15 Unique Tourist Attractions in Singapore

Singapore Tourism

Usually, the tourist attractions that you will imagine when traveling to Singapore are Orchard Road and Universal Studios Singapore. It turns out that Singapore also has many unique and interesting tourist attractions that can provide a memorable experience for you and your family when visiting.

Here are 15 unique tourist attractions in Singapore for you to visit with your family,

  1. Bugis Street
    Shopping in Singapore is not always expensive if you want to buy souvenirs at a cheap price, visit Bugis street. Here you can find clothes, shoes, accessories, and bags. Not only that, but you can also find a variety of street food that you can enjoy while shopping. You can reach Bugis street by taking the MRT and getting off at Bugis MRT station.
  2. Chinatown
    You can’t miss this Chinatown area in Singapore. Consisting of 5 districts, namely Telok Ayer, Bukit Pasoh, Tanjong Pagar, Kreta Ayer, and Ann Siang Hill, you can feel the culture of the bamboo curtain country which is very thick in this area, starting from the architecture of buildings and famous Chinatown cuisine such as Hongkong Chicken Soya Sauce from Hawker Chan restaurant that has earned a Michelin star. You can also visit places of worship with beautiful building designs such as the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, Sri Mariamman Temple, and Jamae Mosque.
  3. Little India
    Little India is a residential area of ‚Äč‚ÄčIndian descent living in Singapore. Located close to Orchard Road, in this area, you will feel like you are in India. Where starting from the architecture of the building, selling stalls to the distinctive aroma of spices and flowers that sting in this area, it also completes the beauty of Little India. For those who love Indian food, you can taste a lot of Indian specialties that are rich in spices in this area.
  4. Arab Street
    Arab Street is the center of Muslims in Singapore, so in this area, you can find many Islamic shops, ranging from those selling various types of Muslim clothing, worship equipment, and Arabic specialties. In addition, here you can also find sellers of perfumes, carpets, and colorful luxury fabrics.
  5. Haji Lane
    Haji Lane is a small street not far from Arab Street where you will find a unique and quirky atmosphere if you visit the area. Because various buildings in the Haji Lane area are decorated with murals and painted in colorful colors. Along Haji Lane you can find many cafes, bars, restaurants, and boutiques of local Singapore brands.
  6. Clarke Quay
    Clarke Quay is a pier located on the edge of the Singapore River where in this place you can sit back and enjoy the beauty of the area filled with old buildings that are painted in colorful colors and transformed into cafes, restaurants, bars, and jazz clubs. That’s why the Clarke Quay area has become one of the most popular hangout options among locals and tourists at night.
  7. Singapore River
    Singapore River is a river in Singapore that flows in the middle of Singapore to the ocean. This famous river among tourists is one of the most visited places by tourists because here you can take the Singapore River Cruise which will sail down the river and pass through various famous tourist attractions in Singapore.
  8. Mustafa Shopping Center
    Mustafa Shopping Center is very famous among tourists and residents because in addition to the relatively cheap price, in this place you can find various kinds of goods such as clothes, food, drinks, electronic goods, cosmetics, accessories, and much more.
  9. Marina Bay Sands
    Marina Bay Sands is one of the famous icons in Singapore where almost all tourists from Indonesia who come to Singapore will take pictures with the background of Marina Bay Sands. Marina Bay Sands itself is an entertainment center and resort which was opened in 2010. The design of the Marina Bay Sands building is very unique where there are 3 main buildings connected by a ship-shaped building on it. There are thousands of hotel rooms, casinos, theaters, art rooms, restaurants, nightclubs, parks, to luxury malls in this building. In addition, there is the world’s longest swimming pool with a length of about 150 meters in a boat-shaped building above this building. The height of this building is about 200 meters and because of this height, you can see the Singapore area and 2 other countries, namely Indonesia and Malaysia.
  10. F1 and MotoGP Race
    For those of you who are fans of MotoGP and F1 racing, you can watch exciting racing matches live by visiting Singapore because this country already has a MotoGP race track which is used every year to compete by racers around the world. The Singapore Grand Prix event has also become an annual event in Singapore that many people look forward to.
  11. River Safari Wildlife Park
    For those of you who are traveling to Singapore with your family, you should not miss the experience of visiting the River Safari Wildlife Park. In this river-themed zoo and aquarium, you can see a variety of unique animals such as red pandas, anacondas, American otters, giant catfish, Chinese crocodiles, giant geckos, electric outskirts, and many others along the river that you will explore by boat.
  12. Singapore Art Museum
    This museum is very popular in Singapore and is visited by many foreign tourists because this museum presents unique exhibitions that combine art and science. The Singapore Art Museum or abbreviated as SAM stores an art collection of around 7,000 from various countries in the world.
  13. Singapore Flight Experience
    You want to experience flying a commercial airplane or you have aspirations to become a pilot. By visiting the Singapore Flight Experience, you can play a simulator of flying large commercial planes to famous airports in the world. Even though it’s just a simulator, the panels inside the cockpit, sounds, and sights outside the cockpit are made as close to the real thing as possible.
  14. Snow City Singapore
    Feel the thrill of the experience of playing snow fight in Snow City if you are visiting the Science Center Singapore. With a temperature of -5 degrees, you can feel the chill of the artificial snow while playing with snow throws, big slides with tires, and making a snowman. In addition to playing in the snow, you will be invited to see how the Inuit / Eskimos live and how global warming impacts their lives.
  15. Haw Par Villa
    This religious tourist spot can be a unique tourist choice in Singapore. In this place, you can see 150 dioramas-themed legends and Chinese or Chinese folklore. Some of the dioramas in this place are hell-themed, so keep in mind that when visiting with small children you need to provide understanding so that they are not afraid. At Haw Par Villa you will not be charged an entrance fee so you can travel sparingly.

Looking for a unique travel experience, you don’t have to go far enough to our neighboring country, Singapore, and visit these 15 unique tourist attractions in Singapore. You and your family can experience a memorable tour.