referred to as one of the best surfing locations in all of South America. With warm waters and great waves all year round. It’s also one of the cheapest areas for surfers on a tight budget, so if you’re trying to go on a surf trip on a budget, Punta Hermosa could be a great choice.
  12. Punta de Lobos, Chile
    The rock formations bursting from the water around Punta de Lobos, Chile, are as iconic as the waves in the region. In addition, many surfers call it the best surfing spot in Chile and one of the best in South America.
  13. Anchor Point, Morocco
    The Taghazout region is one of the best tourist destinations in Morocco. This fishing village is home to one of North Africa’s most popular surf spots, Anchor Point. Anchor Point has consistent waves year-round, suitable for all skill levels with a non-rocky location.
  14. Eisbach, Germany
    Eisbach is known as a surf location surfing rivers around the world. The river has unlimited waves and allows surfers to see how long they can last before falling into the cold water. Surfers have been visiting this river since the 1970s and it remains popular today.
  15. Steamer Lane, California
    Steamer Lane, Santa Cruz is one of the best surf spots in North America. The waves in this area offer a challenge for all surfers, so this area is perfect for honing your skills without putting yourself in danger.