15 Romantic Restaurants in Las Vegas Perfect for Honeymoons

Restaurants in Las Vegas, America

Not only famous for its casino and nightlife, it turns out that Las Vegas also has many romantic restaurants that you can try. From famous restaurants by celebrity chefs to casual brunch spots, Las Vegas offers something for all couples on their honeymoon. For more details, here are 15 romantic restaurants in Las Vegas that are suitable for honeymooners.

  1. The Barrymore
    The Barrymore is known as the best romantic restaurant located within the Royal Resort near Convention Center Drive, Las Vegas. To be able to eat at this romantic restaurant, you must wear a dress for women and a suit for men.

In this restaurant, you will be served small cold seafood as an appetizer before enjoying the duck confit. In addition, there is a large selection of other entrees to choose from at this restaurant, but many couples end up opting for linguini and scallops, filet mignon, or grilled char sui pork chops. And for dessert, you and your partner can enjoy chizu, triple play, or The Barrymore’s sweet signature sorbet.

  1. Le Cirque
    Le Cirque is one of the romantic restaurants in Las Vegas located at The Bellagio Casino & Resort. This romantic restaurant itself offers French cuisine and has earned five stars and many other awards making it a must-visit restaurant.

At this restaurant, you and your partner can choose to order the Prestige Menu, which is a popular ten-course meal package. For starters, you can order the Maryland blue crab, while for the main course, don’t forget to order the grilled Brittany langoustine and the mouthwatering grilled jidori chicken. In addition, la mousse au Chocolat blanc and ouffle de Saison are desserts that are highly recommended by many.

  1. Top of the World
    Top of The World is the name of a restaurant located at an altitude of 800 feet in Las Vegas. In addition, the romantic restaurant located in The Stratosphere can also rotate 360 ​​degrees every 80 minutes. This will make you and your partner have a romantic and unique experience.

To visit this restaurant, the right time is at night. This is because, you and your partner will be able to enjoy delicious food, and a romantic atmosphere, while gazing at the beautiful view of the city from a shining height. In addition, the waiters in this restaurant also know exactly how to serve each part of the meal, so the couple can experience the whole rotation, which takes about an hour.

For the appetizer menu, you must try the crab cakes, filet mignon tartare, or cold shrimp cocktail. While scallops, processed lamb, porterhouse steak, and Maryland crab are the right choices for the main course. Do not miss the warm butter cake, caramel crème Brulee and 21 layer chocolate cake are some of the dessert recommendations that you must try.

  1. Joël Robuchon Restaurant
    You can find Joël Robuchon Restaurant at the MGM Grand and when you enter the entrance you are greeted like royalty. This kind of service also makes this romantic restaurant in Las Vegas always chosen by many couples who are on their honeymoon.

For appetizers, you can try l’avocat and la langoustine, la noix de Saint Jacques, and la crevette rose are some examples of main course choices that you can choose. As for romantic desserts, then l’Aananas, le papillon chocolate azella, and le fruit de la passion are some of the recommended favorite menu choices.

  1. Beauty & Essex
    At Beauty & Essex restaurant, each dish has a fairly large portion because it is intended for every couple to share the delicacy. At this romantic restaurant, you and your partner must try the Mexican Corn Ravioli, grilled lamb chops, and appetizing grilled scallops. While the butterscotch pot de crème with a black base, carrot cake layer, and chocolate ganache tartlet is the right choice to end your romantic meal.
  2. Mizumi
    Mizumi is a Japanese-themed restaurant in Las Vegas that has a romantic atmosphere because there is a ninety-foot waterfall with a koi pond below. At this restaurant, you and your partner can reserve a table in a private cabana, so you can better enjoy the Japanese garden complete with waterfalls and ponds.

As for the meal itself, you can enjoy a variety of sushi as well as wagyu gyoza dumplings, crab croquettes, and scrumptious kakuni-style pork belly. Apart from that, the Japanese grilled Maine chicken jidori and lobster are special dishes that you shouldn’t miss.

  1. Hugo’s Cellar
    If you and your partner are in the Old Vegas area, then don’t forget to visit a romantic restaurant called Hugo’s Cellar. Although the location is quite hidden, this restaurant is a must for you to choose when looking for a romantic dinner place in Las Vegas.

When you and your partner arrive at this restaurant, you will be given a single rose which will add to the romantic feel. At this restaurant, the grilled ribs are the main dish you can’t miss. In addition, you can choose various processed bananas as a refreshing dessert.

  1. Picasso
    Picasso is the name of a restaurant in Las Vegas that is suitable for couples who love the world of art, especially Picasso’s work. This romantic restaurant offers Spanish cuisine with several choices of mouth-watering French dishes. At this restaurant, you can choose an indoor table with a more private feel, or a table facing the fountain and music outside the window.

One of the most sought-after dishes by many people at this restaurant is quail. If you don’t like quail, then the Maine lobster salad, filet mignon, or Colorado lamb are the main course options not to be missed. For dessert, warm chocolate fondant, blueberry panna cotta, and hazelnut opera cake are good choices.

  1. Eiffel Tower Restaurant
    To enjoy a romantic dinner near the Eiffel Tower, you and your partner don’t need to go to Paris. Instead, you and your partner can visit the Eiffel Tower Restaurant in Las Vegas.

True to its name and theme, this restaurant provides French cuisine that will tantalize your taste buds. For appetizers, try the royal osetra caviar cake or the baked Alaskan king crab. Then, for the main course, sea bass filet, Maine lobster, and steak are great choices.

  1. Carbone
    Carbone is one of the romantic Italian-themed restaurants in Las Vegas. This romantic and elegant restaurant also has private booths surrounding the room if you want a more intimate romantic dinner experience. At this restaurant, you and your partner can try some of the popular dishes, such as lobster ravioli, spicy vodka rigatoni, or delicious eggplant parmesan.
  2. Delmonico Steakhouse
    For more than 20 years, Delmonico Steakhouse is known by many as one of the romantic restaurants in Las Vegas that is suitable for honeymooners. At this restaurant, your romantic dinner experience begins with a cocktail of creole-boiled bay prawns or foie gras. In addition, you can also order truffle potato chips and parmesan.

For the main course, you can choose ribeye or Piedmontese boneless New York strip steak, buttermilk fried chicken, bay prawns, and Torchio pasta, or Emeril’s mouthwatering BBQ salmon. And for dessert, you can opt for the caramel butter cake, German chocolate cake, lime pie, and Emeril’s banana cream pie which is second to none.

  1. Giada
    Giada is a romantic restaurant with an Italian atmosphere, decor, and menu. Couples like to sit by the window, as they pull away, creating a cozy atmosphere that welcomes the fresh air and sounds of the area.

Cacio e pep bucatini, beef saltimbocca, Italian fried chicken, and the pile of vegan eggplant are some of the main dishes you must try. Also, you can’t miss the almond panna cotta and black forest cheesecake for a sweet dessert.

  1. Aureole
    Every dish served at Aureole is made with fresh ingredients so their taste is truly appetizing. A romantic meal in Aureole should always start with porcini and ricotta ravioli, followed by the main course, namely filet mignon and sea scallops, steak, and so on. Also, you and your partner must try the apple cheesecake, chocolate souffle, or dessert beignets.
  2. Bavette’s
    This dimly lit restaurant creates a seductive and romantic atmosphere. Midwest steak is the main menu of this restaurant that you must try. In addition, this restaurant also provides many variants of wine and whiskey. For a more intimate romantic atmosphere, you can head to the Parlor Room, a speakeasy-style bar to spend after a romantic dinner.
  3. Hakkasan Restaurant
    This romantic restaurant has an almost maze-like interior, with tall wooden furniture between the tables to add privacy and intimacy for its customers. Also, after being renovated in 2019, the restaurant now has a brighter and expanded lounge and a lighted hallway near the front entrance. In this restaurant, you and your partner can enjoy sharing a variety of delicious oriental dishes. Besides, this restaurant